Lea's Perspective on Reincarnation

Message Recorded September 2, 2001
by The Lightside - TheLightside.org

It's really hard to figure out how I should introduce Lea, but let's just say that she doesn't live here on Planet Earth with the rest of us. This gives her a very unique and interesting perspective on Biblical topics. If this whole concept of an extraterrestrial providing Biblical commentary seems strange to you, I'd strongly recommend clicking on the link below before you read this section so you can better understand who she is and where she's coming from:

An Introduction To Lea

Lea: Good afternoon. Today I would like to talk about reincarnation to go along with Jim's web site so that he can see what's going to happen. First, I would like to say that there was a lot more of reincarnation in the Bible and it had been removed. Therefore it is very hard for you to understand all the facts on reincarnation. Your scientists to this day cannot prove when life begins or when life ends. They think they know but that is not God's perspective on how He sees it.

Ahh, reincarnation. Jesus did talk about a lot during his time on Earth. He told of how God is the Creator and He creates all things. The body is only the vessel for the soul to ride into. The soul never ends. Upon death the soul either can go back to God, it can go to school or it can go to a place that many of your churches like to name purgatory, which is actually a place to go to learn the mistakes that the soul did during a lifetime. Your soul did during a lifetime. Your soul learns many lessons as it is exposed to many different lessons and how it responds to these lessons is the decision on how it is welcomed back to the Creator. It is very hard to explain reincarnation to most people of Earth because you have been taught that this earth realm is the only existence and it is not. Therefore, many beings who are here on Earth at this time have been born here the same way that Jesus Christ was born on this planet.

At this time, almost all of Jesus' disciples have decided to re-enter the Earth realm to help the passage of the planet on a natural transition. Let me say this, that God loves this planet and it is our belief, from what we have learned that it will never be destroyed completely, so have faith. But as people, planets go through changes and they become low points because of things that happened unto them such as pollution. And then they must have a rebirth to become again as they were intended to be. And this planet will come back to its natural state that it was intended to be.

It is very hard to explain this especially to people who only believe what is in the Bible. I wish to reintegrate again that so many things have been removed from the Bible. And not all writings were ever in the Bible to start with. Some very important writings have been lost over the centuries. Many, many of you have chosen to be here at this time so that you can witness what is about to happen. Many of you in your hearts have listened to the people who have said, "the Earth is in sorrow, the Earth is revolting." I beg your pardon, it is God who is crying. It is God's creation who is in trouble. Just like you are God's creation and many of you are in trouble. Do not worship what is created. Do not worship man. Worship the Creator. Even Jesus does not wish to be worshipped. He is his Father's son. He is not the Creator. He did not ask people to fall on their feet and worship him. He wanted you to worship the Father of everything and everyone in all the Universes.

Maybe I could take a few questions on reincarnation that maybe other people might be thinking about that we could not understand your questions. So if you maybe ask a few questions, it would help other people.

Question: I have a question Lea. What was the purpose of man taking out the parts in the Bible that referred to reincarnation?

 Lea: By taking the control of the masses by explaining that only through them and only once chance at a lifetime. Then you must go to them for your salvation instead of going to the Creator. We ask everyone on the planet to please go to the Creator with your questions. Go to the Creator with your problems but then learn to listen because He may not give you the answer you want. He is not like a psychic who feeds into your wants and wishes. He will give you the truths of what is needed for you at that time in your life.

Question: Lea, could you contrast what happens at the death of a person like Mother Teresa with someone like Stalin who caused the death of millions of people and what happens to those souls?

 Lea: Mother Teresa would pass on into the next realm very quickly, and when you are advanced spiritually you can choose if you so wish to stay with God or if you wish to go back and help again. Not necessarily on planet Earth, but on another planet. And yes, there are many planets who hold life forms although they do not all necessarily look like you.

Where as a person like Stalin may have to spend some time in what would he feel is a detention center which is a place where he would have to go and live the same trials and tribulation of those that he caused people to go through. So that he can learn and see and understand what his actions really caused to other people. Then he may go onto schooling. And if he has learned his lessons really well, he could then be reborn. But if a person does not learn their lessons real well or comes back to soon they may be re-born into a situation just like one that he caused through his actions, be it pain or being poor or diseased - whatever that situation may be.

And may I say also, that God creates a soul and He is the only one that can un-create a soul and He does not do that very often.

Question: Men of the church took these truths out of the Bible? When were they taken out?

 Lea: Many of them never got into the Bible in the first place. It has happened so many times over the years. Nicaea is one of the better known ones. But a lot of these things never got into the Bible in the first place and in many of the translations the words were mistranslated which also cause a lot of misinterpretation of what a passage really meant. So some of it was done on purpose and some of it was done accidentally.

Question: Lea, in the case of cloning, a soul needs to come into that body from what I understand to make life but that would not be the gift of life from God, could it?

