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We are a study group that meets weekly. Even though we come from all walks of life and different religious affiliations, all of us share a passionate interest in UFOs and extraterrestrials (ETs). Some of us were born here and some are walk-ins. We all have had benevolent sightings and contacts with highly advanced spiritual aliens. Over the last twenty some years we have amassed material on the existence of UFOs and aliens, government cover ups/ involvement, natural and unnatural weather patterns and changes, earth changes and cataclysms, end times, biblical prophecy, good verses bad aliens and many related topics. One in our group is the purest channeler we have come across. Through channeling we became reacquainted with our ET contacts, as we come here without full memory. The ET team that we work with lives on a ship that we have nicknamed the Peace Ship. The Peace Ship is roughly the size of Chicago and circles the Earth just outside our atmosphere. It is the home base for many of the light workers that are on Earth at this time.

Our ET teammates belong to a Federation of planets who monitor Earth's progress. They are currently worried about the direction that the people of Earth are heading. They fear this could lead to a Third World War and the possible destruction of the planet and it's population.

Our alien friends believe we are facing some very difficult and troublesome times in our near future. These difficulties may include massive earth cataclysms and upheavals, an escalation in bizarre and life threatening changes in our weather patterns, religious persecution, a global "Big Brother" scenario, an increase of plagues and diseases with no known drugs to combat them, a general deterioration in people's health resulting in a shortened life span, global dictatorial rule with two classes of people... the elite and the slaves, a possible invasion by evil aliens, serious food shortages, people turning on one another, a one-world religion that is anti-God, nuclear war and a shifting of the Earth's poles.

Although these possible advancing scenarios make our future seem terrifying and hopeless, our ET friends assure us that it is not . They tell us that we have the power to change the final outcome by taking full responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts, actions and choices. Our alien contacts are spiritually advanced beings who are here at this time to help mankind through these coming changes. They state that Earth has been through these cataclysms and difficulties before and that this is cyclical. The ETs do say however, that this time will possibly be the most difficult transition Earth has ever experienced. They have told us that the choice is up to mankind. This transition can be as horrible as the imagination can conceive... or as gentle as a sunset. They tell us that the amount of negativity currently on Earth will determine the end results. Our friends tell us that after the pole shift Earth will vibrate at a higher frequency, resulting in a heightened spiritual awareness and state of being.

Our group has been training for many years with our alien contacts in order to prepare for the possible coming events. They have encouraged us to analyze our thoughts, action and choices to be better able to walk our talk so that spiritual growth may occur. They have advised us that in these troubled times to come that the salvation of the soul will be far more important than saving one's physical body. They have taught us about freewill, accepting full responsibility for choices and actions. They have also taught us the importance of honing our instincts and learning how to trust and follow them. They and we believe instincts are one's personal and direct "telephone" line to the Creator.

Unlike the negative aliens, our ET contacts do not tell us what to do or give us all our answers because they practice the Universal Law of Non-interference. They do not abduct people, examine or experiment on humans, implant them or do anything that would cause fear, as this would interfere with humans' free will. Our alien contacts stated that the Creator created us. They had no part in our creation nor have they altered our DNA over the years like many other aliens are claiming.

Through our extraterrestrial friends, we have learned (slowly over the years) the purpose for our being here on this planet at this time. Our mission is to spread Love and Light in an increasingly negative world and to be good examples. We are also to share what we have learned along the way and what we have learned from our alien friends...thus the purpose of this web site.

Kathy's email:

"The next day when we returned to the conference, Mr. Schellhorn asked if anyone else had seen the craft the night before. Gail enthusiastically raised her hand and let everyone know we had seen it. After talking to others at the conference we discovered more people had seen it. From that point on I knew my life would never be the same. I was hooked with a passion to the UFO phenomenon. It has taken me to places I never imagined I would go."

from the book Unholy Alliance page 25

Hi, my name is Kathy. In 1991 I began to study with The Lightside. Prior to that time I was not a believer in UFOs and did not give the subject matter much thought. I stumbled through life without a real purpose. I went from job to job searching for something without really knowing what it was I was searching for. Until I found this study group real spirituality was the furthest thing from my mind. Spirituality to me means living a spiritual life not just talking about it. 

Just prior to 1991 a good friend, whom also studies with the group and I met in a park. She began to explain that she was a Walk-In. "A what?" I thought. She said, "I am not the same person that was born into this body. My soul is a different one." I thought, "I do not understand this theory, and if you do not remember me I will be upset with you." She recommended I read "Strangers Among Us" by Ruth Montgomery, which talks of Walk-Ins and ET souls from other worlds living on this planet. After reading this book I knew I was beginning to find my truths. Shortly thereafter I began to study with this group. At the first meeting, my friend placed an eagle pendant into the palm of my hand and said, "This is no longer mine." In my heart I knew it was mine and I had found what I had been searching for. Prior to that time I had been having visions of eagles in flight during meditation which to me signified an awakening.

