Sandy's Shooters (shooting stars)

1990-I was on my way home from a meeting...about 11:00pm on a Sunday evening. I was alone. It was a beatiful summer evening with a clear sky.

1. While traveling South on Hwy 45--just outside Oshkosh-- I saw a ball of a Light with a long tail. It passed in front of and very close to my windshield. (2 ft.) This is what we call a shooter. It's sort of like a shooting star but shoots sideways or up which is unlike a falling star. It was white and sparkled like a sparkler. 2. I then turned west onto Hwy GG. Shortly after turning the corner, a blue shooter followed parallel to my car for what seemed like forever and then just disappeared. 3. As I approached Hwy 110 another white, sparkling shooter shot up across the sky in front of my car. This made me so happy. I knew it was my guide letting me know he was there. 

We see these nearly every time we spend any amount of time outside in the evening looking up.

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