Remembering the Reason for the Season

Through the years we have asked many questions about the truths and myths
surrounding the birth and life of Jesus The Christ.

These are the answers that Monn and Lea our alien contacts gave.

December 9, 1986

Question was asked, is Jesus alive?

Monn answered he has been on missions for God to other planets. Mary his mother at that time is not alive in the same body she had on Earth, but she has the same soul as she had then.

January 21, 1987

Monn can you tell us who the three wise men in the Bible are? Can you tell us was there any alien involvement when Jesus was born that were down there? In the back of my mind I feel that the Star of Bethlehem which guided the three wise men to Jesus was a UFO, that was guiding these people to Jesus.

Monn: Someday I will answer. Not now.

January 8, 1989

Because there is so much to do about the actual birth date of Jesus we asked Monn if she could tell us the correct date of his birth on this planet. Monn asked if we wanted the year too, and we replied sure.

Monn laughs and said in as close as I can calculate it to your years, it would have been January 7, minus 7, which would have been B. C. in your calculations. In other words you are actually 7 years off on the birth of Christ.

The question was then asked if the book "He Walked the America's" does that refer to Jesus.

Monn replied; yes of course the stories are not all correct, as in your Bible they are not 100% correct. But it is the best book to read on your entire planet. There are stories that have been told and retold and of course they have been changed here and there. But basically, yes he did come and walk these lands on this continent, and well as the Holy Lands. He walked thru Asia. He also walked thru the lands that you consider Europe. He has many people now and then that he has visited. And I say now because he has come down, not for any length of time, but he has come down and walked on this soil, trying to understand the people. It is his caring that causes him to come and try again. And in the time that he has been from this place he has gone to other places and worked. And he has been called other names. And once this planet is back on the right track again, he will go onto another job and another mission. And again some of you will go with Him, for most have already made that decision.

While talking with Lea we asked if the Star of Bethlehem was a star or a UFO guiding the three wise men.

Lea said, “It was actually a UFO and a star in unison. A UFO moved in the sky to Bethlehem and then it placed itself by a star in the sky, and also a UFO helped to part the Red Sea.

December 26, 1998

Baby Jesus

Monn said, I was listening in on a conversation between some people (through Bonnie) and I thought it was wonderful. This man was saying that his children celebrated Christmas in an unusual way. All of his grandchildren have been sat down and told about the birth of Jesus and because baby Jesus was so special and he received only three gifts that were all they could receive was three gifts. And so with only three gifts each one was very special to the child three gifts are more appreciated than thirty and I just thought it was such a wonderful way of teaching the children that Jesus who was so special and he only received three gifts and therefore they could not receive anymore. So those three gifts were very special to each child. Of course they received three gifts from grandma and grandpa and three gifts from mom and dad. I just happened to over hear that conversation by listening to the conversation that Bonnie was hearing. That is the way we hear about things that are going on, on Earth. I thought what a wonderful, wonderful way to teach children that Christmas is not about getting presents but remembering Christ.

June 3, 2006

The question was asked did Jesus have any kids?

Lea answered, He did not have any children while he was on earth, physically.

Question, what about Mary Magdalene did Jesus marry her and have any children?

Lea answered that is absolutely false. He never was married while he was on earth to anyone. He loved everyone, but it was not a physical love. Since leaving Earth Jesus has been on many missions on other planets for God his father.

There is some talk about Jesus marrying a woman from India; can you tell us anything about that?

Lea answered, now don't get me wrong. He did visit a lot of these places, but it was after his resurrection, and he never married.

Question, did he go all over the earth to all continents after that?

Lea replied, let’s see, he went to India, went to China. He visited Iraq. He went to France where he did quite a bit of work. Then he went by a spaceship to the Americas, and he visited a lot of the Indian tribes. And if you look into their histories, that’s where they got the idea of baptism. He then went down to Mexico and South America. He left in another UFO from Brazil. He traveled from place to place on a UFO, but when he was there with the people, he was in same form he was physically in before his crucifixion. He was in physical form although he traveled from place to place in a UFO.