I was attracted to the spiritual beliefs and the many spiritual messages that were shared by our extraterrestrial friends. They talked of loving God and loving our fellow man. They spoke of living in harmony and balance with all of nature, even if it is with an insect whose purpose we do not understand and to accept that it is only doing what it was created to do. These messages were a strong pull that led me to look into the UFO phenomenon further. 

I attended the first conference sponsored by this group titled, "The Fox Valley Spirituality and UFO Conference". The speakers there spoke of both good and bad alien groups. One speaker, G. Cope Schellhorn, was promoting his book, Extraterrestrials in Biblical Prophecy". I wanted to know more about this so I purchased the book. Included in the book are verses from The Bible regarding UFOs. The author states that words in scripture such as, "clouds, wind, eagles and chariots of fire" could be primitive terms to describe UFO phenomena. He also mentions that there are verses in scripture, which state that The Son of Man will return on a cloud. 

After the first day of the "Fox Valley Spirituality and UFO Conference" we headed for home. My friend and I were on the west frontage road of a major highway heading south. Since my friend was driving, I had the opportunity to gaze out the window and I began to search the night sky. I spotted a bright light in the sky coming from the south heading north towards us. I said to her "look at that bright airplane light." Together we began to study it. When the "airplane" light was up even with the car, it appeared as a circular craft, which was hovering directly over the highway. It paused briefly at our vehicle as if to say hello before wisking away. I said, "I don't think that is an airplane."

We both had a clear view of the bottom lights and could distinctly see the shape of the craft. After we returned to the conference the next day, Mr. Schellhorn asked, "Did anyone else see the craft last night?" As we talked to people there that day we discovered others had seen the craft as well. At that point I knew my life would never be the same again. It has not been the same since. I knew I was hooked with a passion to a place I never imagined I would go.

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Diana's email:

"The UFO phenomenon has taken me to places, both in my thinking process and physically, that I never guessed I would go. I have learned or, more correctly stated, I have remembered that there are spiritual aliens out in the universes and on Earth, too. It has been an interesting 'ride' so far."

from the book Unholy Alliance page 23

Hello, my name is Diana. I'm originally from Ft. Lewis, Washington. My father was in the military, so we moved a lot and finally settled in Oklahoma.

As a child, at night I would lay on the grass or warm driveway and stare up at the sky and wonder about all the others out there. I would ask myself," Why am I here?" and "What is life really about?" Even as a child I never doubted the existence of UFO's and extraterrestrial beings. All of my life I felt very strongly that there was something I had to do or accomplish.

In my middle twenties, I was laid up with knee surgery. While I was sitting on my bed with my back against the wall, the entire wall in front of me suddenly was like a movie screen. A scene played out on the wall. I could see a great city with tall skyscrapers being destroyed by earthquake, fire, and a tsunami. At the time this scene did not make sense to me.

Afterward I fumbled my way through life, questioning where I belonged and what was my purpose for being here. I left a good paying job in Tennessee because the situation didn't feel right anymore. Although I didn't know what my purpose was, I realized I still had not accomplished what I was here to do. Knowing that I had to get out into the world to find my purpose, I decided to pursue a childhood dream of riding my bicycle across the United States. I rode from Oklahoma through Texas and New Mexico. I caught a ride through the national parks up to Rapid City, South Dakota. From Rapid City I bicycled across much of South Dakota and ended up in Appleton, Wisconsin. I stayed with a college friend for a while. Even though I had no job and no vehicle I was drawn to the area. I met and worked with a lady that introduced me to this study group. She has since moved on.

Through the group, I was introduced to our ET contacts, who are very spiritual beings. They guide us, but would never interfere with our free will, which is our God-given right to make our own choices. They would never force us to do anything we do not want to do or cause fear or do experiments of any kind on us.

The first book recommended that read was "Communion", by Whitley Strieber. I remember thinking that his experience was bad/negative. He was terrified. I believe that like people on Earth, there are good aliens and bad aliens. The next books that I read were, "Aliens Among Us", and "Strangers Among Us", by Ruth Montgomery. These books showed the benevolent side of alien contact.

