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Feel free to contact us. Your comments, questions and feedback are encouraged. The members of the Lightside will answer any questions from memory and the channeled archives. If we are unable to answer your question, we will ask Monn your question the next time we talk to her.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Where is Monn From? (Monn is our main alien contact.)
Answer: Monn's last birthplace was on the planet Surak which, if you look into the cup of the Big Dipper, is at 10 o'clock. Her system is in that direction, although it is not known by our scientists yet. The realm where Monn comes from has twenty-seven inhabited planets in that section of the universe.  There is more information on Monn in Newsletter No.1 (Newsletters have been discontinued- June 2002)

2. How did you contact Monn the first time?
Answer: Another channelled entity told one of our group members that she was supposed to channel (Monn). This person flatly refused but, later started thinking about it and recalled that she made a prior committement to channel Monn. So, basically Monn first contacted us and it is still that way; we don't call them, they get in touch with us.

3.  Can you tell me how to call down a UFO?
Answer: Because we believe that there are both good and bad aliens out there, we do not recommend that anyone try to hail a UFO. 

4.  Do you have a Lightside organization in my state?
Answer: We are a small UFO study/support group from East/central Wisconsin. We do not have groups in any other state.

Questions and Answers

We get emails from people that have read our website. The following are some of the questions and comments from those emails:

  • "Hi there. I have stumbled upon your website... I find many of your What If's not only facinating but I have reason to believe much of it is quite true based on other sources."

  • "Has Monn or any entity given hints, other than (being a) good example, of how to spread the non-materialistic, becoming more loving and spiritual gospel to our fellow humans?"

  • Answer: After some thought and research into our channelled material archives, we realized that being a good example to others is the only way to show others the truth and to preserve their free will choice. 
  • "Could any one of you tell me what you personally experience when you are channeling?  Is it an exhausting or energizing process?  Does the act of channeling affect your daily life?  If so, in what way?  Are you consciously aware of who you are channeling and what is said, or is it like waking up from a dream when it's over?" 

  • Answer:  I am the one who channels the aliens. I can understand your questions, as I myself had so many when this all started. 

    There are many different types of channeling, the type that I do the alien enters my body (Space) and I move over, which means that I usually leave my body so that they can use my voice box and anything else they may need. They often say that my body sometimes forgets to breath so they have to pay attention to that. They also keep track how my body is doing and keep it in good working order. They seem to know when my body is uncomfortable and needs to change position.

    I like to leave my body during channeling as that is the time when I can fly to anyplace in the universe that I feel like visiting. I usually go where it is warm and there is plenty of water, as I love to smell and look at water. I also like to move in water as it is like a friend to me. There are times when I visit cold places and when I do that I feel very cold when I re-enter my body.

    I do not know what goes on when the channeling is happening, as I am not there. Therefore everything is taped so that I can hear what happens. We have also taken the tapes and entered them into a computer so that they are preserved. Hopefully one day they will be printed for everyone to see.

    As for the channeling being exhausting or energizing, at times it is both. I have found out that if my body is not well (Sick) the channeling can be exhausting and therefore the aliens try not to do it at that time. There are also times that after a channeling I am so energized that I find it hard to go to sleep.

    As to how the channeling affect my daily life, that is a hard question because I have been doing it for so many years. I feel that the aliens being in my life has affected my daily life more than the channeling. The alienís, have brought me closer to God and has made me a much more spiritual person. It has made me more aware of what is going on around me, and hopefully a much more forgiving person. 

    As for meditation being a doorway for channeling I donít know. I only know that I have to be in a meditative state for the channeling to happen. One thing I have to say is that when this happened I made a conscious decision not to channel someone who was dead or someone who did not have a body. I felt that someone who was dead certainly did not know anymore when they were dead than when they were alive, and I did not want to get into that. 

    One thing I think is very important to know is that the aliens are not at our call. They have jobs that they have to do out there in space. They are the ones who say they wish to speak to us. In other words they are not at our beckon call.

