The Shadow Cloud Incident

I was sound asleep one night when I must have sensed something in my room. I donít pull the shade in my room and the street light shines in my windows so it is never completely dark.

I was sleeping on my back staring at a dark cloud hovering about one foot above my face. The cloud looked exactly like the small, puffy, dark clouds you see before it rains. It was about three feet long and two feet high. It was gray and black.

I knew instantly that it was a shadow being. Shadow beings are able to take many forms such as clouds, cats, ghost like forms and a being seen wearing a zoro type hat. These beings are demonic and are some of the many forms the devils take. For more information on the shadow people go to the web site of Heidi Hollis at and look for her category on the shadow people.

When it registered what I was looking at I immediately sent out my light around my house and myself. I asked God for his protection. When I did this the cloud drifted away from me through my outside bedroom wall.

I did not feel fear as I recall although maybe I should have as these are nasty beings and itís intention for being there was not good. I continued to pray to God for awhile longer and then drifted back to sleep feeling safe in Godís loving arms of protection.


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