I've been studying with the group for four years. We've studied many topics from crystals to government conspiracy to Biblical prophecies. As we studied and observed events, including world events, we noticed an increase in negativity, for example, increased self-centeredness, materialism, brutality/violence, and extreme weather patterns. We've also done extensive self-analysis. I have made some changes in my life recently and have noticed that my instincts have become sharper. I recall memories of being on a space ship attending classes and meetings. I remember lessons I've been taught. The vision I had in my middle twenties makes sense to me now. Could these events be signs of the end times?

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Russ' email:

"Returning from Vietnam physically unscathed I moved to the Fox Valley, bought a home, and found stable employment. Now I was able to seriously search for answers. I attended public lectures where I first met Bonnie Meyer and other like-minded people, but it was the close sightings which left the deepest impression. My reaction of 'Oh God!' was more than an exclamation; it was a prayer for answers. Even today I am seeking answers, however, today my questions still outnumber any answers I have received."

from the book Unholy Alliance page 29

Hello, I'm Russ. I grew up on the family homestead and spent hours looking at the stars, awed by the vastness of creation, just knowing there were others out there. My parents provided me with a parochial education and an example of weekly church attendance. Thus I grew up with a belief in a loving heavenly Father and a conviction that home was among the stars because that was where God lived. One summer night when I was ten my dad, my brother, and I saw a white light dance in the sky. At first we thought it was a plane because the light was so large, however hearing no engine noise and observing the geometric shapes it made in the night sky convinced us it was no plane. That same year, I recall having a vision similar to Diana's. I saw a volcanic eruption and an earthquake, which was so vivid I could "feel" the heat.

Because we lived in the country a long bus ride was necessary to get us to school. During high school the bus driver listened to the radio program, "Stranger Than Science" which was about all type of unexplainable events and people with various psychic abilities. Healing, ESP, precognition, dowsing, telepathy, UFO's and other topics were reported. I would talk with my grandfather about some of the programs and he would share a similar local event. This prompted me to read all I could find on these subjects, however there was little time during college and service to really look into them.

Returning from Vietnam physically unscathed I moved to the Fox Valley, bought a home and found stable employment. Now I was able to seriously search for answers. I attended public lectures, read more books and met some like-minded people. Occasionally we would set up someone's telescope and view the planets and maybe see a high flyer, but it was the close sightings, which left the deepest impression. My reaction, "Oh God!" was more than an exclamation; it was a prayer for answers. I earned a college degree, which failed to provide me with the answers I was seeking. I still have more questions than answers.

Because I have shared some of my beliefs with co-workers I am known as "really weird". Several who have shared their stories privately with me said they would deny it if I ever mentioned their name and this subject.

During our weekly meetings I have noticed a change within me. I was no longer as interested in crafts as I was about our extraterrestrial friend's messages and it's spiritual implications. I acknowledge that my failures outnumber my successes but I must press on. An extraterrestrial friend of mine told me, "Ask for the Creators help but don't ask Him to do things for you and listen to your heart."

Recently I have read more books on prophecy, studied the book of Revelation in the bible several times and compared the contents of other books. All agree on massive changes in this world, as we know it. The ancient Hebrew prophets had to predict something which would occur in the near future and be right or they were stoned to death, because of this I feel the bible is the most accurate and the best prophetic book available. Are the biblical rapture and an extraterrestrial evacuation the same event?

Early contactees were told about the Universal Law of Non-interference. The good or spiritual extraterrestrial, abide by this cosmic law. The bad aliens break this rule while following their own agenda. I believe we have a choice. We can share knowledge gained from personal experiences or intuitive sensing. Rather than being buried under the information avalanche we can emphasize and live spiritual truth. Contactees have said, and today our scientists are warning us about the very real possibility of mankind destroying itself. Occasionally ET's have been giving messages and encouragement to their contacts to share with mankind to change thought patterns. They have prodded me to become more aware of what is happening around me and cautioned me not to ignore my intuition or become complacent.

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Bonnie's email:

"The aliens have taken their time in making contact with me. They have suggested things for me to do, things that would make me a better person. I have listened and sometimes even follow through, but there are times when it just seems easier to go with the flow of the people on the planet.

from the book Unholy Alliance page 31

My name is Bonnie. I was first introduced to UFOs in my early 30's. A friend of mine got into UFOs so heavy that I began to wonder if she was losing her mind. Wanting to find out what they were feeding my friend, I went to every lecture and meeting in the area on the subject. Trying my hardest to figure out if UFOs were real or not. Little did I realize, that UFO's would be become a lifelong passion for me.

