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Aliens and the Government:
Their Purpose and Agenda

The question no longer is, "Is there life on other planets and, if so, do they visit our planet?" In spite of what our governments wish us to believe, the proof of abduction and contact is in the hands of citizens all over the world. Alien abductions and contacts have been reported, recorded and witnessed globally. There are television commercials, documentaries, movies, and books too numerous to mention, all on UFO's and aliens. UFO's and aliens are the second most popular topic on the World Wide Web. Yet there are those who wish us to believe that there is no intelligent life beyond Earth.

Governments and the "powers that be" have spent millions, possibly even billions of dollars on the search for UFO's and alien life forms all without supposed success. The S.E.T.I. (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) program is just one example. In actuality, more money has been spent on the cover-ups and disinformation that is fed to the general public to disprove the existence of extraterrestrials and their ongoing visits to Earth. Now, why would those in power give the impression that the search for extraterrestrials continues in earnest while they spend more time, effort and money to cover up the existence of ET's and UFO's?

Abductees are ridiculed and laughed at. Contactees are discredited and made to look mentally unbalanced by authorities. In an attempt to silence them, some abductees/contactees have actually been physically threatened. Both military and commercial pilots are not allowed to talk about personal sightings and experiences. Although several live conversations about UFO sightings were recorded between NASA and astronauts, even our astronauts are silenced. United States citizens were monitoring these recordings before NASA made the astronauts switch to a private frequency that is not accessible to the public. Several of the past US presidents have had UFO sightings and spoke about them while campaigning only to deny it once they became the president. Once again, I wonder why so much effort has been expended on denials, cover-ups and silencing the truth.

Does the general world population believe in UFO's and aliens? According to the latest statistics, more do believe than do not. Do the majority of people believe our governments when they tell us that, despite years of effort and research, there is still no proof of the existence of life on other planets? Most people reject the Government's theory as being absurd and an insult to their intelligence. I cannot comprehend how anyone who looks up at the nighttime sky, filled with billions of stars, could be convinced that only Earth contains intelligent life. If we accept the merit of this concept of life on other planets, why then do we think they are coming to Earth? What could be their purpose and agenda?

When an abductee is asked this question, they almost always reply that they are being experimented on like laboratory animals. They feel invaded, terrorized and helpless to control and/or stop the abductions. The abductee's experience is so fear-based and repulsive to them that no one could convince them of the following:

  1. There is no superior intelligent life in space besides humans,
  2. UFO's do not exist,
  3. The alien race that abducts and experiments on humans is benevolent,
  4. Their abductions and tests are for the betterment of mankind,
  5. The abductee should be honored to be put through such pain and
    terror against their free will.

As for the untruths and disinformation that the governments and higher powers profess about UFO's and aliens being mythical legends or the imagination of a science fiction author...ask and abductee if they believe this to be true.

When you speak with a contactee about the existence, purpose and agenda of aliens, you will almost always get a positive response. A contactee is usually an individual who has had contact with one or more aliens and the experience was a positive and spiritual experience. They are never experimented on or made to do anything against their will. The aliens that contact them practice the Law of non-interference when it comes to other's free will choices. Contactees may have full or sporadic memories of at least one contact or ongoing contacts. The aliens instruct them on spiritual matters for the upliftment of mankind. A contactee will be able to converse with theirs contacts vocally, telepathically or through channeling. These contact experiences change their lives; they become closer to the Creator of all life and universes as they are shown a larger picture of mankind's true purpose for existence. Often times a contactee is shown the future possibilities for this planet and it's people, which make it impossible for them to continue on the same path as most people. The contactee then strives to become a more perfected example of what human being should be.

If you ask contactees if they believe the disinformation that our governments put out, they will stand very firmly in their beliefs and knowledge that not only do UFO's and aliens exist, they visit Earth and it's people on a regular basis. They believe this contact has happened throughout history as written in the Bible and even prior to that time.

On one hand, we have the governments and higher powers that cover up the existence of extraterrestrials and UFO's by denying and lying. On the other hand, we have abductees who believe, without a doubt, that aliens and UFO's are real and terrifying. They believe aliens are a technologically superior race who use humans as laboratory animals for their own sadistic testing and could not possibly have the best interest of mankind as their purpose. The contactee believes the extraterrestrials they are dealing with are highly advanced and spiritual in nature and are visiting Earth for the purpose of bringing people back to God and the spiritual path. They believe ET's help to advance humans and the planet spiritually on their upward spiral to a higher vibrational level. They also believe that lower vibrational life forms will not survive the coming transition of the planet. Contactees believe that Earth and mankind have been through this vibrational transition several times before, resulting in a sudden pole shift and many earth changes. They believe that through the spiritual upliftment of mankind, the next transitional change occurring in the near future could be as gentle as a sunset.

The question is no longer, are there alien life forms? But, what is their purpose and agenda? Is it possible that there are numerous types of aliens, each with their own agenda and purpose ... just as there are numerous nationalities on Earth, each with their own agenda and purpose?? Could there be good as well as bad extraterrestrials, as with Earthlings that are both good and bad, visiting Earth as they have through recorded history... only now during this period of Earth's higher vibrational transition, they are both fighting for the influence of your soul? If we believe this is true, then is it possible that the benevolent and spiritual ET's work for God? If we can believe this theory then... whom do the bad guys work for??!!

As for the governments and those in the elite positions, they too must have their own purpose and agenda. Cover-ups, telling untruths and spreading disinformation is not spiritual thinking and never benefit mankind. A purpose and agenda that does not serve God through its service to mankind are meant to benefit the agenda holders only...except they too are deceived as there are only two paths: the Way, the Truth and the Life... and the dark.


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