Food For Thought

What Ifs That Make You Say Hmm...

What If...

  • ... a race of giants inhabits underground cities inside the Earth? 
  • ... the elite of this Earth made a pact with aliens to trade animals (mutilations) and humans for food (and experimentation) in exchange for advanced technology? 
  • ... you are just a visitor on this planet? 
  • ... the powers that be are able to control the ocean currents, which, in turn, control the air currents, which cause strange and extreme weather worldwide? 
  • ... deception is purposely being used to destroy democracy in America? 
  • ... churches and organized religions use doctrines and practices to deceive and control the masses? 
  • ... the Four Corners area (New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona) is a cesspool of joint underground alien and U.S. government bases? 
  • ... by now, fifty percent of the trees were burned up or dying, fifty percent of the water was already unfit to drink and fifty percent of the air was dangerous to breathe? 
  • ... the y2k crisis was planned, to crash all nations' economies, making people dependent on a One-World Government for assistance? 
  • ... numerous countries have bases on Mars and the moon? 
  • ... the grays work for the reptilian race of aliens? 
  • ... the mark of the beast is a barcode that can be either visible or implanted under the skin? 
  • ... MIBs were robotic and not human? 
  • ... your constitution had so many new amendments that it was now unrecognizable to the average person? 
  • ... you are being slowly brainwashed into thinking it is all right, even necessary, to report family and friends to authorities if they think differently than society dictates? 
  • ... love is the answer… the only answer? 
  • ... animals are mutating or dying because the environment in nature is so polluted? 
  • ... the mutation and death of plants and animals from pollution is only one step away from the mutation and death of the human kingdom? 
  • ... fears and phobias are increasing? 
  • ... disinformation is released purposely to distract people or to cause paranoia? 
  • ... scientists, working for a web of elite, have harnessed the dark side of technology and are using it to control people's thoughts and actions? 
  • ... it is not your imagination that the economy is in a lot worse shape than our government projects to the people? 
  • ... the current power blackouts and brownouts occurring across the nation are already due to y2k? 
  • ... the "All-Seeing Eye" (of Big Brother) sees and is watching you? 
  • ... aliens have been doing DNA experiments on humans for years… and so have our governments? 
  • ... aliens are not the only ones abducting humans to experiment on? 
  • ... people, in general, ignore anything that is uncomfortable and inconvenient? 
  • ... natural or other disasters strike your area and you are not prepared? 
  • ... your mind and emotions could be monitored from afar? 
  • ... evolution, through reincarnation, is true and you have to come back again to right your wrongs? 
  • ... the statistics on unemployment are manipulated to make the nation think everything is O.K.? 
  • ... the government and/or aliens created disposable biological humans to do slave labor? 
  • ... people, such as postal, McDonald and schoolyard shooters, were implanted with a chip in the brain that could be manipulated or controlled from a distance with radio frequency? 
  • ... sending your light out around food and beverages, along with asking for God's protection, helped to protect you and keep you healthy? 
  • ... all bodies of water become unsafe to drink or to swim in? 
  • ... there are surveillance cameras on many major intersections in your city? 
  • ... there are many books and magazines printed to inform you, thoroughly, on the y2k crisis and you don't read them? 
  • ... a solar flare from the sun adversely effects or stops all satellite-enhanced communications for a long period of time? 
  • ... your child was a highly advanced spiritual prophet, reincarnated purposely to help mankind at this time? 
  • ... road rage could start… or end with you? 
  • ... the phone calls you get, when no one is on the other end, is part of a phone monitoring system and everyone is now monitored when on the phone? 
  • ... the new strip that is money is to monitor how much money you carry through airports and to foreign countries? 
  • ... telling the truth, at all times, is much harder to do than you realize? 
  • ... memory loss and confusion is on the increase and is not caused by a normal process? 
  • ... the increase of allergies and sinus problems in people is purposely caused by whatever is in jet contrails? 
  • ... watching too much television is dangerous to your health both physically and mentally? 
  • ... human DNA experimentation has led to some tragic mistakes where half-human, half-animal or insects have been created? 
  • ... prayer and meditation could not only save your physical and mental well being, but also those whom you pray for? 
  • ... "If it feels good, do it" is the motto for today and you have bought into it? 
  • ... our National Guard is shipped out to foreign lands to fight wars and foreign armies are sent here to police us? 
  • ... the volcanoes in the "Ring of Fire" activate soon? 
  • ... the prophets from the bible were one hundred percent accurate in their prophecies for the future? 
  • ... there is a team of demons working for Lucifer that are assigned just to bring you down? 
  • ... tobacco is now enhanced to be more addictive than heroin? 
  • ... abortion is murder, but forcibly stopping someone from committing abortion takes away their free-will choice? 
  • ... y2k becomes a real crisis and you have children and elderly people that you are responsible for… and you did not prepare? 
  • ... not all of Lucifer's army is in spirit form, but many are in human form? 
  • ... our soil becomes contaminated… or already is? 
  • ... we are due for a shift of the Earth's poles in the near future? 
  • ... cloning is possible and science has mastered the genetic acceleration of growth so that an infant becomes an adult in a few years or even months? 
  • ... our military men are often on board a UFO when aliens are examining abductees? 
  • ... you looked out the window of a plane that you were on and saw a UFO tracking your flight? 
  • ... heavy metal music is a recruiting tool for Satan? 
  • ... there is a nuclear meltdown near you? 
  • ... things are never quite the same after you have lied to a person? 
  • ... you were told you could never laugh again… ever? 
  • ... it snowed in the desert and it was a sign of the end times? 
  • ... the third world war was fought in your country, in your town… on your street? 
  • ... it is never too late to ask for God's forgiveness or to call on Him for help… or to thank Him? 
  • ... cures run out before illnesses do? 
  • ... deception is hidden in plain sight? 
  • ... some aliens are able to change their shape so as to appear more benevolent? 
  • ... you have had a UFO experience but have not spoken up about it for fear of ridicule? 
  • ... all mistakes, when broken down to square one, are the result of ego? 
  • ... what you want is not what you need? 

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