Published in 2007


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Unholy Alliance
A Global Deception

An unholy alliance was signed between the negative aliens and the secret world government in Europe in 1572 and with the US in 1946. The secret governments knew with whom they were dealing but were not aware they were being deceived.

  • Humans traded for alien technology
  • Alien-provided technology used for manufacturing diseases
  • Underground and underwater alien bases, and tunnel systems
  • Global satellite and electronic surveillance
  • Earth changes and weather manipulation
  • US government has built UFOs
  • Global impact of personal choices
written by
Bonnie Meyer

with contributions by:
Russell C. Brodtke
Sandy Hanson
Kathy Baier
Diana L. Shurburn
Sue Rothlisberg
Diann Fieldhack
James Andrew

Unholy Alliance - a Global Deception
A Reader's Input

Hi, Bonnie. I hope you are doing well. Iíve read both of your books and they essentially have answered most of the questions Iíve had for the last 55 years since Iíve seen ufos. Before that, when I was 5 years old, I had a very strong message told to me in my mind when I was by myself out in a field that I was going to witness the end of this world the way it is. So, yes, Iíve had many questions all my life about the reason for mankind and what was the reality of our relation with God. It was very good to hear that these good aliens not only believe in God and Jesus, but they admonish us for not doing a good enough job worshipping God. I was wondering if you still have contact and are still getting new info that is not in your books and I was wondering if it was ok to bug you a little about some things you may or may not have info on? I know you must get thousands of emails and you just donít have the time to respond to all of them.

Iíve written to several others over the years but never was satisfied with the responses. Seems like a lot of people use their experiences for their own gain

Hi, Bonnie.

Thanks for your time to respond. I have told as many people that I can about your books and the good aliens and how they are telling us to learn how to become more spiritual. Most people think Iím even more looney now then ever. My wife thinks Iím loosing it reading all these books now about aliens. She is finally admitting that she thinks it is possible. I can imagine what you have to face. Most people here in the US have a preconceived version of what the truth is suppose to look like. Many Christians that I know believe that Jesus will return in a cloud with many angels that have wings. If I say space ship and that the angels may not have wings, then Iím automatically speaking from the devil. Two of my friends have been very interested in anything I can find out about aliens for the last 25 years. Now when I tell them about how the aliens believe in Jesus etc., they have seemed to clam up. One guy is Jewish though. The Bible says, and Iím not great at where it says this, but it says somewhere that Jesus appeared to all the worlds, not just ours. So for many years now, I have been trying to find evidence from any one that has had alien contact, that this is confirmed. And you have confirmed this.

One last question. On the new info that you receive, will you publish that some day?

Thanks for your time, Bonnie. Sure is great to speak to you. Iíd really like to meet you and hear your lectures some time.

Hi, Bonnie. Iím so glad that you took the time to respond. I know you have many important things to do and I really appreciate your time. Yes, you may use whatever of my letter that you want. Iím so glad that Iíve been lead to you and your group. I feel that God has lead me to you for some reason. I can tell you with some certainty that I am not a light worker. However, Iím very attracted to the light you and he group brings. It all makes such sense to me and blends in with Godís teachings. I have always felt that God will not desert us and just leave us to the fancies of some godless biological entities. He says He loves us and thatís what Iím going to believe no matter what.

Unholy Alliance - a Global Deception
A Book Report

Bonnie Meyer along with other contributors authors her second book titled "Unholy Alliance - a Global Deception". Unholy Alliance is not a book for the faint of heart as it delves into the hard line facts surrounding the government, alien UFO connection. It discusses how an unholy alliance was signed between the government and aliens in Europe in 1572 and with the U.S. in 1946. Meyer derives her information from over thirty years of serious UFO research along with messages she has received from her benevolent alien contacts in the know.

In her first book "Alien Contact - the messages they bring" Bonnie explains how she first got involved in the UFO topic and how discussions with the aliens first began. Unholy Alliance goes into how the other contributors got involved in the UFO topic and how each have been subjected to surveillance by our government because of their interest in the topic.

The book goes on to explain the negative alien's agenda which includes the abducting of humans due to the pact signed with the government giving them permission to do so in exchange for advanced alien technology.

Unholy Alliance delivers a very serious subject matter but is laced with truth and hopeful messages throughout. The book ends with powerful messages of hope that all is not lost and that each person has the potential to make a difference. This book is an incredible courageous leap of faith by the author to reveal the truth and an absolute must read for those seeking it.

- Marie

Modern Day Contactees - Bonnie Meyer

The Lightside has just begun a series of videos focusing on alien contactees, starting with our own Bonnie Meyer. This video series gives an intro to Bonnie's experiences as documented in both her books. Here are the first two:

Bonnie Meyer Chapter One:

Bonnie Meyer Chapter Two:

Selected Online Excerpts From The Book

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Remote Viewing

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