Unholy Alliance
From the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
Pages 58-59


In 1990 we read about centers that the government has for prisoners. It made us wonder if maybe they would be used in conjunction with the grays. Monn answered, " This is strictly the government and they are doing experiments on the inmates. They are using implants to control. They want to control people's minds and be able to trigger them off at any given time, but that is not going to be accomplished any time soon."

During July of 1993 at a private residence we asked Monn if the government had ever tried to implant us. "Both the government and the bad aliens have tried to implant you and even some of your family members, but the ones who were successfully implanted have left the group. They were not balanced, nor did they meditate, as they should have to keep themselves in balance. This is why they could be implanted by the negative beings, and because of the implanting their thinking process has changed. Also, even if they did succeed to implant you and if you became balanced again, you can burn the implants up with your light, or you could expel them from your body. Your faith in God can fry the implants; faith is that strong, it is your protection against evil. It is very important to use the light on a daily basis. Some of you still aren't doing that, please, it is your protection given by the Creator. If you do not use it, you give permission for the aliens and government to invade your space."

"You give negative aliens or the secret government your permission by not being balanced or meditating or using your light on a daily basis, they both are able to implant you and keep track of you. Because of this permission, about 47% of the people are now implanted by both the government and the negative aliens, but many don't know it. You could say they are walking time bombs as some of these people could snap and become serial killers. Some of these people hear voices in their heads telling them what to do. I would like to say that these are real voices, not their imagination, and this is accomplished through the implants. The government and aliens are using them to have an army that does not question."

In 1994 Monn said, "There are many different reasons people are hearing voices in their heads. It could be government, it could be a mental illness, and sometimes it's just an excuse, but it is probably the government experimenting or it could be aliens."

In December of 1995 William, a member of our group at the time, felt he had an implant on the outside of his right leg, so he asked Monn, who replied, "I believe it's highly improbable that it is an implant. But if you have been in a state of imbalance, they can come and take you. If you do not keep your balance, they will keep after you. They couldn't do anything to you if you are balanced, but if you get unbalanced enough they can do something to you and even implant you. They implant you to get you on the wrong path, to get into your head to put bad thoughts there. They haven't implanted those who are here in this room. They haven't been able to penetrate in that capacity, yet, but some of you have been taken because of your imbalance."

In 1997 we were wondering if babies were being implanted with a chip through innoculation at birth in the hospitals. Monn answered, "There have been some implantations, yes. This is mostly done on an experimental level to see how traceable they are, how long they function, and to see how easily they can be found and handled. This experiment is being done without the parents' knowledge."

"One of the reasons why some people are becoming more uncontrollable is because their souls cannot go into the next density; they're not ready yet. They can't stand the next vibrational level, and become very disoriented, confused, and angry. Part of the problem is that a lot of these people have chips and have been implanted, also. See, the government and alien nation do know the level people are at, and they're attaching to these people because they know they can be distorted. Both the government and the alien nation are doing the implanting. The government got the technology from the alien nation to learn what level people are at."

While speaking to Lea on September 9, 2006 we asked if she was aware of a man we had talked with who seemed to have a lot of strange stuff going on in his life. Lea replied, "He is human and is being taken and taught many things at night. He is being taken by the reptilians to an underground installation. These aliens are working with the government. He does have an implant in his head; it sees whatever he is seeing. Those that are very close to him do not have the same connection with the reptilians; you see, it's like they are being indoctrinated through him."

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Unholy Alliance
The following information is from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
Pages 152-154

Things the Negative Aliens Are Doing:

Over the years we received the following information on implants, "Implants are a small device that is put in the body normally behind an ear or inserted between the skin and the skull. They are usually used to keep track of someone or something. These implants are so far advanced that your x-ray machines will not pick them up. I know this is going to be hard to believe, but between the aliens and the government doing implanting, 67.2% of the population has been implanted. You see, these can also work very well on some people who are very balanced if they have one seed of doubt. You see, if you have no doubt or fear you can make them inactive, or shall we say, fry them. Beware, many people are being told they are special and have a special mission so they need the implants."

