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Strange footprints were found on the shores
of Lake Michigan in the summer of 2006.
These footprints have now been identified.

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The above footprints were found in the sand on the shores of Lake Michigan just south of Sheboygan Wisconsin.

They were not there the night before and when the witnesses went out early in the morning, there they were.

This page presents both some still photos and a video taken that morning. Keep in mind that the witnesses were curious about these prints and did make some prints of their own before the video was filmed.

Unfortunately, we didn't have any plaster to make a cast of the print. Most researchers that we have shown these prints to said that would have been the best record. Live and learn.

The story so far:

Several of us stayed the weekend at a cottage near the shore. We were just about to leave late Sunday morning, June 4, 2006, when a few of us decided to go to the beach one last time before we left. On our way to the water we spotted these footprints which seemed very odd to us because of the pronounced pressure on the heel with the front (assuming it is the front) part of the footprint raised. In the photo on the left, you can see human footprints around the strange footprints. To the left of the strange prints is a female print that is a size 9. If you look closely, you can see a penny shining to the left and rear of the strange print.

We did contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources about the tracks. They told us that the tracks could not be identified as a known animal.

Video of the original footprints:

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The following video sums up the investigation that we did concerning the tracks.

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Based on all available evidence, here are our conclusions:

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