Lea's Perspective on UFOs

Message Recorded October 14, 2001
by The Lightside - TheLightside.org

It's really hard to figure out how I should introduce Lea, but let's just say that she doesn't live here on Planet Earth with the rest of us. This gives her a very unique and interesting perspective on Biblical topics. If this whole concept of an extraterrestrial providing Biblical commentary seems strange to you, I'd strongly recommend clicking on the link below before you read this section so you can better understand who she is and where she's coming from:

An Introduction To Lea

Note: The following is an excerpt from a longer conversation.

Lea: Jim, would you like something for your site?

Question: I was going to ask you about that. How do you like it so far?

 Lea: I love it. Thank you.

Question: Especially since it's right from you. (Everyone present in the room laughs)

 Lea: (Laughs) Well I can't say anything bad, can I? (Laughs again)

Question: The next topic I'm going to do is UFOs.

 Lea: UFOs oh boy they're really in the Bible aren't they? If you just look.

Question: A lot of people say they don't exist in the Bible.

 Lea: UFOs have been on this planet for ohh 12,000 years. So there have been some things taken out of the Bible but yes, UFOs were here during Christ's time. They were here before Christ. They are here now and they will be here in your future. So if there's a specific in your Bible you'd like discussed.

Question: Let's start with the Star of Bethlehem, was that an actual star or was that a UFO guiding them?

 Lea: That was actually a UFO and a star in unison. It took the UFO to move to Bethlehem and then it placed itself by a star in the sky. And also a UFO helped to part the Red Sea and ...

Question: Now, how did they do that?

 Lea: (Chuckles) It's called lasers. How else could you part and dry it up so that they could take their chariots across, a water bed, and then let the water come back, but may I say that the UFOs were working for God. They were doing His bidding at these points.

Question: They also parted the Jordan River when the Israelites entered into Canaan?

 Lea: Yes they did. They also provided the Manna from heaven. Now I'm not saying that God did not do this, but God worked through the UFOs to produce this.

Question: So I suppose the pillar of fire and cloud that the Isrealites followed is a no brainer.

 Lea: (Chuckles) Yes, but you know this is going to go on the web and you are going to get some hype.

Question: That burning bush thing too?

 Lea: Yes. If you want to know more about the burning bush ask [name deleted] (Chuckles)

Question: He was the other one there.

 Lea: He was there.

Question: The laser that wrote those things on the tablets, those commandments.

 Lea: Yes, they were lasers but it was God's hand holding the laser.

Question: What about the ascension of Christ?

 Lea: Yes, he went in a UFO.

Question: Did he go in a UFO or up to a UFO?

 Lea: He went up to a UFO in a beam. He went aboard ship. He is alive today and he will return in a ship. (Chuckles) Now that's gonna cause quite a stir.

Question: Is the ship he's returning to the one explained in Revelation 21?

 Lea: Umm, da-da-da-da ya, okay. (At this point it almost sounded as if she was listening or answering someone.)

Question: Is that the one he's coming back in?

 Lea: Yup.

Question: The New Jerusalem?

 Lea: He will not come to Earth in that one. He will come back. It will be stationed outside of the atmosphere and he will come down on a cloud which will be a ship there in the cloud.

Question: He'll bring a sporty model in? (Lea laughs)

Question from another participant: Are there any other examples of UFOs that are kind of obscure in the Bible that we might have missed or most people miss?

Question from yet another participant: Ezekiel's wheel?

Lea: Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel that definitely was a ship. So you know also a lot of things were taken out of the Bible that sounded more like a ship than the wheel within the wheel, but they had nothing else to compare it to.

Question: Jacob's ladder, going up and down to a ship and back down?

 Lea: Yes, and a lot of people have also reported seeing beings going up and down a ladder to a ship.

Question: The transfiguration, that was also from a UFO?

 Lea: Basically yes, but I want to make it clear that these ships were in service to God. They were doing His bidding at the time.

Question: Where there crafts from the other side, was the adversary there at this same time?

 Lea: Not to my knowledge.

Question: So that's a recent thing that the adversary's craft ... (Lea cuts her off)

 Lea: Yes because they know the time is short.

Question: You have any other interesting Biblical UFO examples to include that people might not have realized were UFOs in the Bible?

Lea: I can't think of any off hand except that the New Jerusalem is the most gorgeous huge thing that you've ever seen and when people see it they will realize that there definitely is something in the heavens that is far greater than they are.

Question: Now the New Jerusalem, that will be visible with the naked eye?

 Lea: Yes it will be. It is that huge.

Lea is brought to you courtesy of The Lightside

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