"The Grays, Reptilians, and a few other races use implants to keep track of humans so that they can abduct them. Many of the more sophisticated implants can affect your mental stability such as "Son-of-Sam" who hears voices. With an implant they can feed you all kinds of information and get you to do things that you would not normally do. It can control the human spirit but only if you allow it. With an implant you can lose clarity of thought especially if it is negative. It is very hard to stay balanced twenty-four hours a day. Ultimately, the chip that's being implanted by the negative aliens can interfere with your choice to stay in the light."

"Only 13% of the implants are ours. Years ago we needed to know how the human mind works and the capacity of your intelligence so we used some implants. We needed to know how you received and stored information. You don't have the same reasoning process or mental capacities that we do, and we don't understand how you think and how you process your thinking. You do not react to the same thing the same way every time."

"We no longer need implants because we now keep track of people by their soul patterns. When something goes wrong or if you should get in trouble, it's like an alarm goes off; it is the emotional panic that sets off a warning, and then we know there is trouble. We try to keep track of all light workers, but with all the pressures that are on Earth, it was impossible to keep track of everyone."

"The difference between the Grays, Reptilians and us is great. You see we believe it is everyone's individual right to back off and not be involved with aliens. We allow that to happen but the Grays and Reptilians don't."

"Even if you are a balanced person, implants can work well on you as they can create a virtual reality and the person will believe what is fed to them. If they have any doubt in their ability to stop it. Not all of mental patients, prisoners, police, or military personnel are being implanted but there is a bit of brainwashing going on."

In 1990 Monn had this to say about implants, "Implants can control people's minds, but with some people their egos control them. How many people do you know that are proud of how many implants they have? They have to have more than the next person does. How many people have paid to have implants removed but never had one in the first place? Many who do the removal claim that the implants are in another dimension and therefore cannot be seen. These people are...how do you say it...taken to the cleaners by these charlatans."

Again in 1997 we talked about implants and it was explained, "Some of these implants could control your mind. Look how negative the people are becoming. They are opening themselves up to be implanted. They let their guard down and entertain stinking thinking, which lets you wide open, and then you can be implanted. It's not just one thing that lets the implanting happen, it's the combination of everything. Your ego and I wants can also put you in danger. Don't think or let anyone talk you into thinking that you are negative for then you could become so. Remember once a thought is thought it is forever."

"Innoculations have also been used to implant people but you can protect yourself and your children from these implants. If you teach your children about spirituality and teach them about God the Creator, when they accept the light in them, the implant shall not survive. This goes without saying that this also includes adults. If you don't want implants, you don't have to accept them because you can make them inoperable or even expel them if you wish. But you must have 100% faith that you can do it, then the implants will not survive."

Implant Found In A Child's Ear

One of the people who came to our meetings found a device in a child's ear and gave it to us. It was round and very small. It looked as if it was made of metal. Actually, it looked like a miniature sewing machine bobbin. We asked about the implant, and this is what Monn had to say:

"The spiritual aliens did not implant the device. There is a group of Gray beings who are here not to harm or kill anyone but are strictly on a scientific mission and don't realize that they are frightening humans. These are the ones who did the implantation."

"If you are balanced around the people you love you can influence them by your spirituality and then they have the power to expel or destroy anything that is not good in the body. This child is quite spiritual and expelled the device; it came out the same way and shape as it went in. I suggest that you keep this in a safe place and hope that in the future it can be used to help other people."

Removal and Deactivation of an Implant

"If you have an implant, you don't need anyone to remove them for you because you have the ability to make them inactive. All you need is to share your light and love with the implants and they will become inoperable. But if you have one seed of doubt, it will not work since one seed of doubt is like a pinprick in a balloon filled with air."

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