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Refusing Abduction

There is no longer the question, "Are people being abducted?" There are too many documented cases and books written on this subject to leave room for doubt. The question now is, "How can I refuse abduction?"

The answer to this is not as simple as it would appear; ask anyone who has been abducted. On the other hand, it is not as difficult nor impossible as some would have you believe. The key to the answer lies within everyone.

We have attended conferences all over the country as well as hosting a number of them ourselves. We have heard first hand accounts of people’s abductions. We have listened to the so-called "authorities" speak on their massive research on abduction cases…case after case, after case. Our alien contacts have given us a percentage figure of the population that has been abducted. Each year the percentages climb. As of this writing, the percentage stands at 47%.

Who is doing all this abduction of humans and what is their purpose? According to our alien friends there are many factions of aliens coming to the planet at this time. All have their own agenda. Some of these aliens are scientific and remain indifferent wishing only to observe us. They do not wish to harm us nor do they wish to help us. These aliens generally do not abduct or interfere with humans. Our main alien contact, Monn, has told us that some not-so-nice aliens are living beneath our Earth and coming to our planet at this time. The agenda of these aliens is multi-purposed. These aliens are the Grays and the Reptilians (There may be others but we are not aware of them.) These are the aliens that are doing the abductions. They are also the aliens that implant people with computer chips for the purpose of monitoring and/or controlling humans. They are also the some aliens who, when abducting, do examinations, intrusive tests, remove sperm from the males, implant and remove fetuses from females and more, all against the humans’ free will. This causes fear and mental anguish. These are the aliens we are most concerned with, as we would not allow even our fellow humans to do this to us.

Years ago, when we began questioning our contacts about abduction and how to prevent it, we were told that we could prevent it. We were told that by surrounding ourselves with the White Light of protection we would be safe. Asking what this Light was and how to use it, we were told to imagine a White Light emanating from our hearts. This, we were informed, is the White Light of protection that every human is given as a gift from the Creator. We were told to picture the Light forming a bubble that surrounds us, encasing is from head to toe. While we were encased in this beautiful bubble, the Creator protected us. We were advised to imagine this White, protecting bubble around us frequently, day and night. The more we used it the stronger it became…sort of like layering. The less we used it the more it dissipated. We were also advised to work at expanding and stretching our Light out to surround our loved ones and friends…to picture them inside our bubble of protection. We were also advised to imagine the bubble around our vehicles when we drove, airplanes when we flew and any and all forms of transportation used by families friends and us.

Years ago, when we were informed of this White Light, the Light was enough to protect us. Now it no longer is. This is due, in part, to the increase of negativity on the planet. Now, just using your Light faithfully is not enough protection. The negative aliens have stepped up their abducting, plus they have become increasingly clever in presenting themselves as non-threatening, benevolent beings to humans. We have been taught that this is where your other gift from the Creator must be used. This is the gift of intuition that we are all born with. We like to think of it as our direct telephone line to the Creator. If we listen when that phone rings and act on our first instinctual feelings, we won’t go wrong. Fine tuning these instincts, by thinking about them, will help you feel/sense when all is not as it appears to be should you see aliens in your bedroom or see a UFO in the sky. We were taught to react on how we feel at that moment. If the hair on the back of our necks stand up or a little voice inside of us says that all is not good or safe, we immediately react accordingly… along with sending our White Light of protection out. The White Light and your instincts help protect you… yet this is still not enough. The third and most important line of defense is to live the laws of the Creator. It does not matter what religion you are, it only matters that you love and serve your fellow man as you would your Creator.

We’ve been taught that, as humans, we all use excuses and justifications to excuse our thoughts and actions when they are not in line with the Creator or to obtain our "I wants". We were informed by our alien contacts that when we do not walk our talk…walk this spiritual path, we leave ourselves wide open and literally all forms of evil permission to take over our lives. When using your White Light and intuition along with living the Creator’s laws you are drawn to the strongest protection from the Creator.

We have heard many abductees’ reasons and justifications for their terror-filled experience(s). Some do not know what to do to stop their abductions and therefore they feel helpless and victimized. Others have justified their experience by stating that once they got beyond their fear, they realized that they were chosen as part of some grand experiment by a more intelligent race of beings. They choose to ignore their first initial fear reaction and allowed themselves, due to their own fear or ego, to believe it is an honor to be chosen and used as a lab rat. Some even believe that if you have not had a terror-filled abduction, you are not special. Sometimes abductees are given "prophetic" pictures or tidbits of information that they are allowed to bring back in their memories. They justify their abduction as a trade off for these memories. 

If you are being abducted and what this terrorizing and inhumane experience to stop, then the key to refusing abduction is within you… and up to you. Armed with the above information, you can commit to the necessary steps that it takes to refuse abduction… and protect yourself. We have been told that when a soul is spiritually advanced, through learning and living the Creators’ Laws, the negative aliens cannot take you against your free will. You can call on the Creator and refuse to be taken.

In the Love and Light of the Creator,

Sandy, for the Lightside

The Lightside UFO Study Group

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