This web site is based
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"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"
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The Lightside UFO Study Group
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Alien abductions have been increasing rapidly over the past few decades. The negative aliens are responsible for most of the abductions on this planet. Hundreds of thousands of people are being abducted against their will. Painful experiments are being performed on them. Devices are being implanted into humans for tracking and/or mind control and possible other unknown reasons. Sperm or eggs are being extracted from some of these abductees and human/alien components are being used to create hybrid children. We are not here to prove that aliens exist. There is ample testimony from contactees and abductees. Many abductees wake up with physical evidence on their bodies such as scoop marks, punctures or bloody noses, etc. Most people reading this booklet have taken the next step into the alien existence scenario and are asking themselves, why are they here, what is their agenda, and how does this involve humans?

The greatest hope we can share with readers is that there are spiritually advanced extraterrestrial races out there that are ready and willing to help us help ourselves. These races of spiritually advanced extraterrestrial beings do not abduct, cause fear, implant devices or do experiments on humans. They respect our free will and the laws put into place by the Creator. Thus, they are responsible for the positive contact humans have had with alien/ET beings. The Commander and Chief of the positive extraterrestrials has walked our planet on several occasions.

Abduction is a very difficult subject to explore and deal with. Those in the Lightside UFO study group have been subject to intrusion and abduction attempts by the negative aliens and the military. Unfortunately on occasion these attempts have been successful. However, through our contact with benevolent beings and their gentle guidance, we have come to understand what works to refuse alien abduction. We realize that this is an ongoing process as we are tested continually. In the following pages, we will share with you the tools for refusing alien abduction that have been explained to us by our contacts.

To those who are being abducted: knowledge is power. The truth shall set you free.


This web site draws mainly from three sources. The first source being the gifts of the Creator; namely free will choice, intuition, and faith. The second source is our extraterrestrial contacts and the knowledge they have shared with us. The third source is the experiences of successfully refused alien abduction by other people's accounts, both verbal and written, and our own experiences.

We wish to thank the many positive beings that are working very hard to help this planet and its inhabitants through these troubled times.

We would like to express a special thank you to Maurice Osborn whose booklet titled; “Alien Abduction Resistance” inspired us to compile the information for this web site.

Thanks to Heidi Hollis, author of the book, “The Secret War – the Heavens Speak of the Battle” for her expertise on the shadow beings.

Thank you to all those who have the courage to speak up about their alien experiences both positive and negative.

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This web site is based on the Booklet

"How to Refuse Alien Abduction"

The Lightside UFO Study Group

Refusing Alien Abduction Booklet

Read about how we and others have
successfully refused alien abduction
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The Lightside UFO Study Group