 Lea: You know in, in animals it doesn't make that much difference. But with a human, where you have choices and you were given that gift of choice and you do not live on instincts to your species alone, it is very, very important to understand that these souls that enter into a cloned body have not gone through the process upon death of learning from their mistakes that they made in another lifetime. So, they have not proceeded what they have been through, they do not understand what has happened to them. They generally are a lower type of soul, I shouldn't say really lower, maybe I should say a soul that has made the wrong choices in their life. And these types of souls can be snatched upon their death and forced into a cloned body. And this can be very, very dangerous. It is not a God-given soul.

Question: Also on this planet there are those that believe that in the process of reincarnation you can come back as a plant, animal or mineral, other than human form once your soul created for a human form.

 Lea: If you were created as a human soul you will always be a human type of body. Now if you go to another planet you may not look the same but your soul would be the same. An animal would be an animal. A lot of people joke that maybe someone like Hitler should be a rock. It doesn't work that way. That maybe he should be stomped on for a million years and he would understand what he caused, but that's not the way it is.

See, an animal, rock, a blade of grass does not have the thinking process that a human does nor does it have the choices that a human can make. It thrives solely on what it is given in life. When a human can go out and create what it needs.

Question: In the process of reincarnation how long does it take the soul before it's perfected enough to go back to God?

 Lea: Ohh it can take anywhere from one lifetime to thousands and millions of lifetimes, but a lot of times when the souls can go back to God, He says to them "I have a job for you. Would you be willing to go back into a bodily form without any knowledge or understanding and do a job for me?" (All start to chuckle)

Question: Now who would do that? (Chuckling)

 Lea: I think there have been a few people on the planet that have done that and I will say that Jesus was one, yes. And Jesus has not only visited this planet, he has visited many planets and done His Father's work.

Question: Lea, what is the purpose? I guess I don't understand the process of reincarnation because God creates the soul and He immediately sends you into mortal danger and tells you that you have to work your way back?

 Lea: Well I think He has a very good sense of humor.

Question: He must.

 Lea: I don't think we will ever know everything.

Question: I remember reading a book a longtime ago that said that angels, some of angels, had chosen to come down to Earth or to other planets too, I'm sure. To sample life and that they were at one time able to go back and forth and the more Earth bound they became the more they got locked into that and then had to start the reincarnation process to earn their way back. I guess what I am asking is, was there any truth to that book?

 Lea: An angel is an angel unless you fall. An angel is created to help God in overseeing everything that was created. Now, some angels did fall, yes that is the truth. And when those angels fell they were thrown out of heaven and most of them received bodies, and in those bodies they must work their way back to God just as a human soul must work their way back to God. But angels can come down and walk on Earth unbeknownst to anyone because they can take on any form that is needed for them to do the Creators bidding.

Question: And what happens to one of these angels if they contract to do a job for God and get here, failed, like everyone else, and get earthbound?

 Lea: Then they must go through the same type of schooling and they have to learn what it is like to be a human being. It is far different than an angel's existence. I don't think I'm explaining it but maybe more questions will and you'll understand what you're trying to.

Question: Well can they then, after the schooling and the retraining can they then, how can I put this, earn their wings back? Not that they have wings. Their title back.

 Lea: That is up to God because only He can see the true souls meaning you can fool yourself, you can fool anyone else but you will never fool God. He sees all and He knows all.

Question: In the question that was asked about the cloning you said that it's very dangerous, and there are dangers. Could you explain what those dangers are (when) a soul is forced into a cloned body?

 Lea: The only type of soul that can be forced into a cloned body is not a soul of a high vibration. Now vibration I don't mean the rate it vibrated, I mean that it's understanding of God and the Universe, and your scientists don't understand this yet. What they are doing is pulling in a soul who has not had the opportunity to learn of their mistakes. And they will probably repeat them again and maybe do worse things.

Question: How do they get these souls? Is this a mechanical process, a mental process?

 Lea: Many of your science fiction movies talk of soul snatching and it is kind of like a process like that. Upon death your soul leaves the body and the soul is almost like a light source but not looking like a spotlight. A very soft, very small, about the size of a tennis ball I believe is. Kind of relative to the size of a baseball. And as it leaves the body it prepares to go back to school, to lessons, to the place where it must study or it must re-live the bad things that its done so it can understand how that hurts people. If a soul is very loving, compassionate and understanding it makes one leap within a minute seconds to where it needs to go. It cannot be touched. It cannot be touched by anyone or anything.

Now a soul who had had a very hard life, is very troubled, is very disturbed can be snatched by the evil forces. Or as some people on your planet say, Satan, his forces. And those are generally the ones who then are placed in a cloned body.

Question: So in that process if a soul who has done much evil in his lifetime and is well known, do the dark side wait for that souls passing, to snatch it, to send it right back in?

 Lea: Yes, they can.

Question: Can they target certain negative souls?