    The following questions were submitted to us via our website or emails: (August 3, 2003)
    August 3, 2003
    Q: What is the spot or anomaly that is on the sun? 
    Monn: Actually there are three spots on the sun. Two are natural and one is not. The one that is not (Sigh) it was shÖ ahÖwhat can I say that would be close to what you would know, Umm. It was something like your neutron bomb. That was shot at the sun by a, ah, negative species, and ah, it has been causing ah, major eruptions in the sun. They ah, did it but we donít understand why, except that it was probably an experiment. It is not what you would call a neutron bomb but it is ah, something like that.
    Q: Can the grays reproduce human enzyme?
    Monn: Naturally, no
    Lightside: ButÖ. What do you mean? They can by other means? 
    Monn: Yes, they can by other means
    Q: My father was in a fishing boat on Lake Michigan, he got caught in a whirlpool. He would like to know if you could tell him what happened or what that was. He said his father had put his boat in full gear and the boat was almost in an upright position to get out of the whirlpool. This was ah, um, somewhere in the mid 1980s was close to a date he could come to when it occurred.
    Monn: Ah, I cannot answer that. I do not know. 
    Q: I have a question that I hope you donít mind answering. I know that the grays and reptilians are evil type of beings. What is the name of the aliens you folks are writing about? And is Niberu going to cause the solar shift? Is that Planet X inhabited by the Annunaki? And who is the Illuminatiís please? 
    Monn: (laughs) Ah, letís take that one thing at a time. 
    Q: What are the names of the aliens you folks are writing about? 
    Monn: Well, there are so many different names but we like to think that we are ah, bearers of the light. 
    Q: Is Niberu going to cause the solar shift? 
    Monn: No, the polar shift is a natural phenomenon that can be increased or decreased by the people on the planet and such influences as other planets. 
    Q: Is that Planet X inhabited by the Annunaki? 
    Monn: No
    Lightside: Can you tell us who itís inhabited? 
    Monn: I donít think that would be wise at this time. 
    Q:  Who is the Illuminati? 
    Monn: Illuminatis are people who think they are illuminated and they have the will and the power to control the people of the planet. But, they are badly mistaken. They are not illuminated; they have a dark cloud over them. 
    Q: Have you ever heard of the cloaks?
    Monn: No
    Q: (another part to the question.) I donít know if Monn has heard of me I am The Code.
    Monn: I do not know who she is and I do not know what that name means. 
    Q: Have our ET friends been to the stars that make up what is referenced from Earth the Pleades star group? Would they be willing to tell meÖ?
    Lightside: This is a multi-question question again. First of all (Monn: Uhm.) have you been to the Pleiades? 
    Monn: One moment please 
    Lightside: Um, hmm
    Monn: I would like to comment at this time that not all of the reptilians nor all the grays are bad. Thatís from a question a while ago. 
    Lightside: Um, hmm
    Monn: Ah, the reader spoke of them as being all bad or evil. (Lightside: Right) They are 
     not. So, now back to the latest question. 
    Q:  Have our ET friends been to the stars that make up what is referenced from Earth the Pleades? 
    Monn: Um, have we been? Yes, Uh, some of us come from Pleades. 
    Q: Would they be willing to tell me of the stars in the right half of the star group?
    Monn: I do not know what she means by the right half.
    Q: Would they be willing to tell me of the stars on the right half of the star, star group: How many planets each star has and which planets, if any are populated from the star out. One, two three and so forth?"
    Monn: Um, ah, no I, I will not go there because that is too long of an answer and ah, it depends upon which side you are looking from, which point of reference youíre going to be going to. 
    Q: Forgive me for being so vague as information I am looking for but, for as many authentic groups that are out there, there are just as many unauthentic. In the event you are authentic, I hope you will not take
     offense. If I have a chance to get some real information of this subject I wish to take
    it. In addition, I want to avoid someone telling me something just because it is what I want to hear. Again, let me stress that I have no intention of impugning your integrity, integrity, I just donít know you yet". 
    Monn: (Sigh) See, when we look at a star system, we could be looking from the other side which would then make everything in reverse. So, I think it is just better if we do not go that route at this time. 
    Q: Is it possible to leave in this form willingly?"
    Monn:  If you so wish and you raise your vibrational level, yes you can leave such as now. It, itís kind of aÖ not aÖ Maybe Iíd better start over. (Monn and Lightside chuckle) Right now, if a ship came down, you could go in it and you could leave this system but you could not survive for a long period of time because you have to match the vibration of the ship that youíre on. And, if  the reader means by the pole shift and leaving you are going to again have to match the vibration of the ships youíre leaving on. So, if your vibration is not at that level, you cannot take the form the body that you have on the planet now. 
    Q: Iíve never felt at home on this world and wish to leave, alive of course. Please write me soon. Also as Iíve just found your web site and Iím very interested.
    Monn: Many of tens of thousands of people do not think they belong on this planet. It is a memory from a past lifetime that you know that you are from the stars. So it is not at all unusual for people to feel this way. And if you search long and hard enough, you will find the answers that you need to make yourself more comfortable and do something for the good of mankind and the planet. Until the time when you will be released again from this planet. 

