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Positively What Ifs

What If...

  • ...a compliment costs you nothing but is priceless to whom you give it?
  • ...stopping, taking a deep breath and looking around you opened up a whole unexplored world for you?<
  • ...your unconscious display of compassion changed someone’s mind about committing suicide that day?
  • forgot that you could not go one step farther, and you did?
  • ...the end times were gentled and delayed because of your prayers and good examples?
  • spent less time worrying about death and more time living life?
  • ...there were no artificial anything?
  • ...there is a planet out in space where there is complete harmony throughout the land?
  • do not give yourself enough credit?
  • ...a spiritual counsel or hierarchy governs us?
  • ...when you said STOP, he, she or it did?
  • discovered that gaining control could only occur when you genuinely gave up control?
  • wanted for nothing?
  • ...your epitaph addressed you as, ‘Saint’?
  • the future, all UFOs were identifiable?
  • grew spiritually this incarnation?
  • gave more than you took?
  • realized service is not about you, but about everyone else?
  • are braver than you think?
  • gave a smile to someone who did not have one of his or her own?
  • ...all the world leaders were honest?
  • ...there was no need for medicine, vitamins or even minerals?
    23.  ... we chose the burdens we carry to help God show others that it is not the test   but what we do with it?
    24.  ... negative thoughts and emotions were unheard of?
    25.  ... there are aliens in space who love us and are waiting for us to ask for help to advance spiritually?
    26.  ... we went back to a high standard of morals and ethics?
    27.  ... no one had the desire to hide anything?
    28.  ... we did not have to kill a tree to make paper?
    29.  ... when the planet reaches a higher vibrational level, we are spiritually advanced enough to survive the higher vibration?
    30.  ... there was no 'class' system on the planet?
    31.  ... prayer really does have power?
    32.  ... the word occult was non-existent?
    33.  ... peace was not just a symbol?
    34.  ... there was no need for authorities because we all policed ourselves?
    35.  ... we were all brave enough to face ourselves honestly?
    36.  ... there were no flesh-eating animals?
    37.  ... natural energy was as abundant as grains of sand and we did not have to strip the Earth of its natural resources?
    38.  ... all our choices were correct?
    39.  ... there was no obsessive or compulsive behavior, only balanced behavior?
    40.  ... drinking water was as pure as the day God created it?
    41.  ... Lucifer was not wanted or needed?
    42.  ... there was no need for any military on the planet?
    43.  ... we lived on the most beautiful planet in our galaxy?
    44.  ... secret societies were not secret at all?
    45.  ... no one abused alcohol? 
    46.  ... some aliens looked like us?
    47.  ... everyone worked together to make Earth a perfect place to live?
    48.  ... there were no band aid solutions?
    49.  ... painkillers were not needed?
    50.  ... the only monuments on Earth were made for God? 
    51.  ... we labored with joy in our hearts?
    52.  ... there was no such thing as lameness...either in body or in excuses?
    53.  ... the sun that warms us and lights our way did not cause skin cancer?
    54.  ... you are from another planet or another galaxy? 
    55.  ... we could throw away our eyeglasses, canes, crutches, braces and wheelchairs because they were no longer necessary?
    56.  ... no one opposed God?
    57.  ... we carried the spirit of Christmas throughout the year?
    58.  ... we could heal ourselves before the results of an accident manifest? 
    59.  ... the planet maintained a comfortable temperature year round?
    60.  ... no one was ever more concerned about themselves than others?
    61.  ... the Creator loves each of us so much that He keeps giving us another chance to get it right? 
    62.  ... children were the only ones to play games?
    63.  ... there are aliens among us to guide us and prevent us from annihilating ourselves?
    64.  ... everyone refused to accept the “mark of the beast”?
    65.  ... the millennium was a new beginning and we could make a fresh start?
    66.  ... you were to invite your lonely neighbor to your home for the holidays?
    67.  ... adults remained as pure and loving as children?
    68.  ... trusting someone means letting go of control...and it is worth the risk?
    69.  ... honesty starts with you?
    70.  ... the only thing ethnic cleansing meant was that everyone on Earth... bathed?
    71.  ... each country took care of their own?
    72.  ... every time we looked in the mirror we saw the truth about ourselves?
    73.  ... we could travel inter-galactically and make new friends millions of miles away?
    74.  ... we all joined hands across the world and loved one another in spite of our differences?

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