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What If...

  • ... the Y2K problem is much worse that you are being led to believe? 
  • ... there are several different races of gray and reptilian aliens? 
  • ... the bell shaped UFOs are not the good guys? 
  • ... MIBs (men in black) came to your home to threaten you? 
  • ... our own government as well as aliens were abducting and implanting people? 
  • ... there is a secret organization within the organizations such as the Masons, Schriners, Jesuits, Rosicrucians as well as others? What if these inner circle organizations were anti-Christian? 
  • ... the Jet Stream could be manipulated causing extreme and severe weather? 
  • ... there are steps you could take to refuse alien abductions? 
  • ... God is fed up with the corruption and inhumanity taking place on this planet? 
  • ... the world is already severely tilted on its axis and it wouldn't take much more tilting for it to flip? 
  • ... huge scanner UFOs could fly overhead at night and put whole blocks and towns of people to sleep so that they may abduct and experiment with the people of their choice? 
  • ... witchcraft and black magic use is rampant and is turned on you? 
  • ... a group of people step forward and claim that Jesus the Christ never died on the cross; that he married, bore children and they are the direct descendants...and it is disinformation? 
  • ... the new fiber optics recently installed in each town enables all phones to be monitored? 
  • ... war breaks out in the Middle East and engulfs the whole world, resulting in Armageddon? 
  • ... free sex is not free from Aids? 
  • ... books are being written to cast doubt on your beliefs of the Bible? 
  • ... Hitler met and made deals with aliens resulting in the technology that allowed Hitler to build UFOs which were called Foo Fighters? 
  • ... Jesus is returning soon? 
  • ... world governments are aware of every study group on this planet? 
  • ... there is no cash in the future, only credit/debit cards and yours could be revoked? 
  • ... an earthquake occurred in your neighborhood even though there is no known fault line there? 
  • ... old plagues returned and were resistant to old cures? 
  • ... the Euro currency becomes global which means that we will have a one world currency and unified monetary system with policy determined by a world governing body? 
  • ... the doomsday clock is ticking? 
  • ... the spiritual, benevolent aliens are the next best thing to angels and they are here to help us during these troubled times? 
  • ... God never breaks His promises? 
  • ... there is a global system of connecting tunnels used by aliens and world governments? 
  • ... one of the entrances to these tunnels is in the lake or countryside near you? 
  • ... highly advanced spiritual entities did not have to go through the birthing process, but with a pre-arranged agreement with an earthbound human, this advanced entity could elect to "walk" into that body to carry out an important mission? 
  • ... there is a computer in Brussels nicknamed "the beast" that could keep track of everyone on the planet? 
  • ... an entire town in Sweden received the "mark of the beast" as a test for worldwide implementation? 
  • ... a UFO landed in your backyard and you went outside to willing be "beamed up" and the aliens were the bad guys? 
  • ... the pyramid with the eye above it that is on our one-dollar bill is the all-seeing eye of global dictatorship and the Latin words underneath it stand for New World Order? 
  • ... we got the technology for lasers, fiber optics, computers and other technology from the not-so-nice aliens in exchange for permission for them to live in the underground of this planet? 
  • ... some high security government workers at a government installation in California are implanted with microchips under their skin and if so, is this the mark of the beast? 
  • ... global warming means more extreme weather all year long and not just warmer temperatures? 
  • ... someone such as a Pope was the false prophet that precedes the Antichrist? 
  • ... not all the food you are eating currently is raised/grown in the United States and foreign standards are not as high as our own causing sickness and disease? 
  • ... your news was filtered to manipulate and control how you perceive things? 
  • ... national polls supposedly taken from the populous are false and not what the people want at all? 
  • ... your generation was the last? 
  • ... the man standing next to you in a public place is none other than Jesus the Christ himself? 
  • ... remote viewing was very dangerous for the viewer for reasons he/she knows nothing about? 
  • ... global trade was engineered to make first world countries into third world countries instead of the other way around? 
  • ... y2k repercussions begin long before midnight on December 31, 1999 and you are being lulled into thinking there is no such problem as y2k? 
  • ... it isn't what you want that's important but what God wants? 
  • ... globally, people in high public and political offices practice witchcraft? 
  • ... cameras on street corners and buildings are not filming but recording the barcode that has been put into your automobile? 
  • ... you are not totally honest with yourself and you are deceived through your own ego? 
  • ... you cannot determine the difference between the good and bad aliens? 
  • ... movie writers are fed information in their sleep as ideas for movies and there is more truth than science fiction in their films? 
  • ... the good aliens have already been in touch with our world leaders and their advice was rejected due to an existing pact already in place with the bad aliens? 
  • ... as an experiment, airplanes could drop chemicals on a section as small as a city block, then monitor peoples' health to see who is most susceptible to the virus or disease they have sprayed? 
  • ... MIBs (men in black) were not human? 
  • ... the sun does not rise and set in the same place anymore but is many degrees off its course? 
  • ... the volcanoes in the "Ring of Fire" become activated and erupt causing skies that were blood red to black in color lasting for years... and vegetation no longer grows? 
  • ... the bible has been tampered with and changed but is still the closest record of truth we have on the life of Jesus Christ? 
  • ... diseases and plagues of the future are spread by infected people using global transportation? 
  • ... you have been lax in your relationship with God and when tested, you find you have pinhole of doubt in your balloon of faith... and time is up?? 
  • ... earthquakes have increased from six per decade in the first seventy years of the 1900's to 4.93 per month or 600 per decade in 1992? 
  • ... you mock the Second Coming of Christ as a old story that every generation claims will happen... and it happens... and you are not ready??? 
  • ... you discovered scientists had cloned you without your permission? 
  • ... a DNA sample of everyone has already been taken and recorded by our world governments as well as the bad aliens? 
  • ...aliens can see our auras and know by its color if we are good or bad? 
  • ... what if there is such a thing as reincarnation and you got this chance to come back to live a life of love and compassion, refusing all negative thoughts and deeds... and it was your last chance? 
  • ... you are just visiting this planet on a special mission and you are not from here? 
  • ... your false gods are money, power and control? 
  • ... mandatory seat belt laws, new gun control laws and no smoking in restaurants and public buildings were only the beginning of suspending your civil rights? 
  • ... David Koresh and the Waco disaster was a test to see how much the United States citizens would allow the government to get away with in their quest for control? 
  • ... If all borders are dissolved what means of monitoring and/or identifying will be used to tell who is from what nation? 
  • ... doing business electronically through your computer or interactive television is to have your personal business entered into the system... a system that doesn't forget? 
  • ... nearly every time the skies are blue government jets fly overhead and their jet streaks band together making it cloud over with rain or snow to follow within a day or two? 
  • ... people are once again dying from flu, colds, pneumonia, childbirth and common situations once thought to be controllable? 
  • ... you are being monitored through your credit/debit and smart cards? 
  • ... there is a Federation of Planets circling the Earth that is made up of highly advanced and spiritual aliens who cannot break the Law of Non-interference but are willing to guide mankind out of danger and back to God? 

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