    Q: Well there are some questions would you care to answer them?
    Eric: I will answer if I can.
    Q: Can a soul be permanently damaged or destroyed if it suffers a death by nuclear explosion?
    Eric: It can, but it is very rare instance.
    Q: This was sent in by a reader. Have you ever heard of the planet Urmanto? Itís spelled U-R-M-A-N-T-O and do you know where it is?
    Eric: I have never ahh heard of it, although I may know it by a different name. Not all of us use the same names for different parts and planets of the systems.
    Q: What is your name for planet Earth?
    Eric: You really want to know? (He said this very softly.)
    Q:  Sure, yes.
    Eric: It is The Garden.
    Q: The Garden of Eden?
    Eric: We do not call it the Garden of Eden, but we do call it The Garden. As we have told you it is a beautiful planet and a very rare one.
    Q: Was this planet created by God as His garden to come and enjoy?
    Eric: Everything that he creates, is a joy for HIM. He created many different things because He could, and He wanted to see how His creation would fare, on their many, many thousands and millions of years of progress.
    Q: This was sent in by a reader to our website. Can you comment on the control of humans by Reptilians as stated in the book "Children of the Matrix"?
    Eric: I do not know the book the "Children of the Matrix". But the Reptilians have ahh tried to gain control of ahh many humans, often time using the gray ahh beings to ahh do their ahh (Pause) ahh experiments, ground work, ahhm I donít quite know the word used. But the Reptilians have come to this planet many times, interfered with it, tried to change it. And Reptilians have made a pact with the grays and they are working with some of the grays. Not all the grays are bad. Not all the Reptilians are bad but may I just say that the majority of those here are.
    Q: This one was asked of Monn but you could probably answer it. "If your home planet is Surak, how do you get here so quickly?"
    Eric: Okay, (Little chuckle) Well, Iím not Monn, but ahh earthlings, how do you say, "think in a box." I think thatís what they say. I think thatís what they said, in their own words so Iíll throw it back at them. Ahhm, we are advanced enough that our ships actually travel, how would you say it, almost like a thought wave. Itís ahhm of course depends upon the ship, ahh some of emí can travel ten times the speed of light, so that is almost the speed of thought. So the Captain hooks up with the ship and it actually travels on his thought patterns. Thatís why being the Captain of a ship you must be pure of mind and heart, because if you are not, the ship would be in trouble. Now the smaller ships, such as if Monn took a small ship from her planet to Earth ahh on her old ship it took days. Now it takes ahh approximately 90 minutes to get from one planet to another. Now if you want to land on the planet, thatís going to take you again longer, because once you connect with the atmosphere of a planet ahh the drive system has to be different and youíre slow down almost immediately. So it actually takes longer to get off the planet, into space, than it does for you to get to the planet and into their atmosphere. So Iím talking ninety minutes from outside their atmosphere to outside Earthís atmosphere.
    Q: Another readerís question: "Please ask your ET friendís if they know anything about me. I have been led to believe that I am well known in this and other universes. Please pass along any information from them they wish me to have at this time thru you. Thank you in advance for your time." And it was responded to that Monn was only in charge for a certain sector and you know, that you only were working with certain people but we told her we would ask you.
    Eric: Almost everyone who is on the planet now has lived other parts of the universes. So almost every soul is known through many parts of the universes. So it is not an unusual thing, for the soul, the essence of the being to be recognized, from other beings from other planets. So it is not at all unusual to be known by many different species.
