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Abduction versus Contact

On the subject matter of alien abduction versus alien contact, there seems to be much controversy regarding the differences between the two. The following is my summation of what, I believe, the differences to be between abduction and contact:

An alien abduction is something that happens to helpless human victims against their free will. Free will is a gift given by God to every human being. Alien contact always occurs with the personís consent and never against their free will. Benevolent spiritual alien beings respect and follow the law of non-interference.

Negative alien beings take unwilling abductees against their will. They use every evil, cruel and deceptive means to go about doing this. Negative alien beings have been known to appear to abductees as a sibling or parent in order to deceive. I have even heard of negative beings appearing as angels or spirit guides. I believe that if a person listens to their inner feelings, they will feel the presence of a negative being under these circumstances. Spiritual, benevolent aliens being will never disguise themselves in order to deceive. They appear as who and what they are. Again, I believe that if a person tunes into their inner feelings and listens to them, they will feel and know the presence of a spiritual being.

The negative alien beings are emotionally unfeeling and completely oblivious and uncaring about the horrors which they inflict upon human victims. During an abduction a human may receive all types of medical examinations and procedures. Many times an abductee is paralyzed or restrained. A female abductee may first endure the implantation of a human/alien hybrid embryo. Later they are further traumatized by the extraction of the baby from their womb. A male abductee may have sperm extracted in order to help create the human/alien hybrid embryo. I have read about and have seen abductees weep uncontrollably once they begin to recall these types of experiences. Others are absolutely unable to go beyond a certain point of recall, while others still have blocked it out completely. The memory is too traumatizing for them to bring froward. 

On the other hand, a benevolent, spiritual being is very in tune emotionally and very compassionate towards humans. They never instill fear in humans. If a spiritual being realizes that they have caused even the slightest measure of fear, they will immediately back away. Spiritual beings do not perform medical examinations or procedures against a humanís free will, neither do they restrain or paralyze humans against their will. While on board a benevolent craft, the contactee may interact and walk about freely. Contact is made for the purpose of the contactee completing a job or mission. The contactee for example, may attend classes or lectures. A contactee refers to a spiritual alien being as a teammate and not an overlord. Spiritual beings do not extract sperm from males and neither do they impregnate human females with human/alien embryos. They do not create in any way shape or form as they realize this is Godís job to create. I would like to reemphasize that a spiritual benevolent alien being will never traumatize or cause fear.

Within recent years, there has been a disturbing trend taking place among abductees who have begun to call themselves "experiencers" or even "contactees". They report that once they have worked through their fears, they can now see their experiences with the aliens as something wonderful that is part of a grand plan of the coming spiritual upliftment or evolution of the planet and itís people. Abductees have begun to make themselves believe that this is something they do willingly now and that they have made a prior agreement to do this. Are they really serious? Who would willingly agree to invasive medical examination and procedures done to them by negative, evil alien beings?

I have asked abductees on more than one occasion the following question: Are these alien beings that abducted you in the past and caused you pain and terror, are these the same alien beings that are spiritual now? The answer, so far, has always been, yes. I have even heard abductees go so far as to justify the actions of these negative aliens. They claim that it is for our own eventual good and liken it to what we humans do to laboratory animals in our medical research. I must disagree with this theory, as I do not believe medical research performed on either humans or animals to be either compassionate or spiritual.

Spiritual alien contact starts out the same, it stays the same today, and will remain the same. It never inflicts fear, deceives, interferes with free will or attempts to take over Godís job as Creator.

I would like to end with this parting thoughtÖDo abductees realize that their bad experiences can be stopped? They can be stopped if the abductee wants them to and if they are ready. I believe this can occur with the help of the Creator. For more information regarding this subject, please refer within our web site to the Urgent Issues article: "Refusing Abduction".

Love and Peace,

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