 Lea: Oh yes, it is very, very evident which one is which. Like I say the person who has been good and compassionate and understanding in life cannot be touched by anything evil on its trip. It's almost instantaneous. So those who want to make an army of clones are going to get an army of exactly what they want. They would not have much trouble doing the killings that they would be trained for.

Question: There would be no reasoning with these type of people, right?

 Lea: Well they would be then trained from the time they entered this cloned body until they were put into action and they would be trained in only one thing and that would be death and destruction.

Question: Are the grays and reptilians cloning?

 Lea: Yes they are and I would like to say here, that yes the grays and reptilians are here, but there is also the side of good here. So don't think that all aliens are bad and don't thing all aliens are good. There is both here. Both are represented and both have an agenda.

Question: We've touched on cloning, have humans succeeded in cloning a human?

 Lea: Yes they have but it has not been a hundred percent what they wanted, but yes cloning has been done. So any more questions on reincarnation?

Question: Has, well I know he's had at least two, Christ, how many different incarnations? You said he's been to many other planets and were each of those different incarnations?

 Lea: Yes, he was born on each planet because he needed the covering for his soul to match where he was going. And there have been fifty-seven for him.

Question: One more question on reincarnation and that is with cases of abortion. Especially I'm thinking of late term abortion, what happens, what is the whole scenario that's going on and does that soul know it's going to be aborted actually as its being born?

 Lea: That's where we differ. Your scientists believe that a soul enters the body when it's conceived. That is not our perception of when the soul enters the body. A soul enters the body as it is being born and can survive on its own.

Question: So it doesn't matter how many months old the fetus is when it's born? When it's aborted and it is well it would matter I guess because if it was to young to survive on its own it would not?

 Lea: That soul will would then have to wait for another form to come, but some souls wait, are waiting for, to be born, so they may enter, their clothes shall we say. And all of a sudden the baby is born premature so it must quickly enter that body and it may not be ready so it must go in quickly.

Question: So if he's agreed to be born to this certain person and then the baby is being aborted, he's getting ready to come in, he immediately has to leave again? That must be a traumatizing thing for the soul.

 Lea: It can be but then there are some times they must leave even the planet that they were going to be born to and go onto another one. Because they therefore do not have the vehicle that they were going to use. So other decisions, other places have to be arranged for. Or they can go back to school and learn more and wait for the opportunity for them to be born into the family where they can most accomplish what they were going to come back to do. And believe it or not almost everyone is born with an idea to accomplish something in their lifetime, whether it is to teach a sibling, a parent or to grow and have a child of their own to teach. Almost everyone comes with a plan, a preconceived idea of what they wish to do and accomplish in a lifetime.

Question: So, did this soul then choose the vehicle and the family it's born into according to what it needs to, to learn and to teach?

 Lea: Generally, yes. I mean there always can be a change in plans. Like say the body, the baby did not develop correctly and it was a natural abortion, but someplace else in the world a couple conceived a child that they shouldn't have meant to have then that soul could go to the other body. That's why sometimes people travel halfway around the world looking for something and they don't know what it is. They are always searching for something. That's because their soul knows there is something that they were meant to do. Someone they were talk to, somebody they were to meet. And they have this driving compassion to just keep moving until they find it.

Question: And do souls normally reincarnate in groups?

 Lea: Oh I know that's a new-age wonder isn't it? Sometimes people want to think that way. They like to think their mother is their child, or their, they were their grandfather or something like that. If you keep incarnating into the same family you are going to have the same problems, the same situations, because most families don't learn from their mistakes. They just keep making them over and over and over again. Well, if you learn your lesson, you can move on to another family where you can learn and grow in a different way. So it's not always good to be born in the same family again and again and again.

Question: But is it possible for two souls to meet in numerous lifetimes? Cross paths at least.

 Lea: Oh definitely. And most people will see someone and just feel like they're their oldest friend, but it doesn't mean that they met in a lifetime. They could have met in school in between lifetimes.

Question: And the personality travels with the soul from lifetime to lifetime?

 Lea: What do you mean by personality?

Question: I guess all that it takes to make that person.

 Lea: Who they are?

Question: Their thought process their way they react, traits that they've carried with them.

 Lea: Well, your soul encompasses everything that you've seen and felt and done in all your lifetimes. When you enter a body the brain does not understand that.

Question: OK, the brain must learn you were saying.

 Lea: Yes, the brain must learn like a baby again, but your soul is everything that you've ever seen, felt, touched and learned. So yes, a lot of your personality, habits, traits will follow you from lifetime to lifetime.

Question: So this would account for a child at a very early age having a musical tendency or a being very good at artwork. It is a characteristic they've carried with them.

Lea: Most of the time, yes it is. It is something that they've clung to from another lifetime and to new parents. It's a marvel and wonder that this child is so accomplished, and it's memory that they've brought with them. It is a blessing. But in the same token when you bring that blessing with you, you also must do something for the good of mankind.

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