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For Heaven's Sake, Who Creates Anyway?

The world of theories and ideas on creation and creating can symbolically be thought of as being as large as the world itself. Some of the theories circulating are:
1. Nature Creates
2. Aliens have created humans (Homo sapiens)
3. We create our own reality.

I am usually very surprised whenever I hear a new theory because they almost always are not my truths. Many times I believe the simple and uncomplicated truth has been changed or altered just enough to fit the needs of the believer. I would first like to share my thoughts on the theory that nature creates. Do I believe that nature creates? No, I do not. Let me explain why this theory is not my truth.

Whenever I observe the uniqueness and beauty of this planet every fiber and cell of my being knows without a doubt that God created it. There have been times I have felt awed or moved to tears when I have seen its beauty. It is during these moments that I am deeply humbled. I thank God and feel closer to Him. My soul knows it was a loving Creator who did this. This planet is one of God’s awesome gifts to humankind. On the other hand, I believe that nature evolves naturally over long periods of time. This, to me, is very different from the idea that nature creates itself.

The next subject matter on the list of theories is the idea that aliens have created humans/Homo sapiens. This is another untruth and deception, in my eyes. It has been recorded throughout Earth’s history that this has been done before in the past.  Some of the sources where this information can be found are within the works of Zecharia Sitchin, the Summarian Clay Tablets and the Bible (Genesis, chapter 6). If one keeps their eyes and ears open to the media today, one can hear claims of this kind being made, also. Currently, there are different individuals and groups who claim that aliens have created and/or cloned humans. I believe this is another untruth that may cause people to doubt their faith and wrongly expel God from their creation equation. 

On the other hand, I do believe that some negative alien beings have, now and in the past, wrongly tampered with our DNA code. This is very different from the idea that they have created us. Also, I believe this tampering and/or cloning makes God very angry and that there will be a reckoning for these actions.

There are also many very good, spiritual alien beings who have never made any claims that they have created us, as they recognize this as being God’s job.

One thing to consider in the whole process of the unnatural creation of a human clone is - Where does the soul of a clone come from? God would never grant a soul to an unnaturally created human clone. God is the creator of all life and only He creates a soul, which is the energy spark of life. The physical body cannot live long without a soul.

Our main contact, Monn, has informed us that an evil or negative soul can be snatched, taken at the moment of death. The “snatching” of an evil or negative soul is a much different process than that of God’s original creation of a soul. Monn also confirmed that a spiritually advanced or positive soul couldn’t be “snatched” or taken upon death as it is like a hot coal or burning ember. A positive soul goes back to God and may not be taken or “snatched”. Given this information, I ask again, Where do the souls of human clones come from? I believe this is something that should be given serious thought and consideration.

The last theory is a belief of “I am god”, a belief that if I am god, I create my own reality. Therefore, if I am a co-creator or god, I am only accountable to myself and not to one supreme God.

Do I believe any of this theory? Again, I must say no, I do not. I believe this theory has expelled God from the equation. I believe these ideas have taken the simple, uncomplicated truth and twisted it just enough to fit the needs of the believer. With the I am god theory, all actions be they good or bad are justified with no concern for a judgement after this life. All actions, right or wrong, are accepted. 

The following are my creation/creating equations:
 God = Creation of this planet
 God = Creation of man
 God = the only I Am


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