Conversations With the Aliens
About Easter

Through the years we have asked many questions about the truths and myths
surrounding the life of Jesus The Christ.

These are the answers that Monn and Lea our alien contacts gave about Easter.

December 23, 1995

Monn: Be good to yourselves and stay balanced. Use your light. Work on increasing your faith. Put your belief into action. Celebrate Christís birth and remember His crucifixion. Time is very short, so start speaking out.

Our beliefs are that you should believe in the Creator of all. And, as I have heard many people say, the Ten Commandments werenít suggestions, they were rules. And, if you follow those, you can never go wrong. Whatís happened is too many labels have been put on everything. You donít have to have a big fancy church, you donít have to have certain clothes, you do not have to have certain songs, and you do not have to have all the trappings. All you have to have is the belief in something that is greater than you, and He is greater than all of us put together.

The Passion Movie

April 10, 2004

Q: Have you seen the movie ďThe PassionĒ?

Lea: No, I have not.

Q: Oh wow. Has Jesus seen it?

Lea: You wanna ask him?

Q: Sure. Great, if Heís there. I would love to know if thatís close to the truth if it was really that much their responsibility of the Jews back then or was it just a small group orÖ

Lea: UmmÖ Let me see if I can get Him on the communicator.

Q: Tell Him Iím sorry about all his pain. I donít know, we all saw the movie and we didnít take it as Jewish responsibility, did He really suffer as bad as the movie depicted?

Lea: Yes, He had to suffer.

Q: That bad like in the movie?

Lea: It was almost but not quite but it was the taking on of all the sins so it had to be violent and that way the people there knew that He could not survive what He had gone through. They had to realize that no one could live through what happened to Him. That is what made His resurrection more believable, it was an actually resurrection.

Many people have tried to claim that He did not die that He was in a coma and then they spirited Him away. No, He actually did die. His body died but not his soul and God healed the body so that the soul could go on in that body so people recognized Him. It was just a section of the Jewish faith that was so much against Jesus. It was not the whole faith, no. There were many people who saw and especially after the death and the realization that He had risen. Many of the Jewish people realized that He was someone very special.

Father Why Have You Forsaken Me?

April 1, 2007

Q: We were wondering when Jesus was on the cross and said, ďFather, why have you forsaken me?Ē Was it because he represented all sin, or why did he say that?

Monn: I believe because he was suffering so much and he didn't really feel that God had forsaken him, but he didn't want God to forsake mankind and he represented mankind. So he was asking God not to forsake mankind no matter what their sins were. In that kind of pain and He still asked for others is amazing. He is one amazing soul. That still shakes me to the knees when I am in His presence.


Q: In some of our prayers in the churches, they say that Jesus descended into hell. He didn't literally descend into hell, did he? After his death?

Monn: No. Because he was not in a bodily form any more, they assumed that was hell.

Q: Where did he go?

Monn: He joined the Creator, but the Creator had to send his soul to the body, so that mankind could see that there is hope.

Holy Sepulcher Church

September 4, 2004

Q: The place they call the Holy Sepulcher Church: Is the stone that they have there, they say thatís where Christís cross was standing from. Is that the actual spot and the tomb? I didnít know they were so close together.

Lea: They have the wrong tomb but, yes, the cross was there.

Q: It seems so close together. It just didnít seem right. But the marble that they have there where, Jesusí body was laid upon is that the correct piece of marble?

Lea: (5 second pause) Yes it was. Although many other forms have been also laid to rest on it.

Mount of Transfiguration

January 13, 2008

Q: When Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration, it is recorded in the Bible that he saw Moses and Elijah. Did Moses and Elijah beam out of a ship to be there physically with him? Or was it a hologram that the apostles saw?

Lea: They were there physically.

Q: How did they get there?

Lea: They beamed down from a ship.

Q: Could you tell us what they talked about because it is recorded in the Bible that the apostles that were with him wanted to build a temple there?

Lea: Oh, they didnít want a temple built.

Q: What did they want?

