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Each one of us has been given a gift from God. It is that spark of light in all of us; God's Light. This light is a protective shield from negativity. To find this light you have to reach inside yourself. To use this light effectively, a person should practice using it often throughout the day.

The way we practice using the light is by imagining ourselves in a "bubble" of light. We stretch it out. Then stretch it even farther to include those we love, farther yet, to include those that they love. We realize that we can send out the light to protect those around us, but it is each one's choice to accept or to reject the light.

If we use the light with the proper motivation, always keeping in mind that this is a God-given ability, nothing in this universe can penetrate it. Negative things will try to penetrate it from time to time, just waiting for us to let our guards down. The more we use the light, the stronger it becomes. If done properly you can almost see the bubble of light, and you can definitely feel when it is sent out correctly, with love.

Looking back through the years, I recall situations where prayer, sending out my light and asking God for help and protection have gotten me out of danger. There was the time I decided to ride my bicycle from southern Oklahoma to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Throughout the entire trip, I wore a dark blue sweatshirt over a T-shirt and don't remember ever feeling the effects of the summer sun/heat. There were many potential dangers for a lone cyclist traveling and sleeping on the roadsides, but I made it through with no difficulties (except for loneliness and headwinds).

Another time was when my dog and I were hiking in the mountains. My dog, eager to blaze the trail for me, slipped off a 40-foot cliff. When I looked over the edge, she had landed and was on her way back up. About mid-way up, she got trapped between a 20-foot rock ledge and the slippery gravel-covered area she had just climbed. I had to go get her. From where she was, it was too dangerous for us to hike down and almost as dangerous for us to climb up. I prayed for help, because I knew that if either of us panicked the outcome could have been disastrous. I placed my dog on a two-inch ledge (she stood with all four paws in-line) as I gently leaned against her with my hands and feet clinging to tiny rock protrusions on the face of the cliff. I was able to heave her up three or four feet where she had stable footing and could climb to the top. I know my prayer was heard and answered that day.

Before we even get out of bed each of us send out the light. Before we go to sleep at night we pray for protection and send out the light. When we meditate, we first ask for guidance and protection and send out our light. When we are driving or riding in a vehicle, we send out the light to surround the vehicle and all those in and around the vehicle.

Using the light is a practice that has become second nature to us. It is a very important tool for spiritual survival. The more we use the light, the more we realize that we cannot live without it. We cannot do it alone. We trust in the gift that God has given us.




The sound of silence is so seldom heard that many times it is forgotten. Meditation is a tool that can be used to bring peace and balance back to our lives. Meditation is also one of the weapons on our coat of spiritual armor that when practiced consistently and joyfully can help us to resist negative alien encounters.

Recently, because of a busier-than-usual schedule, I found myself forgetting what peace and balance are. I forgot that if I want peace and balance in my life I needed to be peaceful. How do I become peaceful and balanced? One method is through a daily practice of meditation. When used together with balance, meditation brings about attunement with God. Once we are in tune with God, we can resist negativity much better. This includes unwanted negative alien encounter. If we are in balance and standing in the light of God, negative aliens cannot step into our presence, because they are of a negative vibration. They are repelled by the light within us.

I believe there are different ways to meditate and everyone uses a method that feels right to them. It is necessary to set aside a longer period of time each day to achieve a deeper meditative state. Mini meditations may be used frequently throughout the day to help you focus and bring yourself back into balance. One can simply close their eyes for a short period of time and take in deep cleansing breaths. You should always send out the white light to surround yourself before you start your meditation. Because of the increase in negativity and the amount of low frequency waves being sent out around the planet, one meditation per day is no longer sufficient. This is where mini meditations come into play. You must know yourself well enough to recognize when you are becoming unbalanced. You can feel it in your physical being and in your thinking process. When you feel yourself becoming unbalanced, believe in the light within you, and do a short meditation. As always, ask God to help you to become more centered again.

I believe meditation can also be performed with your eyes open while sitting on a shoreline looking out over a beautiful body of water, or peacefully watching a beautiful sunset of anywhere in nature that brings peace to your soul. It can also be done while doing a household chore or wherever and when ever the mind is in focus and the body is calm.

To achieve a deeper meditation, at least an hour each day should be set aside for meditation. The longer periods of meditation are needed to stay in balance, stay in the light and to help resist alien abduction.

Listed below are steps I feel are important to achieve longer, deeper meditations:

  1. Meditate at the same time or near the same time each day. Find the time that works the best for you, when your mind and body are the calmest. Remember that meditation is a receptive listening state.
  2. Do not meditate when you are tired.
  3. Choose a place and position you feel comfortable in. Do not let your body get too comfortable.
  4. Ask God for His protection and surround yourself with the white light. Our light is a gift from God; it is that little spark of light or little piece of God within us. It can be thought of as a bubble of white light surrounding our being which nothing negative can penetrate.
  5. Meditate with the proper attitude. You are not meditating to get something, rather you are meditating to give. Surrender your control and give yourself to God.
  6. Think about relaxing your body and your mind, bring peace to them. It is normal for thoughts to creep in but toss them out.
  7. Keep focused on the third eye center. If your focus drifts away, bring it back into focus again.
I believe that when I feel myself more vulnerable to negativity from pressures of everyday life or when I feel the need to be protected from the presence of a negative alien, that I especially need the close intimacy with God, which meditation provides. I believe it is still my choice and my responsibility as to how I approach this problem. Do I wish to take the positive approach, step into the light, meditate properly on a daily basis and take charge of my own circumstances? Or do I wish to let negative circumstances control me? It is very important to call upon God and use all the tools He has provided because no one can do it on their own.



