Calm and Kind Abduction Refusal

It was late and I was just about to fall asleep, which is a very vulnerable time (the time between wake and sleep). I felt myself paralyzed. In my mind, no one has the right to invade the space (mind, body, spirit) of another person.

I was upset at this act against my free will. I knew that if I could will any part of my body to move I would be free. It took every ounce of strength, concentration and belief to move my head. Once I moved a part of my body, the beings left.

They tried another time but this time I was armed with a little more truth. The scenario started out the same-it was late and I was almost asleep when I felt paralyzed. I began to pray and ask God for help but I have to admit I was upset and angry with the abductors. One of our benevolent alien contacts "spoke" to me in my head saying, "It's not working because you are not saying it calm enough or kind enough." I stopped my struggle; finished the prayer, sent out love and light, then rolled over and went to sleep. There have been no more abduction attempts like that. The negative beings do influence our dreams so we must be alert to that too. I have learned that fear and anger are negative emotions and when I was feeling anger it only served to "feed" the negative beings making them stronger as I gave them my power. Calling on the Creator, having faith in my beliefs, being calm and speaking with love was the answer for my refusing alien abduction.

Diana, Wisconsin

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