Lea's Perspective on Ghosts

Message Recorded September 16, 2001
by The Lightside - TheLightside.org

It's really hard to figure out how I should introduce Lea, but let's just say that she doesn't live here on Planet Earth with the rest of us. This gives her a very unique and interesting perspective on Biblical topics. If this whole concept of an extraterrestrial providing Biblical commentary seems strange to you, I'd strongly recommend clicking on the link below before you read this section so you can better understand who she is and where she's coming from:

An Introduction To Lea

Lea: Ghosts do exist but not quite on the level that most of your seers and talkers of ghosts feel them to be. A ghost is usually someone who met an untimely death and for some reason or another they chose not to go to the light when it was offered them. Therefore, they are stuck in a never-land and then a lot of your channelers call on them and hold them in that realm because they enjoy talking to them in the other side, when what they are doing is holding them back from moving into the light and going on to their next mission, job or back to God, however you prefer to call it. When you perish unexpectedly and you don't move on to what you should to, then you do not go on to review your life. You do not go on to learn from your mistakes and you certainly do not become more intelligent than you were in your lifetime. So, I have this to suggest, all of you who are "ghost hunters," all of you who hold on to those that have departed, I suggest that you tell these beings to move on, so that they can be with The Creator, so that they can fulfill their mission on Earth, so that they can go back to the Source, so they can go on to learn from their mistakes, so that they can go on to another existence. Many of these beings have been trapped for hundreds of years because people won't let them go.

We all mourn the loss of our loved ones and many of the beings that are aliens also lose loved ones to accidents or it is just time for them to move on. What we have learned is to mourn their loss but to thank them for that they have given us, for the lessons that they so gladly endured to teach us and we happily send them on their way.

You must mourn for your lost ones just as you mourn the loss of your pets on your planet, but in the mourning also let them go, do not cling, do not try to keep them with you, for they will always be in your heart and in your mind and you recall their love and their kindness and their understanding and the peace that have given you. Remember that you shall see them again in the future as we are all re-united when we enter God's kingdom. You may not recognize the covering on the soul but you shall recognize the soul for who they are and who they were and who they might become. Do not think that you do not seem to have an important job on this planet, for everyone has an important job to do for God.

Question: I have a question about ghosts. Are ghosts capable of doing evil things in homes that terrify people or harming them?

Lea: You mean like the rattling the chains and that type of thing? Yes, it is possible because you see as the person was in their life, so are they when they die and have not gone back to God. So if they are not good in their life, they are not good in their death either until they have reviewed that life and learned from it what their mistakes were. So, yes it is very possible.

Question: I have a question about ghosts also. With Halloween coming up, I'm wondering - people that portray ghosts in their Halloween costumes or they celebrate at that time of year - I'm wondering are they helping to keep ghost souls in that form, earthbound, by doing that sort of thing and that type of celebration?

Lea: Yes they can be. Yes they can be and so it is with witches. It starts out as a plaything and then it goes on to much more. But I think witches are probably another whole topic. So I think we'll talk about that later on. I just wish to say that if you so call yourself a name that has bad connotations you are going to take on some of that what do you call it baggage that goes with it. So when the subject comes up it would be good if someone would please read into the record what a witch is on your planet. I think it is very important to people to realize what it really is. So if someone would look that up and have that ready, please.

Question: Could you describe angels? I think there is some misconception on this planet.

 Lea: He (God) would not send anything that would frighten you. In other words, an angel would look just like a normal earthling, if there is such a thing. (There is a slight pause before we crack-up laughing.) That was a joke. (Lea chuckles)

In the Bible, it says that you can host an angel and be unaware and that is very true. (Note: Lea is probably referring to Hebrews 13:2 "Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it." - Jim)

Actually an angel can take on a form and walk the planet. An angel can walk, speak, touch, feel, where a ghost cannot. A ghost does not take on a form that can be felt, touched, give you warmth. So there is a definite difference so you would know a ghost from an angel very easily.

Question: So people that are ghost hunting are promoting this type of thing and they are holding that spirit here and not allowing it to go, by hunting, ghost hunting?

Lea: If you are ghost hunting for the pleasure of it, for the excitement of it, yes. But you can be a ghost hunter to find one and send it on its way home to the Creator that is what a true being of God would do.

Question: What if this ghost is not ready to continue on after youíve tried to enlighten them on the situation they're in?

Lea: Then you must try to explain to them where they are and that it is time for them to go on. Sometimes they are frightened because they donít know where they will be going.

Question: So they are trying to hold on?

Lea: So sometimes they are afraid that if they go on, they will be going to, ah, limbo, hell, ah, the abyss which ever your religion prefers to call it. Then you must explain to them that God is all forgiving and that it is His wish for them to move on.

Question: So, their soul's progression has already been determined during their lifetime, where they would go to, right? I mean there's no determination period in the ghost phase so to speak or whatever? Can they change that once they're a ghost?

Lea: If they realize what they have done bad, evil, if they have not lived the Ten Commandments and not the ten suggestions, that if they realize that they did not live up to God's expectations and then they realize that God is forgiving and God will give them another chance, they can go on to Him. He is the all-forgiving God, He is a loving God and all we have to do is realize that He is the Creator of all. He holds all wisdom. He holds all love and He holds all understanding. And He stands by His throne with open arms to anyone who accepts Him as the Father.

Question: So a few of those people that were caught in the (World Trade Center) building going down may have had a person that appeared to them as a fireman that could have been their angel?

Lea: Yes, it's very possible. I am not privy to the details except that the knowledge that the angels and Jesus came down because there was such a big multitude of people at the time. And even those who did not leave a very good life at the time of death were given the opportunity to cross over into heaven.

I know there are many on Earth who are making a fortune from talking to the ghosts. Many of them are in it only for the money. If people are doing this, ask them what they do when they finish speaking to these so-called ghosts because that is the answer, and it will tell you if they truly can speak to these beings or not. If they do not give you the answer that they then send them on their way, are not truly speaking from God's point of view.

Many people will say after their loved one has passed on that they come and they speak to them. Sometimes it happens because there is trouble between the two or there is unfinished business, but it is a rare case. And if this should happen to you tell that being that you love them and that you hope that they will forgive you as you will forgive them of anything that passed between you in your lives and wish them to move on, back to the light of God. And ask them not to tarry, because there is greatness where they are going and wish them well.

Question: Are some of the entities that come back and taunt or torment or visit people on Earth are there some of those not ghosts, only posing as a ghost?

Lea: Yes that can happen and that is usually Satan at his work. He can come as a ghost. He can come as a loved one. He can whisper in your ear and if you listen to it and it is not right and you're not listening to your instincts that tell you something is wrong here my loved one would not say or do that. Then you must send that voice, that ghost also on their way and tell them you will not accept that. For if you accept it, then they will keep coming back to you and cause you to down fall. (There is an eleven second pause here)

Question: So then what your saying is they can, Satan at his worst would pose as a entity that claims to be working with the light and for the light but actually is not?

Lea: Very true. Don't forget that he was an angel and when he fell he took a lot of the powers with him because God gave him the chance and the opportunity to come back, which so far he has declined to do. So just be aware of it. Don't be frightened of it. You do not have to accept it or him.

Question: In a previous session, we talked about the ranking of Lucifer and then there is Satan. Where would a lieutenant come in? When somebody says they're Satan's lieutenant is that high up on the rank in heavenly realms?

Lea: It is a quite high up, yes and I would question why anyone would want to brag about that except that is maybe all they have to brag about in their life. Instead of accepting the Lord, they accept a substitute and not a good one.

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