Books became my friends. I began to read books on New Age and the paranormal subject. Trying to find the truth for myself was not always easy. I never have been willing to settle for one persons' opinion on any topic. I always searched the material I found, looking for a correlation in the material so I could find the truth. It was about this point in time that I saw what we refer to as high flyers. These bright lights in the sky would move erratically, change directions make no noise and could not be explained away as either airplane or satellite.

It was after seeing these lights that I became a night person sometimes staying out until 4:00a.m. I often chased bright lights in the sky by car. Many, many times I was disappointed, when the lights turned out to be radio and TV towers.

On the July 4th weekend of 1976, there were approximately two and a half hours of time that could not be accounted for. Many abduction books talked of missing time, and they used hypnosis as a tool for retrieving what happened during this period of time. I began to wonder if something could have happened to me. Having little money, and wanting an answer, I checked to see if there were any hypnotists in the area who would be willing to do it for free. Sadly I have to say there were none.

One woman, who came to our meetings, said she knew of a psychologist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who might be interested in doing the hypnosis although he was not into UFOs. He is a licensed psychotherapist who uses hypnosis to treat his patients. He agreed to do the hypnosis for free. The only problem being his practice was in Milwaukee and it was an hour and half drive one way. For approximately three years at least twice a month the drive was made. During these hypnosis sessions it came out that indeed an encounter had taken place, not once, but several times. It seems that not only did I encounter ships but interacted with the extraterrestrials on board the crafts. This seemed to open the door for me because after the hypnosis sessions started, I was able to remember more and more of the encounters. It seems that I was often taken on board a craft and taught lessons. It was frustrating to remember some of the encounters, but not everything that happened in great detail. I remember asking the ET's why I could not remember more? The ET's explained that in time I would be able to remember more. A young woman who lived in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin was channeling an entity that called himself Anon. My curiosity was piqued and I had to see what was happening. The entity Anon came through the young woman and told me that I would become a channeler. I laughed and said "No way!"

There was no way I wanted to be a channeler. The only channelers I had seen or heard of were not what I believed to be true channelers. Messages from the ET's then began to be given to me in my head. The only way I can explain it is: it was like a ticker tape was being played across my forehead from the inside and I could read it. Over the years many things have been revealed to me. The ET's talked of how they were here to help planet Earth during the troubled times that were ahead.

The ET's also talked about their God, who it seems, is also our God. They talked of Jesus being a great teacher and how some planets have beings that come to help during periods of trouble. There was no way I wanted to get involved in religion, no way! Not being raised in a church, I did not want to become involved in any religion at this point in my life. The ET's were very patient with me and explained that a spiritual person is one who tries at all times to love his fellow man and live the laws of both God and man.

The telephone rang one day and to my surprise it was my hypnotist. He asked, "Would you like to do a firewalk?" My answer was "no" and we talked for awhile and hung up. As I walked away from the phone I thought, "Why did I say no?" I often saw firewalking on TV and wondered if I could accomplish it. I immediately called him back and said, "Yes, I want to do it!" I did five firewalks in all; four of those were as an assistant. My job was catching the people at the end of their walk or hosing down their feet so they would not burn. Through these experiences, I learned to believe in myself. Learning that I could call on God and myself to do all that is necessary to protect both body and soul in times of need. My future is in my hands and I am the only one who is totally responsible for my thoughts and actions. No more blaming anyone else for my actions or mistakes.

I have been misquoted many times in newspapers, TV programs, and books and sometimes even by friends. This caused me to become a more private person. I used this time to become stronger in my faith and figure out which direction I wanted to proceed with the knowledge that seemed to be accumulating. During this time I made the decision that I wanted God to be a big part of everything I did.

Through the years there have been different groups and people with whom I have studied. Some of the people did not walk their talk of spirituality or truthfulness. So again and again I had to search for people who believed as I did. I often cried at losing these friends, and felt a giant void was left in my soul. So again and again I searched for like-minded people. I never gave up, always searching for what was right for me. I can honestly say I came into this field kicking and screaming. The things that I said I would never believe in (UFOs and Aliens) are now the things that I believe in the most. Many times I have changed by beliefs as I learned more and more about UFO's and Aliens.

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Sue's email:

"For myself, I've always believed in UFOs even without seeing one. Have I seen one? Oh, yes! It was an amazing, life-changing confirmation that we are not alone. Am I involved in this? Yes, without a doubt. My memories are pretty vivid. There are many of us here to help at this time and maybe you are, too."

from the book Unholy Alliance page 21

My name is Sue. I've been with the Lightside UFO Study Group since 2002. I guess I've always believed in UFOs. As I grew up I had heard the many stories about people having encounters with the aliens and never thought that they were crazy or that they were imagining what was happening to them. The stories were very scary. After all who would want to be abducted and used like that. Something was definitely going on, and they were not in control. I felt bad for these people because they needed help not ridicule.

