A Story of Alien Abduction Refusal

Throughout the years our contacts have shared information of how an individual can refuse alien abduction. I used the methods they described on this day.

My story occurred on a hot and muggy day in the middle of summer. I was attending an event where people of like minds come together to share their stories of UFOs and aliens. It is a place where people can talk about their experiences without fear of ridicule.

After a day filled with speakers there was a sky watch in the evening. The crowd split into two evident groups. Considerable drinking and partying was taking place on one side. On the other were researchers looking for answers. I do not drink therefore, I went and joined the researchers who had their cameras and video recording equipment.

After some time six bright objects appeared and hovered in one position. The objects made no noise as they hovered.

I kept my instinct on full alert (Instinct is one’s first line of defense against alien abduction). My instinct let me know that there was a potential for danger and possible abduction as drinking alcohol when dealing with aliens is not a good idea.

I sent out my inner-light (Using one’s inner-light is a weapon that can be used to refuse alien abduction) and began asking The Creator to secure the area to keep things safe. (Prayer is another weapon that can be used to refuse abduction).

The following dialog is what our contacts had to say about the event.

“I can’t tell you everything, but I can tell you this: the first two ships did not belong to anyone of The Federation, the next three did, the last one did not belong to anyone of The Federation.”

“We were there to make sure abductions did not take place. They would have gladly done abductions if they could have. They were planning on coming down really close, but they knew that we would not put up with it.”

“No one from The Federation was communicating with anyone attending as we had no reason to do so.”

Do any of you have a story of abduction refusal you would like to share? If so please have the courage to write into this forum and share it. It is in the hope that by doing so we may help each other along with The Creator’s help put an end to abduction.

May The Creator continue to guide and protect us


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