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Lea's Perspective on
Jesus After His Resurrection

Unholy Alliance
Message from the book
Unholy Alliance by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2007)
Pages 156-157

Wondering who Lea is?
An Introduction To Lea

In September of 2006 we asked what Jesus did after the ascension; there are so many stories going around about His getting married and having children that we wanted to know what Lea had to say. "He spent approximately seven years in France, where He was looked upon only as a prophet, and it took Him that long because of the mode of travel that He used. He only walked, and He had many followers. He used the name YAAHAA (this is how Lea spelled the word after pronouncing it 'ya hey'), but it does not matter what name He is called as long as you know He is in service to God.

"He then spent approximately five years in India, and He touched only a small area in China, and that was only approximately ten months. I do not believe He used the same name in both places; He used the name that people gave Him. He also walked the Americas. He was taken to these distant places by a spaceship, although when He got there, He did walk, because that way He was on the same level as the people He was visiting. He came to them only as a man. He walked the Americas approximately eleven years. He actually wore the same robe and sandals the whole time. He appeared to them as one of their own. He left many stories behind: stories of living a good life, stories of the Creator of all, and stories of compassion for their fellow man. He just went on teaching as He always did. He never wrote anything down. Very few people recognized Him for who He was.

"He taught baptism mostly in Europe and the Americas. He taught meditation in the East and the Americas, and He taught meditation in Europe, but the people did not continue with that after He left.

"Christ was on Earth most recently on June 6th of 2006 but He was not recognized. He was in Africa, Rwanda to be specific, because they needed Him the most. They knew He was special and He gave them the love that they needed. They could feel it radiate from Him. He needed permission from God to come. You see, He is assigned jobs just like everyone else. During many of your major earthquakes He and many angels came to Earth to help."

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