Food For Thought

What If?

  • ... there are bad and good aliens in space just as there are bad and good people on earth?
  • ... there are aliens walking among us on earth?
  • ... your dreams, good and bad, are not dreams but are real?
  • ... not all natural disasters are natural but man-made?
  • ... the world's water supplies all became contaminated?
  • ... your child, spouse or sibling was a walk-in?
  • ... there were as many walk-ins representing the forces of darkness as there were representing the forces of light?
  • ... this is the end-times?
  • ... high tech black magic is being used on the earth's population?
  • ... the New World Order becomes a reality in your lifetime and you are controlled by a dictator and his/her counsel?
  • ... the underground alien nation comes to the surface and takes control?
  • ... the secret and elite government of this planet is using globalism in commerce and trade to set up the N.W.O.?
  • ... the increase in all major illnesses and diseases is caused intentionally by man?
  • ... Armageddon occurs within the next decade and this is your last chance to redeem yourself to God?
  • ... there are cameras at strategic places in your town and you are being monitored? 
  • ... all phones on the planet were monitored?
  • ... the government had the ability to make a plane or ship disappear, such as the USS Eldridge (Philadelphia Experiment) or the Stealth Bomber?
  • ... each country's government had a psychic team who could read your thoughts or influence your choices?
  • ... two-thirds of the world's population was implanted with a microchip in order to be controlled by advanced aliens or by our government?
  • ...people were unknowingly brainwashed or controlled with a microchip in order to carry out a mission in the future, such as in the case of the Montauk Boys or the Manchurian Candidate?
  • ... plagues and diseases, old and new, become rampant and whole towns die at one time?
  • ... E.L.F. (extra low frequency) waves and microwaves are being turned on the population to cause mental and physical breakdowns?
  • ... the N.W.O. was run and controlled by the Antichrist?
  • ...the major governments of the world had made a pact with an underground alien nation in exchange for technology?
  • ... time has speeded up?
  • ...the world has already tipped on its axis ten degrees and doesn't need much more before we have a pole shift?
  • ...there are under-ocean alien bases... more that you could imagine?
  • ... surrounding yourself with the white light is not enough anymore and it takes living God's Laws to the letter to be safe and saved?
  • ... becoming unbalanced leaves you wide open to be used by the dark side?
  • ... chemicals were being sprayed over cities to cause confusion and make your thoughts jump uncontrollably?
  • ... the stickers on the back of road signs are for military troop transport for a global takeover?
  • ... Satan wants you to think there is no evil and there is no such thing as the devil?
  • ... Dr. Kavorkian is a prelude to legalized euthanasia and the choice of life and death is not yours?
  • ... your food is being irradiated and people die from resulting diseases due to lack of vitamins?
  • ... the experts are not the speakers or the information gathers at UFO conferences but the people in the audience who have had the experiences themselves?
  • ... an alien race(s) have seeded humans through the years, like a big experiment, and will claim to own us in the future?
  • ... souls can be snatched from one body and transferred to anther body?
  • ... time travel has been perfected and used for some time now?
  • ... psychic warriors could be trained to leave their bodies astrally and invisibly follow prearranged coordinates to monitor anyone or anything?
  • ... in your lifetime Jesus the Christ returns for the battle of Armageddon in a UFO?
  • ... the weather patterns are now controlled by man and can be used as a weapon?
  • ... crime becomes so violent and frequent that people have to band together for survival as in the movie "Road Warriors"?
  • ... every time you get a flu shot or any other kind of shot, you are either being implanted with a microchip or being inoculated with a disease?
  • ... the N.W.O. takeover results in the world's population becoming slaves?
  • ... the United Nations military is the new global military force and will be used to enforce dictatorial rule?
  • ... only prayer and living God's Laws could save this world and your soul?
  • ... there is a Federation of Planets whose members are trying to assist us through the coming disasters?
  • ... earthquakes, hurricanes and all forms of natures disasters increase in number and magnitude?
  • ... there are as many variations in physical appearance in aliens as the imagination can conceive...and what if some look just like us?
  • ... the organized religions of the world unite and form an New World religion that is mandatory and is lead by the Antichrist?
  • ... most of the psychics, prophets, channelers and astrologers are not pure but infiltrated by the dark side (evil forces) through their own inflated ego's?
  • ... your children's thinking has been slowly corrupted over the years through school and the media so that no matter how well you have raised them they fall off the path?
  • ... all the aliens and UFO's in movies, television shows and commercials are being presented to the public because the government wants to prepare us for a future landing and/or takeover?
  • ... the United States becomes a third world country?
  • ... the stock market fails because the elite government pulled it's plug for the purpose of taking our money away, thus making us dependent upon them?
  • ... a natural disaster strikes our area knocking out all power and water and we are not prepared?
  • ... catastrophes occur in your life to help you grow spiritually but you blame God for it?
  • ... God sent you here at this time as his emissary for a special mission to help others during these troubled times?
  • ... the Y2K problem (year 2000 computer glitch) was planned to shut the world economies down making us dependent on the government?
  • ... your city public services and banks are not prepared for Y2K and neither are you?
  • ... you could refuse abductions?
  • ... not only could you be monitored through your TV but waves could be sent through your TV to alter you physically and mentally?
  • ... one light worker made as much difference as a lighted match in a dark closet?
  • ... not all your guides are angels or discarnate spirits but live aliens who choose to guide you spiritually?
  • ... the air becomes too polluted to breathe?
  • ... worshipping saints and Mother Mary is breaking God's Law of worshipping only Him?
  • ... aliens can disguise themselves or shape-shift to deceive you?
  • ... the constant jet streaks, seen almost daily in the day and evening skies, are for weather control?
  • ... planes are flying overhead spreading diseases as an experiment for germ warfare?
  • ... babies are now implanted with microchips at birth?
  • ... the temperature changes a few degrees and the seeds for food will not germinate?
  • ... Biblical prophets have reincarnated to help people turn back to God at this time?
  • ... Christmas time this year was the cut-off time for people to get back on the path?
  • ... the secret government believes the pole shift could be slowed down by eliminating two-thirds of the world's population which they believe would cut down on a certain amount of negativity?
  • ... next month there are more what ifs???

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