    Q: Next one is: "I would very much like to know what your extra-terrestrial friends could tell us about the crop circles that have been appearing in fields in many countries for many years. Outside of the fact some of the circles are human generated. Exactly who is making the others and why?"
    Eric: Ahhm about twenty-five percent are caused by humans and natural phenomena. The other seventy-five percent are caused by aliens and see here hmm (Seems to be checking the computer for information) as far as I can tell there are at least seventeen different species who are creating crop circles at this time on the planet. And most of them are just trying to get people to be aware there is something in existence that is beyond your planet. Many are trying through geometry. Many are trying through the pictographs. Many are trying by sending back to you what youíve sent in space. And donít let the government try to tell you that the only thing they spent on, sent out there, was one thing with the message ahh what planet Earth is like because they have sent out more than that. So, I guess thatís basically all I can say about that. Thatís as much as I know. 
    Q: Are these seventeen species of aliens are they all neutral?
    Eric: No theyíre not. They are not all neutral. Ahh, remember the specifically the one that looked like at, looked like a gray? Thatís who produced it. 
    Q: "What does Monn have to say about the allegation that the USAF is making secret deals with the Grays i.e., their technology in exchange for human genetic material?"
    Eric: I, as Eric, can tell you itís going on. It has been going on for years, and what more can I say.
    Q: "Have our ET friends been to the stars that make up what is referenced, from earth to Pleiades Star group? And would they be willing to tell me of the stars in the right half of the star group? How many planets each star has and which planets if any are populated?" 
    Eric: (Eric chuckles) Ahh yes, we know of the Pleiades ahh yes my species itself has visited it. Ahhm some of the other species that are on the ship have also visited it. Ahhm there are many ahh planets that are inhabited. AhhÖ They are either advanced spiritually or they are advanced technologically. And I, I donít know what more I can say. How shouldÖIím not going to name names of planets because that wouldnít make any sense.
    Q: Right. Thereís two more questions. Ahhm and I donít have the date on this but I think it was a couple, two or three months ago, there was a loud boom that was heard in Oshkosh. It was also heard from Neenah, Wisconsin and someone asked us if we knew what that was or if you guys knew what it was?
    Eric: Mmm approximately when?
    Q: Do you know when that was?
    Q: You know like July or August guessing.
    Eric: Well then I will just guess an answer also. The government has been testing ahh a new type of ahh craft ahh that does create a ahh a louder boom than the sonic boom in a much deeper tone. Ahhm it could have been that. Not having a specific date or time itís a little hard for me to look it up, soÖ
    Q: Quite a while ago someone asked about little men and serpent men. "Who are the little men? Where are they from? Who are the serpent men and where are they from? What was the war of the great bombardment fought over and who destroyed the fifth planet and why?" 
    Eric: I do not know what he means by little men or serpent men. Ahh could he mean grays and reptilians. I, I donít understand.
    Q: He says, "here with regard to Earthís history of 12,00 to 15,000 years ago a great war was fought between the little men and the serpent men. This war is referred to as The Great Bombardment, wherein the little men and the serpent men tossed small asteroids at each other."
    Eric: I know of no war 10 to 15,000 years ago on this planet. I, I know of none. A 100,000 years ago there was a war on the planet, but I know none at that time. 

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