The "Star" of Bethlehem

by Kathy

Did you ever wonder what exactly was that light in the sky the wise men followed to Bethlehem so long ago? What interest did it have in the birth of Christ? Was there some sort of extraterrestrial involvement and if so, why?

The "star" appeared suddenly out of the east and when the wise men had seen it they recognized it as being His "star" and how did they recognize it? Did it appear to be different from all the others in the heavens?

After it appeared out of the east it began to travel across the sky leading the wise men to Bethlehem. "It went before them" therefore, it became some sort of a leading or guiding light. Normally, stars do not appear to move; they seem to have a gradual progression across the night sky as the earth rotates on its' axis.

Once the star reached Bethlehem, to the place where Christ was born, it came to a complete stop.  It hovered over the place of His birth. This star acted as no other star.

What if the star of Bethlehem was no star at all? What we do know about it is that it suddenly appeared out of the east, it became a guiding light, and once it reached its' destination came to a complete stop. It seemingly had the ability to maneuver wherever it wanted. Could this star have been some sort of flying craft that emitted a beautiful light across the sky for the purpose of guiding the wise men to the birthplace of Christ?

Isn't it interesting to note that this star which came out of the east directly correlates to what is prophesied to occur during Christ's return? Does the lightning that flashes from the east to the west, as stated in Matthew 24 verses 27-28 signify the re-appearance of the Son of man and His eagles?

Images by Monarca Lynn Merrifield
Used with her permission and encouragement

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