Food For Thought

Positive What Ifs

What If...

  • there were no more wars or even rumors of wars?
  • there were good aliens as well as the well publicized evil aliens?
  • no one ever became ill?
  • the weather stabilized and we had beautiful weather and mild temperatures year round?
  • you loved your place of employment and the job you did for them?
  • no drivers on the road ever irritated you or vice versa?
  • the good aliens were here to help earth and it's people by showing us that there is a better more loving way to live?
  • our government always told us the truth?
  • you slept peacefully every night and had sweet dreams?
  • God loves you even if you are not perfect?
  • there were no starving people anywhere?
  • you never had to die and move on to another existence unless it was your choice?
  • it is the end times but this chapter in earth history has a happy ending?
  • fear was nonexistent?
  • you could change or make up for every mistake you ever made?
  • our government informed us  of the existence of UFOs/aliens and made public the evidence they possess?
  • upon awakening every morning, you had a choice to make your day perfect?
  • there were no violent earth catastrophes such as volcanoes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes etc.?
  • everyone loved everyone else?
  • no one was killed in the name of religion?
  • no one felt the need for a New World Order?
  • there is only one God who created all of us equal?
  • good aliens from other planets could approach us with no threat of being captured or killed?
  • our children were always safe?
  • there was no acid rain or chemicals destroying plant life?
  • there was no need for tests because we would pass them all?
  • no job was more or less important than any other?
  • energy was abundant, harmless and free?
  • there was no darkness to hide in?
  • everyone told the truth?
  • governments were really for the people?
  • there was no such thing as ego problems?
  • only God owned the land and there were no taxes?
  • we all accepted full responsibility for all our thoughts and actions?
  • plagues, diseases and illness were a thing of the past?
  • there was no poverty because we took care of one another?
  • we could read each other's minds?
  • there was no choice between good and evil because it never occurred to people to entertain evil?
  • getting old was not feared because there was no deterioration of the mind or body?
  • all species of animals inhabited the Earth in peace?
  • there was no need for a world army, the "war machine", nuclear bombs, covert operations, black ops or spies?
  • we were peace loving and were asked to join the Intergalactic Federation of Planets, who were willing to share their technology and spirituality with us?
  • there was no need for end times or a Second Coming of Jesus Christ, because we believed and followed the first time?
  • there was no abuse, using people, intimidation, inferiority or low self-esteem?
  • food was grown naturally and organically and did not harm us?
  • power and control was never an issue?
  • we asked for God's help and gave praise and thanks to him daily?
  • public officials and politicians served the people?
  • we could travel in peace to any planet in any universe to make friends?
  • every day was Earth Day and no one harmed nature?
  • there was no such thing as money… only credit for our labor and service?
  • there was no pain or sorrow, loneliness or suffering?
  • everyone everywhere treated each other with the utmost respect?
  • we could all sing beautifully like the birds, and music never hurt our senses?
  • there was no threat of global warming or an ice age?
  • Jesus Christ and his disciples lived and walked among us on Earth?
  • we could travel astrally to anywhere in the Universe without our cumbersome bodies?
  • we all judged our own life review at the moment of death… and found it pleasing?
  • spirituality was a way of life?
  • drugs, alcohol, overindulging food, greed, revenge or anything destructive never tempted us?
  • mental illness was a thing of the past because everyone stayed balanced both physically and mentally?
  • there was no need for telephones, TVs or any form of distraction or noise pollution?
  • there were no prisons because there was no crime?
  • we could heal ourselves with the help of God and physicians and medicine were not needed?
  • nothing was fattening, just cholesterol-free and good for us?
  • we could see and communicate with angels, heavenly hosts and past spiritual leaders?
  • all the things recorded in the history of man were only a bad dream?
  • the next 1,000 years were perfect?
  • we could choose our characteristics and talents?
  • material possessions were distributed evenly and that's the way everyone wanted it?
  • there were no false hopes, false prophets or false anything?
  • we all thought of others before ourselves?
  • aliens lived among us and their appearance was as varied as the stars… and no one thought anything of it?
  • there was no need to hurt ourselves or anyone else?
  • every thought ever thought was a loving one?

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