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The First Christmas (as seen by Extraterrestrials)

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What is a Lightworker?

Planet X

Kevin Ricard joins us on Beyond the Box to explain how he got interested in Planet X

Why Don't Aliens Just Come Down and Save Us?

Diana asks Kathy and Sue from The Lightside UFO Study Group about their positive alien contacts. Why don't these aliens just come down here and fix everything? The answer leads into Bonnie Meyer's experiences as detailed in her book "Alien Contact: The messages they bring." Bonnie started out as a UFO skeptic but after further research and personal investigation she concluded that these alien beings are out there. Not only are they real, but they have a lot of very interesting things to say to humans living on planet earth.

Reptilian In The Garden

Reptilian Agenda Part One

Reptilian Agenda Part Two

Refusing Alien Abduction Part One

Refusing Alien Abduction Part Two

Refusing Alien Abduction Part Three

The Lightside UFO Study Group