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There is No Evil?

Recently, I have asked myself over and over again, why anyone would believe there is no evil? I have heard things said such as, "Evil is only in your mind", "You create your own reality with either good or evil", or "There is no evil one (Satan/devil), rather he is a tester".  My reality is on the evening news or in the daily newspaper headlines. I wonder how the people of Littleton, Colorado feel about the reality of evil. If evil does not exist, if it is only in our minds, then why do really bad things happen to good people? By ignoring and not confronting the reality of evil, we allow it to run rampant. If we ignore evil, there would be no need to face the reality of hell or Lucifer. Have we just played into the hands of Lucifer? Isn't that exactly what he would want us to believe… that this is a perfect world, there is no evil and he does not exist?

I believe that people realize instinctively that evil does exist, because I have never heard of anyone pray in times of dire need: "Deliver me from my own created evil."
It is my personal belief that we all choose which path we walk; the one of good or the one of evil, therefore I would never deny that evil exists.

After processing this whole thought pattern on the existence of evil, I needed to go back and compassionately reason why anyone would believe there is no evil? I came to the conclusion that it is because they need to. If we do not look, we do not see, therefore it does not exist. 

I was very shocked at a national UFO conference that I attended earlier this year. The organizer gave the audience the opportunity to pick topics that we would like to discuss. I raised my hand and said that I would like to discuss 'how to resist abduction'. Immediately, the person in front of me turned around and said, "Are you an abductee?"  I replied, "no". After the open forum, the same person turned to me again and asked me, "Why would you not want to be abducted?" I was shocked and could not believe that anyone would say this or actually want this to happen to them.  I said, "Why would you want to be?" This person began to explain how wonderful and spiritual the experience was for her. She said it was a spiritual journey and a precursor of the coming evolution of the planet. A friend, who attended the conference with me, asked this person if these aliens, that abducted her in the past, were the same beings that are now spiritual. We were told that these aliens no longer abduct her because she goes willingly now. I finally had to agree to disagree with her, as there was a canyon separating our philosophies.

Every night before falling asleep, I pray to God to protect me from being abducted.  I also pray that I will never ever believe that abduction is a "spiritual experience". 
How far and to what extent do we need to go before we admit that bad things do happen and that evil does exist in this world?


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