Question: And over how long a period of time was he traveling after his resurrection?

Lea replied, just a minute, because I have to turn that into your time. It was about 17 months after his ascension that was recorded in the Bible. He had to go and speak to the rest of the people. He was with others aboard the ship, and most of the time he had one or two traveling with him but these were not the disciples of the Bible these were people from the space ship.

Question for Lea, you mentioned the DaVinci Code being a deception plan from the dark side are they planning any more deceptions?

Lea answered, I believe they are going to try to connect the supposed offspring to a line of people in France and I believe that they will try to take DNA of the shroud (Of Turin) and connect to Him in that fashion. That is not the Shroud of Jesus.

It was created around 1492, I think it was, somewhere in that period of time. And it was created… Now don't forget that these people have worked on this a very long time, and it was one of the plans that they thought they could bring forward. I think they’re going to try to do it.

Question, with the shroud, the image that it is on there, how did they get that? Something they made up themselves or did it come from an actual body?

Lea said it was a negative alien influence that created it. It’s actually a negative image to deceive people in the future they think thousands of years ahead of time.

Question, what would you say to people who are reading this, or saying this is all stupid, to confusing there are conflicting facts all over the place. We’re not even going to worry about it. How can they figure out what is true and what is fiction?

Lea replied, I think that they have to meditate on it; they have to pray about it and still their minds, and listen for an answer from their hearts. But before you can do that, you have to get off the drugs, you have to get off the alcohol and anything else that is addictive and can change your thinking you can change your brain waves, because when you are doing that, you are not really connecting with the Creator. That is allowing the negative side to walk in and take you away from the source of the light.

Question, are there are any relics from the life of Christ, like the Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny, things like that? And if they exist, are they even important?

Lea, well, they exist still, and they are only important to people who believe that they could give them power.

Question about the last Supper portrait as portrayed in the DaVinci movie, them saying Mary Magdalene was in it and was close to Jesus.

Lea explained that it was a very young male, but you have to admit when you look at him, he looks a little feminine. But they will say anything to get people to believe what they want. And, don’t forget, DaVinci did belong to a secret society. Since he wasn't there to actually see the last supper, he just made up what he wanted and what the secret society told him to. This is a well-written plan of deception, but it did make pretty good reading. When you read the DaVinci Code, read it and try to forget everything that we’ve talked about. Try to read it with a novice mind. And you will understand what they’re thinking and how it can sway anyone’s line of thinking.

March 11, 2007

Because there was news about finding Jesus tomb the question was asked, is what they’re trying to say about it right.

Lea replies with, they’re trying to say that they found Jesus’ bones, Mary’s bones, and their child’s bones. That is very hard to do when the man is still here in the flesh. He never had any children down here nor was He married down here, nor did He leave bones or flesh on the planet. They are trying to make Him less than He is. They want to make him not just a man but a man who was not what He claimed to be. So, that’s the way it goes.

February 6, 2005

Monn, a question for you; who were the three Magi? Were they pagan or were they of the light?

Monn answered with; there were many spiritual people on the Earth at that time. And they were kind and generous people, and these three kings were wise and just, just as it is described in your Bible. That is why they were the ones who saw the star and followed their hearts to the point of the birth of a very special being of the planet. These Magi studied the stars, but not in the way that many people on the planet do today. Where they try to follow their life by what the stars say.

October 14, 2001

The question was asked, what does the Star of David symbol really mean? Does it have a special meaning?

Monn said the Star of David actually means the Star of Light. It actually is a symbol that was used to recognize a bearer of the light just as the Star of Bethlehem was drawing people to Him at His birth, because he was a being of light.

October 29, 2005

Lea had this to say about Mary the mother of Jesus.

Mary has been reborn, somewhere else. (Not on planet Earth right now.) So the people claiming to be channeling Mary mother of Jesus and they are not. For each one it could be something different, but most of them are channeling their inner selves. People don't give themselves credit for the knowledge that they have, and sometimes they think they’re channeling someone when they are only bringing out the knowledge that they already have in themselves.

Jesus was not an only child he had younger brothers and sisters.

