Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Page 57


Monn continued (from Soul Transference), "As far as cloning of humans by the government, it is about 72% perfected. They are close, very, very close. Once they have it perfected they will have crossed the line that God has established about Him being the only Creator. This is why Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed. The body is just a housing and needs a soul for it to function completely. If someone is cloned, a soul must enter that body or it cannot be a living, breathing thing. It cannot move and it's almost like the person is in a coma. In order for the clone to function properly, it has to have a soul. Sometimes in coma patients the body doesn't get a chance to shut down enough for a soul to exit, and the soul is actually trapped inside, which is very hard on it. Sometimes a soul cannot leave until someone around them learns something from this, whether it be a doctor, parent or child."

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