Paralyzed by Negative Aliens

I was asleep one evening when the sound of a large train woke me up. This struck me, as odd as I live in a very small town that does not have train tracks even remotely close.

I lay on my back thinking about this for just a few seconds when pictures started forming in my mind’s eye. I saw a huge and very dark UFO drifting over my town. I knick-named this ship “the scanner” as I immediately knew that this ship was scanning people in their sleep looking for a certain type of person. I also knew without a doubt that my husband was one of them and I had to protect him.

It was then that I realized I was paralyzed from the neck down. I knew I had to break this paralysis to defend my husband. I instantly sent my light out around my husband and myself and called on God for help. I forced myself to sit up but it was quite a battle. My whole body was shaking with the effort. It felt like the weight of the world was pushing against me. I managed to sit up and swing my feet to the floor. The minute my feet hit the floor the paralysis was gone.

For some reason I never searched out the window for the ship. With my back to the window I started praying for God’s protection. I mentally told the aliens that they could not have my husband and that they were not welcome. I raised both hands, palm upwards towards the ship and mentally told them in The Creator’s name they must leave. I felt a wave of anger and hate wash over me but knew God was protecting me. I lay back down and drifted back to sleep.


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