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What If...

  • ... love and compassion were applied to every thought you have? 
  • ... choice of religion was not an option in the future? 
  • ... the Stealth Bomber and the Aurora plane were back engineered from captured UFO technology? 
  • ... artificial sweeteners were causing our bodies to be slowly and silently poisoned? 
  • ... two Jet Streams on our weather maps are not natural? 
  • ... some of your dreams are real and you don't recognize their reality? 
  • ... global warming isn't just the heating up of temperature but also more extreme weather of all kinds? 
  • ... more pilots would come forward and speak up about their UFO sightings? 
  • ... you added up all the current events in the news and found them to fit the warning signs of the end times? 
  • ... you or one of your family members is being abducted in their sleep...and you say nothing about it because of fear of ridicule... or just plain fear? 
  • ... that cold and flu you have had this year was due to jet contrails? 
  • ... just one person could positively affect everyone they came in contact with by being a good example... and that person is you? 
  • ... the owl you see in your dreams is really a gray alien with big eyes and this is how you remember it when you wake? 
  • ... in the near future there really is an invasion from space by the bad aliens and television, movies and advertisements with aliens in them are being released to prepare you? 
  • ... you have the love of power instead of the power of love? 
  • ... planets, galaxies and universes are being created constantly... and they are all inhabited? 
  • ... your city puts surveillance cameras everywhere in public places and you could be monitored; both seen and heard? 
  • ... another country used the y2k crisis to launch a nuclear attack on us because their missiles are y2k compliant and ours are not? 
  • ... our health system is about money and not about prevention and cures? 
  • ... most of the money on this planet is now in the hands of a few elite... and they have all the power? 
  • ... crop circles are messages to wake us up to the fact that there is life on other planets with beings far more advanced than we are... and they are waiting for us to ask for their benevolent help and guidance? 
  • ... all the problems being thrown in your path by the dark side are because you are doing what God wants you to... and the dark side is worried? 
  • ... in the future you had nowhere to hide... not even in your mind? 
  • ... the world governments are experimenting with weather control and their experiments effect all of us? 
  • ... in the future you could be jailed for your beliefs or thoughts? 
  • ... facing and confronting others with love helped both of you to learn and grow? 
  • ... the people of Earth have grown too fast technologically and not fast enough spiritually and there is no balance? 
  • ... in the future there are more people in jail than out? 
  • ... your imaginary playmates were not imaginary? 
  • ... you have given bad advice that changes the course of someone's life forever? 
  • ... using mind control against another person is taking away their free will by controlling them? 
  • ... children use their instincts until adults train them not to? 
  • ... New Age philosophy has been infiltrated and manipulated to help usher in the one world religion... and it is led by Satan? 
  • ... your greatest strengths could also be your greatest weaknesses? 
  • ... maintaining balance through meditation and prayer is the only way to survive the escalating negativity and deceptions present today? 
  • ... the y2k crisis causes most shipping to shut down... and most of our products come from foreign countries? 
  • ... the New World Order means there will be only two classes of people... the elite and the slaves? 
  • ... complacency and not dealing with uncomfortable situations allows others to control you? 
  • ... a live alien, nicknamed EBE, survived the 1947 UFO crash at Roswell, and it died of unknown causes in 1952 while being held captive by the U.S. government? 
  • ... earth changes of unimaginable proportions are in store for our future? 
  • ... y2k causes a Stock Market crash? 
  • ... God has been trying to tell you something and you have not been listening? 
  • ... there are joint underground bases used by both the aliens and the world governments? 
  • ... there are more UFO sightings in the Mojave Desert than anywhere else in the United States? 
  • ... the dark side knows you better than you know yourself because you don't spend time examining yourself and they do? 
  • ... medical supplies, medication and treatments are impossible to get after January 1, 2000? 
  • ... fifty mile an hour winds become the everyday norm? 
  • ... the good and bad aliens are here at this time to help you make a choice about which path you will choose in the end times? 
  • ... time travel has been used for many years? 
  • ... an alien nation claims to have created us through genetic manipulation and the truth is, God created us and the aliens just interfered with our evolution by altering our genes... and this makes God very angry? 
  • ... we cannot change what is biblically prophesized but only prepare ourselves spiritually? 
  • ... the holes in the stratosphere were man made by nuclear devices as an experiment that failed and now we have large holes in our ozone which endangers all mankind? 
  • ... no one stopped to helped one another in an emergency situation and you were that person in need? 
  • ... our world governments have built a vast network of underground cities and connecting tunnels for a select group of people to retreat to in case of a manmade or natural disaster... and the rest of mankind will be left on the surface to fend for themselves? 
  • ... the stickers seen on the back of highway signs are to direct troop transportation during a global takeover? 
  • ... Aids, among other diseases, was created in a lab and released as a means of population control? 
  • ... there are world government bases on the moon as well as Mars? 
  • ... there is no garbage pick up or sanitation facilities at your home due to the y2k crisis? 
  • ... Jesus Christ comes back to this planet only this time he is angry and brings his army? 
  • ... all artificial sweeteners are bad for our health and the drug companies that created them are aware of this? 
  • ... John F. Kennedy was killed because he planned to release information about aliens living on this planet and the pacts made between them and world government leaders of the past? 
  • ... aliens have been coming to this planet for millions of years and with their superior technology, filmed the crucifixion of Christ and plan to use this film in the future to try to make us believe that they created our religious structure and beliefs as a way to control us in their experiment? 
  • ... the y2k bug cancels out the use of all credit/debit cards and you have no cash? 
  • ... holograms could be used by a world leader or the Antichrist to make us think he is capable of performing miracles? 
  • ... the U.S. government prints up extra money to make up for a possible run on the banks, due to the y2k crisis...and this creates hyperinflation? 
  • ... our astronauts know and have seen much more than they are allowed to talk about? 
  • ... "Alternative 003" is a reality? 
  • ... getting exactly what you want is granted to you...by Lucifer? 
  • ... our own government was into drug trafficking to fund their secret agenda? 
  • ... there are people on this planet who are working together with a Universal Federation consisting of aliens who would like to help the people of earth during these troubled times? 71. 
  • ... you had a chance to start over today to redeem your past? 
  • ... the FDIC does not have enough money to back up everyone's bank accounts in an emergency? 
  • ... a president could release all UFO material... uncensored? 
  • ... God sent His son, the first time, to help us evolve spiritually... and the second time to remove those who have not, so that the spiritually evolved may inherit this beautiful planet? 

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