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Comments on "Abduction Diaries"

On November 22, 2002 the Sci-Fi Channel premiered the Abduction Diaries- a collage of stories about actual alien abductions/encounters. Most of the encounters/abductions began when the person was very young. The abductees were of both genders and various ethnic backgrounds and ages. All of the abductees were sincere in their explanations of what had happened to them. Several abductees had spouses at the time of their encounters. These spouses, even though they did not fully understand what was going on, were very supportive of their mates.

Sadly, most of the cases started out fearful and through years of abductions and intrusions the person now believes that the encounters are good and positive experiences and are a necessary part of their lives. Like in Whitely Strieber’s "Communion" the abductee is terrified and in the end the experience becomes positive, almost spiritual. How this occurs I do not understand. The only explanation that comes close is what is called the Stockholm syndrome –where an abductee, after time begins to sympathize with their captors. In my opinion, there must be an awful lot of stress involved in the situation to come to that conclusion.

There was an incident that really made an impression during the show. A woman with and infectious smile was telling of her encounter with a group of alien beings that were trying to abduct her against her will. She said, "No, you cannot take me". Then she said, "Help me, God!" At that time, a ball of light entered the room she and the aliens were in. It circled the room as if to surround the lady. The lady went on the say that the aliens had to leave. Before the light left the woman heard, in her head, the words, "As you respect yourself, so do we respect you." This incident and the words that were "heard" by this woman are, what I feel, the key to stopping the abductions altogether. If a person respects themselves enough to call on the greatest power there is and has the faith that their pleas/prayers will be heard then there is no one who can go against them.


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