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June 21, 2005 article

UFO Daze

Fond du Lac Reporter*
Tuesday, 21 June 2005

‘What Were They Thinking!’
 By Robert Ireland /
 the reporter

 DUNDEE—A Canadian television production company met with UFO enthusiasts
 Monday at Benson’s Holiday Hide-A-Way to speak with bar patrons about
 their experiences with aliens.

 The film team from Vancouver is stopping at different sites throughout
 the United States and Canada filming a television show called “What Were
 They Thinking!” The show is scheduled to premiere in Vancouver in
 September and may appear later in the United States.

 “We’re doing these things in a lighthearted way,” said Nick Orchard, the
 show’s director and producer. “But we don’t make fun.”

 Bonnie Meyer, who was interviewed for the show, says she has been taken
 on board an alien ship. She told the show’s host Sean Cullen that she
 met the captain of a spacecraft, that he was friendly and that he
 allowed her to view the entire spacecraft. She said not all aliens are
 out to harm people and the aliens she has met have been friendly.

 Cullen is a standup comedian, had his own special on Comedy Central and
 starred in the short-lived “Sean Cullen Show.”

 The show is stopping at roadside attractions throughout the United
 States and Canada during a 14-day tour, viewing the world’s largest
 penguin and the largest talking cow. Orchard said he heard about UFO
 Daze and the Holiday Hide-A-Way near Dundee through the Internet.
 Benson’s will host the 16th annual UFO Daze on Saturday, July 16.

 Benson’s owner Bill Benson says his pace is UFO headquarters. Benson
 said the reason the bar hosts UFO Daze every year is because many UFO
 sightings have been reported over Long Lake.

 Last year, UFO Daze attracted around 300 people from eight states.
 Benson said more than 100 people have witnessed UFO sightings during UFO

 “We decided to have UFO Daze so people could tell their stories without
 being laughed at,” Benson said.

 Benson’s bar is filled with UFO paraphernalia, including alien toys,
 drawings and replicas of aliens stored inside glass containers.

 Jim of West Bend said he was skeptical of UFOs before his first
 sighting in 2000. Since then he has written “Evidence of Alien Contact
 Revealed in Scripture.” The book focuses on Bible verses, which he
 thinks imply the existence of UFOs in Biblical times.

 He said the first UFO he saw was over Long Lake. He described it as an
 elongated pyramid that was about the size of a quarter held at arm’s
 length. The believers at Benson’s are quick to share their UFO spotting
 and alien encounter stories.

 Robert “UFO Bob” Kuehn of Fond du Lac hosts a radio show on KFIZ for
 about 10 minutes every Friday. Kuehn said he has spotted aliens many
 times and said he speaks directly with the aliens.

 “This is not a hoax,” Kuehn said. “You can call me a crackpot or
 whatever you want.”

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