Lea: Temples are manís, you donít need a building to converse with God. He doesnít need a place with gold and silver and fine materials, such as silk and that type of thing. But man seems to need a building or a temple to remind them of what is going on or what happened. But they conversed for quite a while and it was more or less to prove that they still exist, that they went bodily into the heavens and that they could come back bodily and leave again bodily. It was trying to give people hope and the knowledge that there is something greater than them.


Q: What about the ascension of Christ, is that the Resurrection?

Lea: Yes, he went in a UFO.

Q: Did he go in a UFO or up to a UFO?

Lea: He went up to a UFO in a beam. He went aboard ship. He is alive today and He will return in a ship to the planet. I know this is gonna cause quite a stir.

Q: Is the ship He returned to the one explained in Revelation? Is that the one Heís coming back in?

Lea: Yup.

Q: The New Jerusalem?

Lea: Yup, He will not come to Earth in that one [the New Jerusalem is too large to enter Earthís atmosphere.] But He will come back and it will be stationed outside of the atmosphere. He will come down [in a smaller ship] and it will be in the cloud. I want to make it clear that these ships are in service to God. They are doing His bidding.

After Jesusí Resurrection

Q: We have been hearing a lot about Jesus marrying a woman from India, about Mary Magdalene, and all these stories are coming up.

Lea: He did visit a lot of these places, but it was after his resurrection.

Q: Did he go all over the earth to all continents after that?

Lea: Um, letís see, he went to India, went to China. He visited Iraq. He went to France where he did quite a bit of work. Then He went by a spaceship to the Americas, and He visited a lot of the Indian tribes. And if you look into their histories, thatís where they got the idea of baptism. And then He went down to Mexico and South America. He left in another UFO from Brazil.

Q: So when He was traveling in this way, was He in the same form He was physically before His crucifixion, or was He traveling more like, where He could come in and out of the physical?

Lea: He traveled from place to place on a UFO, but when He was there with the people. He was in physical form although He traveled from place to place in a UFO.

Q: How long of a period of time was He traveling after His resurrection?

Lea: UmÖjust a minute, because I have to turn that into your time. It was about 17 months.

Q: This was after His ascension that was recorded in the Bible?

Lea: Yes. He had to go and speak to the rest of the people.

Q: Did He go alone or did someone go with Him?

Lea: Well, He was with others aboard the ship, and most of the time He had one or two traveling with him from the ship.

What is the Holy Spirit?

Q: A lot of religions talk about the Trinity- God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost. What is the Holy Spirit?

Lea: I have no idea. Jesus is Jesus and I donít know what they mean by the Holy Spirit. Is that His spirit? I donít understand it, because Jesus is Jesus, His father is God, two separate entities and if they mean by Holy Spirit a different entity, I donít understand it because there is no third entity.

Q: On that same vein, PentecostÖ The disciples supposedly had the Holy Spirit descended upon them. Right?

Lea: No.

Q: No? What did happen at Pentecost? They had little flames on their heads.

Lea: They were visited by another being.

Q: And they received a message?

Lea: Yes.

Q: Go and spread the word?

Lea: I give you that message also, but it doesnít make me anything special, just a messenger.

Q: Okay, like an angel, what we call an angel?

Lea: Ahh .. .you would probably call it an angel. We donít.

Mary Magdalene

September 6, 2006

Q: We were wondering if the Holy Grail was Mary Magdalene, like so many people are saying?

Lea: That was not Mary Magdalene.

Q: Whom did she actually marry?

Lea: It was just a common man.

Q: How long after the crucifixion or before?

Lea: Actually, it was before.

Q: That clears a lot up. So is that the wedding in Cana as related in the Bible or whose wedding was that if it wasnít Mary Magdaleneís?

Lea: It was just a family member.

June 3, 2006

Q: I just want to make it clear right up front that Jesus didn't have any kids, correct?

Lea: He did not have any children while He was on Earth.

Q: Physically, right?

Lea: Right.

Q: So the theory that Jesus had children with Mary Magdalene, so that isÖ

Lea: That is absolutely false.

Q: I just wanted to make that clear.

Lea: Right.

Q: He never was married while he was on Earth, either.

Lea: No. He loved everyone, but it was not a physical love.


