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Easter What Ifs

What If...

  • Jesus died on the cross and did not go on to marry Mary Magdalene and have children?
  • the grays started the rumor that Jesus married Mary Magdalene so that Jesus is no longer considered divine or special?
  • the grays claim they invented religion as a means of controlling humans?
  • the grays invented the idea that Jesus married and had children so that they could usher in a new messiah through Jesus’ bloodline?
  • the grays claim they created us … and only God can create us?
  • the grays do claim to create us … Where do they get the soul which is the life force?
  • more people are turning away from Christianity than ever before?
  • more and more light is being taken out of this planet? What then remains?
  • control, deceit and corruption in organized religion is part of the reason people are falling away?
  • nondenominational churches are the new feel-good religions?
  • the religion of the future is “I want” and “If it feels good do it”?
  • people are now not taking responsibility or handing over responsibility to others for their spiritual growth?
  • the Ten Commandments weren’t suggestions?
  • you don’t have to have fancy wood or stone to have a church?
  • you don’t believe in a power greater than you?
  • R.F.I.D. tags, HDTV, microchips in animals and people, grocery store card, drivers licenses, passports with chips and fiber optic cable for phone monitoring is Satan’s way of keeping an eye on us at all times?
  • after Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven… he ascended into a UFO?
  • the “Star” of Bethlehem was a UFO and UFOs and aliens assisted Jesus throughout his life on earth?
  • Jesus is stationed on a UFO currently?
  • Jesus returns for the final battle in a UFO?
  • the new temple does not have to be built in the exact spot as the Dome of the Rock Mosque?
  • the grays use a hologram of Jesus’ death on the cross to say that religion was made up to fool and control people?
  • Mary Magdalene married a common man … before the crucifixion?
  • on the Mount of Transfiguration when Jesus saw Moses and Elijah… they were beamed down from a UFO?
  • Jesus and God are two separate entities?
  • many people celebrate the Easter bunny when the real reason to celebrate Easter is Jesus’ death and resurrection?
  • Jesus chose not to die on the cross for us and there was no Easter? Where would that leave us?
  • God and Jesus didn’t love us unconditionally?
  • everyone did love each other unconditionally?
  • we have full forgiveness and are welcomed back into the Light?
  • we are welcome to the best God has to offer?
  • God had not sent His son to save us?
  • there is life beyond death in soul form?
  • we have to earn our way back to God and we’re not working on that?
  • Jesus walked the earth now? Would we recognize him or would we kill him again?
  • there was no sin on the planet and Jesus did not have to die for us?
  • the planet ascends into a higher, more spiritual vibration and we’re not prepared? Will we survive?
  • at the time of Jesus’ death and resurrection not even the Apostles believed Jesus died and was resurrected?
  • we’ve devolved and worship money, material stuff, and power instead of God?
  • Jesus comes back in a UFO and brings spiritual aliens, the Seraphim and Cherubim, and all of the Saints with him for the final battle?
  • you’ve entertained an angel unaware?
  • there are people who regularly go to church and faithfully hang on to their faith without being deceived or controlled by the church?
  • it’s your responsibility to help your neighbor return to God … and you do not accept the responsibility?
  • you are willing to die for your belief in God?
  • the dark forces are working harder than those who chose to work for the Light?
  • the positive aliens really do work for God?
  • both the forces of Light and the forces of dark travel in UFOs?
  • Easter was the cut off day to choose to work for the forces of Light?
  • Jesus knocks on your door and you’re not able to look him in the eyes because you’re not ready?

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