Balance is a topic we of the Lightside have spent a lot of time discussing and trying to live. The first part of balance, we decided, was to know ourselves well enough to recognize how we become unbalanced. The next part was to make a plan to change the actions that led to a state of unbalance. We divided a sheet of paper into three columns: PROBLEM - STEPS TO CHANGE- SOLUTION. We realized that change could not occur unless we first realized we had a problem and then thought about how to solve the problem.

The first step of thinking about what causes the unbalance meant we had to figure out which traps (TV, books, sleep, alcohol, etc.), distractions (sports, surfing the net, etc.) or "hot button" items (road rage, teasing, politics, religion, etc.) caused us to slam from calm and centered to unbalanced. By thinking, daily, about what causes our imbalance and then discussing it as a group, we were able to help one another identify areas that needed work. We do our best to support each other through the changes, because we realize there is no quitting old habits "cold turkey"; the change will be gradual.

One visible sign of change was a calmer demeanor. We were less likely to be drawn into "hot button" issues as in the past. Our compassion for others has increased as we witnessed the struggles some of us had to make to succeed. Several of us had a hard time letting go of old thought patterns and realizing that God is not finished with anybody yet. We had to avoid taking someone else's karma as our own, and allow them to make their own choices and reap the consequences.

Another thing, which changed for me, was to be able to see that my defensiveness toward other people should have been constructively focused at myself for not doing what I knew needed to be done. An issue, which has plagued me, has been my inconsistency in correctly handling conflict. At times, I focus and deal with it, but most of the times I try to avoid confrontation. Only when I recognized that God expects me to make an effort, rather than allowing my I-don't-want-to-be-bothered attitude to separate me from Him, would I concentrate on confrontation.

Two examples of good confrontation are: 1) making a stand for your beliefs, and 2) watching another's back and warning them that they are slipping back into old habits. Doing this takes courage; you could lose a friend or your trust in each other could grow. Not saying anything will leave other's wondering where you stand. It helps to look at your own life and compare where you are (spiritually) today to where you were in the past, and then compare where you are today to where you would like to be in the future. Change is an endless process. Hopefully these examples may be of some use.




As the years went by, we decided as a group that we wanted to become better people. We decided that we needed to be balanced, loving and compassionate and not let our ego control our lives.

Deciding to make a change in us was the easy part. Now we had to figure out how to keep on the path we had chosen for ourselves. We needed a plan with some guidelines. Realizing that we needed to know ourselves better, we worked on analyzing ourselves for months. We could see each other's weaknesses, addictions and problems, but rarely could we see our own. It took a long time to figure out that we lied to ourselves, made excuses for our behavior or just did not want to put in the effort it was going to take to become a better human being. Once we faced ourselves we knew we needed a really good plan for policing ourselves.

We went to a remote cottage for a long weekend and came up with the guidelines below:

  1. Be truthful and honest with yourself.
    • No justifications.
    • No exaggerations.
    • No illusions (about self or others).
  2. Examine yourself at the end of each day, if not more often.
  3. Admit your problems, screw-ups and faults. Take responsibility for all your actions and thoughts.
  4. Analyze any problem you are having, be it at work or at home (Be honest).
  5. Try to see everything from the other person's point of view.
  6. Own up to the part you played in a problem situation and do not worry about the part other people played.
  7. Ask for God's help, then meditate on it.
  8. Once you have learned from these lessons (experiences) take conscious action to correct the problem and work on not letting it happen again.
This is not easy to do and we often fall back into our old patterns of behavior. When this happens, we go back to our policing guidelines and start over. We go out into this big beautiful world and spend less time thinking of only ourselves. We try to maintain balance in all aspects of our lives. We take responsibility for our actions.

If we have had problems with people in the past, we've gone back to apologize to them when our actions were wrong. I had a problem with my husband's family, so, I decided to make amends. I was amazed at how they opened their arms to me afterward. From that point on, I have had a good relationship with them; this has made my husband happy.

I decided it was time to speak up about my UFO and alien experiences. I came to the realization that I needed to speak up quicker, because no one knew what I was thinking when I remained silent. I also discovered that I needed to speak quicker when people overstepped their bounds, because I would become angry and hold it in. The anger just festers like an infected wound. When I did this I would lose the balance that I had been trying to maintain.

I asked some friends and family members how I projected myself to them, because I wanted to know how I came across to other people. I was very surprised at some of the answers I received. I knew then where I needed to make changes. If you truly want to know more about yourself, ask a few friends to be honest with you.

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