September 8, 2006

Q: There are no written records of any descendants of Christ that I am aware of before 300 A.D., when that idea was first brought forward.

Monn: As far as I can see, no, but very little was written down before that. It was all stories told and retold.

Q: Then where did they get the idea that Mary Magdalene married Jesus and moved to France, Ďcause it wasnít France back then?

Monn: No. You know, youíd have to ask the Grays that. And I donít think you want to do that. This is their plan. Well, thatís part of that side. Theyíre trying to make Jesus an average, every-day person and not who He was. Thatís the purpose of bringing Mary Magdalene in, and the bloodline, so that He is not divine any more, He is not special.

Q: Why would His descendants be so special? Thatís what I donít get. After all if he has children, He wasnít special, so why would they be? Are they trying to make it a fact that he didnít die on the cross, so he didnít bring the covenant and He went on to marry Mary Magdalene and had children? But the whole idea behind that is to say Ďhere is the descendant, here is your new messiah,í right?

Monn: Anybody want my two centsí worth?

All: Yes, definitely.

Monn: Well, I think that they are doing this so that they can create a descendant.

Q: A new messiah?

Monn: A new messiah that has the right to rule the world.

Q: This whole thing, you know, donít they think a step further and say, ďWait a minute, (if) Jesus was just an ordinary guy, so the descendants are just ordinary?Ē

Monn: Well, Iíll tell ya, they didnít really think that far ahead.

Q: Do they have somebody ready to claim to be the new messiah?

Monn: Yes, but does that person know who they are? No, no nope.

Q: The spirit will just walk in and replace whoeverís there, correct?

Monn: No, I donít believe it will happen that way. I believe that they will take the shroud of Turin, take DNA off from it, check the DNA of the person who claims to be [a descendant], and it will be the same. You know, whether they use the real shroud of Turin or not, thatís what you have to wonder about.

There are supposedly two shrouds that are thought of as Christís burial cloth. You know, many people have said that what the Church has is not the real shroud. Personally, I think it could be, because from what I see here, they have actually found seeds and, what do you call them, bits of leaves of plants that were growing at the time of Christ and these they have found on the shroud they have now. So, whether they use the real shroud or not, who knows? And we can only guess at what method theyíre going to use.

Easter Season

Monn: I would like to say something about the Easter season. So many people are saying that you shouldn't celebrate the Easter season because of the Easter bunny and all this and that kind of stuff, but they forget what the more important thing is, the remembrance of why Easter is celebrated. Please remind those you love what Easter is all about. It doesn't matter if itís not exactly on the right date. It doesn't matter if the Bible has it a little bit wrong, or you misunderstand it or anything else. It is your faith that it did happen, it was real, and that if you have the faith and you believe in God and the Creator, you are safe and you are part of all of creation. You are not separated from it.

There are many species in the Universe, but you are all part of the whole. And please understand that God loves all creatures, all animals, all humans, even those shadows, he loves them, and he tries to understand them, and he invites everything and everyone to come back into the light, wherever they are, with full forgiveness and understanding, and he loves all of you very much with his heart and soul, and we wish you all the best that Earth has to offer, the best that the Creator has to offer.

We all send our love and understanding to you and want you to remember that those that you love here and on the planet will be reunited at some point with full understanding and full love. You may not recognize the body, but you will recognize the soul, which is the important part, that soul is the spark that keeps everything alive and keeps everything with a shimmering gold white light, and we all have it. So, please, keep it close to your heart. Do not lose that, do not separate yourself from God or us.

We are only here trying to help you. But remember, you always must speak with love and compassion to those who do not understand. You must not teach, but you must show by your reactions, and your own actions will speak louder than any words that you can say. We love you all. And may you remember that Jesus did die on the cross for you, and he did take manís sins away, but you are responsible for what you do. He took away the sins, but He cannot take away your evil thoughts, He cannot take away what your mind does or thinks, but He can take your soul and make it fresh and clean again, because that is the precious part that belongs to the Creator.

May you all go in peace and understanding. And may I remove myself from my soapbox before I put my foot in my mouth. (All laughter)

We wish you a blessed Easter!

From The Lightside

The Lightside UFO Study Group