Sandy' Space Cat

1) One evening my daughter and I found a palm-sized kitten under my hood. We had heard it crying. I could not take the kitten into our home as my husband is allergic to cats. The kitten was sitting on a non-moving part of the engine of my car under the hood.

2) We put the kitten in the crotch of a tree in our front yard. We hoped it's mama would hear it crying and come to retrieve it. The next morning it was still there, so my husband took it to the local pound. I cried in sympathy thinking they would put it to sleep. I love animals and it was so small.

3) A week later, I saw this cat in my meditation while wide awake. It was sitting on the back of the Captain's chair. (The Captain of the Peace Ship) Later it was confirmed by our alien contacts that the kitten was indeed taken onboard the Peace Ship.

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