I was born into a loving and caring family, the oldest of four. My mom still lives in the same house that we grew up in. The church we attended was very emotional, and uplifting. The Spirit touched me very deeply there.

After I married, my husbands' job took us around the United States, which I enjoyed. We met a lot of great people.  We have three children and now one grandchild. My children and I moved back into this area, and am no longer married. This is home, where I need to be.

I've been back to school twice in the last ten years, following a pathway that I could not see at the time, that led me to where I am at today. How often do we meet someone that introduces us to someone or something and then leaves our lives and we find ourselves going in a somewhat different direction. I went to school, earned a degree in the printing field and got a job with a printing company here in the area. One of my friends at work and I got to talking about the different places we've lived and the types of food that we liked from each area. We found that we both lived in Texas and loved Mexican food.

She said that she would get together with some friends and they would go out for lunch at a Mexican resturant once in a while and would I like to go with them some time. What do you think my answer was? Yes! Guess who I met there! Bonnie. During lunch we never talked about UFO stuff. It took a while for me to bring up the topic. I happened to see a PBS show a while back, with Bonnie on it, talking about UFO's and what she and another lady were seeing in this area. It was a chance thing, because I did not live in this area at the time, but my mom always watched it and we were passing through at the time.

I've been told nothing happens by accident. It wasn't until later that I met the others in the group. They held a two day UFO conference in Appleton  that I attended with a friend. It was eye opening for me. I got to hear another side of the UFO story from them and found that not all aliens hurt people. There is a possitive side here as well. I agreed, because of my own personal belief that the creator would never leave us without His army here to help. His promise of “ I will never leave you or forsake you” is His promise. He doesn't break promises.

It was still several years before I became awake and active. There were a few more things to learn before I was ready to accept who and what I am. In the summer of  2002, after going to meetings with the group, I had a hypnosis session with a person I trusted. She thought I came for a past life regression, she was surprised by what she heard that day. I guess for me it was a confirmation of what I knew deep down. Bonnie went with me and recorded what was said. Thank you, Bonnie.

Do I believe in UFOs? Yes, before I ever saw one, and I have seen them. Do I believe I'm involved? Without a doubt. My memories are pretty vivid. I found there are many of us here at this time to help.

"The first meeting I attended back in 1987 changed the whole course of my life, as I instinctively knew it would. Bonnie channeled at that first meeting and I was introduced, or should I say reintroduced, to our alien contacts. I was completely at ease with her channeling. My gut feeling told me this was real. There was not an ounce of doubt in my very skeptical mind. It was so real for me that I did not go back to the meeting for three weeks. I know that if I went back I would be making a very serious commitment that would affect and change the rest of my life. By the fourth week, after much thought, I could no longer stay away. I made my commitment then and have never regretted it."

from the book Unholy Alliance page 27

Sandy has completed her mission on earth and
left her body to be with Jesus on July 3, 2015.

Hi my name is Sandy. Unlike most of my friends I always believed in UFO's and it never occurred to me that there was not life on other planets. From my earliest childhood memories I can recall that my favorite past time was gazing up at the stars longing to go home, never quite feeling like I fit in. All my life I wondered why I was here. I knew that even though I was a wife, a mother and had a career that there was something else that was very important that I had to do. The answer was a long time in coming and is in fact still unraveling for me.

One day in 1987 I went to my first meeting and was introduced to our study group. Although I had studied and read books on UFO's and the paranormal since early childhood I did not start putting the pieces of the puzzle together until I connected with this study group. There was a person I met that first night that was shockingly familiar. I knew her personality, mannerisms and her soul. As it turns out she is the purest channeler I have ever seen and I have seen plenty of them. That very first night this woman channeled and I was re-introduced to our alien contacts. Although this should have freaked me out or at least have been unbelievable to me that I was speaking to aliens it was not only comfortable but entirely believable. It was like coming home. I knew I had found my truth and reality. It has been twenty-four years since that first night and I still have no doubts.

I have been fortunate to have contact with higher evolved, spiritual aliens who are here to help earth people spiritually transition into a more spiritual vibrational world of the future. Their God is the same God that people of earth refer to. I don't consider myself special or chosen. I feel that I am one small piece of the puzzle as is everyone on earth.

It is my opinion that we are heading into some dark and troubled times. I know that part of my mission at this time is to simply and humbly spread the same message that our ET friends do and that is to share love, light, compassion and hope with everyone and to serve God through our service to mankind.

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