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In A Perfect World

In a perfect world there would be no borders, no countries and no wars. In a perfect world there would be equality for all: young and old, rich and poor, black and white, male and female. All people would be valued for their contribution to society. There would be one religion (the truth), one government, and one army (if there even were a need for an army). There would be no oppressive taxes. We could simply find a plot of land that suits us and build a home: forever free to sow and reap the fruits of our labor. Homelessness would never be an option. Hunger would never cross the lips of man. 

In a perfect world, man would never dream of coveting his neighbor's goods or his neighbor's spouse. Taking something by force would be unheard of. There would be no guns, violence or excessive behavior that might cause harm to anyone. Old people would be cherished for their wealth of knowledge and experience. Children would not rule/run the home. Our children could walk alone in perfect safety.

In a perfect world animal and plant species would be as abundant and varied as when God created them in the beginning. Natural disasters would be just that, natural, and not man-made. In that perfect world we would love our neighbor as we love ourselves. There would be no evil. There would only be good spiritual aliens that guide us and not the evil aliens who abduct and break all the rules. 

As we can clearly see, we do not live in a perfect world. I believe there is great danger ahead for all who live with the illusion that any of the above statements are true in today's world. To have only one government, one army, one religion or one world leader would mean that the New World Order would be in effect.

How much of your freedom are you willing to give up to maintain your fears and illusions? The powers of this world are banking that you will be willing to give up all your freedom. The "peace" that would ensue would be the stifled "freedom" of Marshal Law. Not having guns would mean no self-defense; those who controlled the guns (the world dictator/army and criminals) would control us.

There will be many false beliefs and false leaders before the one prophesized in the bible returns. According to the book of Revelation, much doom and gloom is foretold for the future. However, this chapter in this historical book has a happy ending. 


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