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Very often when searching our skies for Unidentified Flying Objects I may find myself contemplating many things.  Some of the things I start to wonder about may be if something were to show up tonight who might it be?  I most likely take my thoughts a step further and think if they were to show themselves why are they here and what is their message?  Finally thoughts may go along the lines of, Monn, Eric are you guys anywhere around here tonight?  Monn, Eric and Lea are some of the names of the benevolent aliens that I and my friends are in contact with.  I have learned through the years that it is not the contact with them that is the most important thing, rather it is the message they bring to all humans.  I will explain more of what their message is later. Getting back to the wondering if they are around, I know better than to ask that question.  Our contacts have explained that if all you focus on are the crafts you may miss the message. 

The message the aliens bring, that takes us down a whole new avenue.  For me the following makes sense.  As is common knowledge among the UFO community, there are some not so nice intruding aliens visiting Earth.  They do not care about humans or what they do to them.  They abduct (the act of being taken against one's free-will), they experiment on humans, they cause fear and terror against which many humans believe they have no recursive action. 

It follows then that if there are not so nice abducting aliens visiting Earth there must also be good decent ones in space.  If the good decent ones are here I believe we should examine their purpose for being here.  The answer to that for me is as simple and complicated as the following.  The decent aliens are concerned for the people of Earth.  They are worried about the decisions that the inhabitants of Earth are making.  They wish we would be less war-like and be kinder to one another.  Our contacts have called the events which happened at The World Trade Center "an abomination against your own kind."  Another reason for their being here is, they want the people of Earth to know there is hope that there are decent alien beings who follow the laws of The Creator. 

More of their message is that they do not deceive humans.  They do not attempt to convince someone into believing that once they work through all of their fears of being abducted this will be for the person's own eventual good.  Our contacts urge us to follow those instincts and if something makes one feel fearful it should be listened to.  They believe your instinct is a direct "telephone line" if you will to The Creator.  They have shared the knowledge that all humans have this instinct along with the light of The Creator within them which can help put an end to intrusive abductions.  There is more information within our website under "Refusing Abduction" as to what our contacts have shared with us on this. 

Some final thoughts on the messages our contacts bring; they do not abduct, they never, not even in the beginning , cause fear, they do not experiment on humans, they do not implant or place burn or scoop marks on the skin, and finally they do follow the laws of non-interference as set forth by The Creator.  Their ultimate message is one of love, light, and hope and that we can and will survive if we make the right choices in life and love one another. 

Kathy, for The Lightside

The Lightside UFO Study Group

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