The Bible is not too accurate but it does have some good points to it. So much was removed out of the Bible and so much was changed, not necessarily intentionally, but during translations. And of course some of it was changed so that men could control other men and women, and that isn’t how it meant to be. Jesus had as many women disciples as men, they were equal and they deserved to be carriers of His message.

September 8, 2006

When asked what are the people trying to do to Jesus with all the stories that are coming out?

Monn, well, they’re trying to make Jesus an average, every-day person and not who he was, that’s the purpose of bringing Mary Magdalene in, and the blood line, so that he is not divine any more, he is not special. Yet they are trying to make his descendants special. The secret societies and the negative aliens might even have a hologram of the crucifixion and how they invented it.

I think that they are doing this so that they can create a descendant, a new messiah who has the right to rule the world.

August 9, 2006

What about Mary Magdalene and the Morovian bloodline, is it something that they are thinking about bringing forward for the end times to discredit Jesus?

Lea answered with; I don’t know if it’s really to discredit him, it’s to make him more human, demote him but it’s to bring the people away from his so that they can lead the people down a path that they were not meant to go.

September 9, 2006

The question was asked if the anti-Christ could be involved with this, I mean in the context of would they use someone from the Morovian blood line, say a king or a prince or whatever, and claim that he is the new messiah?

Lea said; it’s a very good possibility but not that he would be the anti-Christ, but he would be the one who could take and rule the world in peace and harmony, and then he would befall a fatal head wound that could/would allow the spirit of the anti-Christ to enter him. Yes, that’s a possibility, but it all depends upon how people react to this form of thinking. Approximately 47% of the people on Earth are buying into the Morovian bloodline.

When I talk about a path someone was on I mean that everyone should be on the path back to the Creator. And, of course, if you’re not on that path, you could be on, oh, how do the New Age people say it? There are many paths to the Creator, but I tell you there is only one path back to the Creator.

Another question was asked about Jesus and how he went to France after his ascension and how long was he actually in that part of the world and did people know who He was?

Lea replied, He spent approximately seven years in France, and he was only looked upon as a prophet, and it took him that long because of the mode of travel that he used. He only walked, and only traveled by UFO from country to country. He had many followers while in France.

October 1, 2000

When asked about how many people where channeling Ashtar, and how many people claim to be channeling Jesus Monn answered. Well let me see. Let me get the latest tally that we have. I mean it changes everyday. There is something like around 3,200 channeling and figure and it’s growing.

When Monn was asked about the respect and worship so many people are giving to Mary mother of Jesus she had this to say.

Monn, where in your Bible does it say do not worship anyone but God, so that worshiping is wrong. Remember that the side, bad, negative beings, evil competition, what ever you wish to call them, always have a good message, especially at first. Both sides have the same power they just use it differently.

Remember like all those people who are claiming to speak to the dead, they hold onto the member of their family for years. Why not let that person go, so that they can go to their next mission, with their next job. All of us have a mission, and that is to work our way back to God. The light workers who came to Earth to work for the light side about 72% have fallen to the negative side. This number changes hourly. Think of it like you’re standing on a roadway and the centerline is the 50%. To the left are the negative people and to the right are the positive. That’s kind of how we look at it and it’s always changing.

October 14, 2000

Twice in the recent months we’ve been told by people that because certain concepts like the virgin birth are identical to very ancient pagan religion they cannot believe the Bible and therefore they reject it. What would you say to these people?

Lea, when I was doing research on your planet, I came across a game. And I think the title of that game tells the whole story,” Poppycock”. These ancient pagan rituals, some of them are made up, and also the anti-Christ wanted these stories to be told, so that people would not believe in the story of Christ. Because if these stories were all alike and they were much older than Christ’s story, well, then Christ’s story must also be made up. People often forget that the anti-Christ knew the story of Christ’s birth and his story and was working many thousands of years before it happened so that people would not believe it was true.

Monn and Lea have told us that the date of Jesus birth is not as important as remembering the purpose of His birth, and the messages He brought.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas
Happy Birthday Jesus!

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