Lea's Perspective with a Special Guest

Message Recorded June 3, 2006
by The Lightside - TheLightside.org

(Note to the reader: For some reason, this initial transcript of the conversation starts in the middle of the topic of the "DaVinci Code" book. I do not have the first part of the conversation but will add it when I do get a full transcript. I have also added some notes as a matter of further explanation in some sections. You'll see them formatted in italics and parenthesis just like this one. - Jim)

Lea: Oh, yes, yes. And what did you all think of the movie and the book?

Sue: The movie seemed just like an adventure. To me it didn't , cause I knew there was just no way. To me it was just like a treasure hunt, and that was it. I knew that Mary Magdalene

Sandy: It terrified me.

Sue: Yes, so many people believe it.

Sandy: They made it look very believable.

Lea: Very believable. And you would be amazed the number of people that do believe it, and I think the other side has to say something about that. You people.

Jim: I have to ask are we recording this to be recorded on Leas perspective on the EARS web site?

Lea: You can.

Jim: Youre not driving now, are you, right?

Lea/all: (laughter) No, Im not driving.

Jim: Good, I wouldn't want you trading paint with the Jesus car again. (I just couldn't resist teasing Lea about a little accident she had while piloting her ship. If you want more details on this one, refer to pages 94-95 of the book Alien Contact - Jim)

Lea: (laughs) Im still paying for that one.

Russ: On the 20-year plan, are you?

Lea: Ah, well, no, probably take me about five, your years, of course, thats only like one year.

Jim: So, that DaVinci Code, the bible even mentions that Jesus did a lot of things that werent mentioned. I just want to make it clear that Jesus didn't have any kids, correct?

Lea: He did not have any children while he was on earth.

Jim: Physically, right?

Lea: Right.

Jim: Mary Magdalene, so that is

Lea: That is absolutely false.

Jim: I just wanted to make that clear.

Lea: Right.

Russ: He never was married while he was on earth, either.

Lea: No.

Diana: Did he have a girlfriend? (Laughter)

Lea: He loved everyone, but it was not a physical love.

Diana: They had talked somewhere else about marrying a woman from India and those things going on.

Jim: Yeah, all these stores are coming up, so I just wondered

Lea: Right, right. Now don't get me wrong. He did visit a lot of these places, but it was after his resurrection.

Sandy: Did he go all over the earth to all continents after that?

Lea: Um, lets see, he went to India, went to China. He visited Iraq. He went to France where he did quite a bit of work. Then he went by a spaceship to the Americas, and he visited a lot of the Indian tribes. And if you look into their histories, thats where they got the idea of baptism. And then he went down to Mexico and South America. He left in another UFO from Brazil.

Jim: So when he was traveling in this way, was he in the same form he was physically before his crucifixion, or was he traveling more like he was on the road to Emmaus where he could come in and out of the physical? (see Luke 24:31)

Lea: He traveled from place to place on a UFO, but when he was there with the people, he was in physical form. I know that doesn't sound right. He was in physical form although he traveled from place to place in a UFO.

Russ: And over how long a period of time was he traveling after his resurrection?

Lea: Um, just a minute, because I have to turn that into your time. It was about 17 months.

Jim: This was after his ascension that was recorded in the bible?

Lea: Yes. He had to go and speak to the rest of the people.

Sue: Did he go alone or did someone go with him?

Lea: Well, he was with others aboard the s@\JX0\J\J\J\J\JX0\J\J\JX0\J\J

Lea: Ah, okay, I actually showed up in Egypt.

Jim: When was that, in our time?

Lea: In your time. That would have been in 1967.

Russ: Were you wearing one of those long black dresses with a black veil and everything, completely covered?

Lea: Yes.

Diana: And still it was hard to conceal?

Lea: Yes, my eyes. (Lea has cat-like eyes that would visually give her away as not being human)

Jim : So, you mentioned the DaVinci Code a little bit. Are there any more plans that you know of from the dark side for a deception like that?

Lea: Yes, they are planning.

Jim: Whats coming in the future, I guess, that we haven't seen yet?

Lea: Um, I believe they are going to try to connect the supposed offspring to a line of people in France and I believe that they will try to take DNA of the shroud and connect that person in that fashion.

Kathy: Is that shroud the shroud of Jesus?

Lea: No.

Kathy: I didn't think so.

Diana: So its just all made up?

Lea: Yeah.

Jim: How did the shroud come into existence, then? When was it created?

Lea: It was created around 1492, I think it was, somewhere in that period of time. And it was created Now don't forget that these people have had this works in a very long time, and it was one of the plans that they thought they could bring forward. I think theyre going to try to do it shortly.

Sue: Oh, boy, so they have all the background for it.

Jim: What would you say to people who are reading this, or saying this is all stupid _______, there is conflicting facts all over the place. Were not even going to worry about it. How can they figure out what is true and what is fiction?

Lea: I think that they have to meditate on it, they have to pray about it and still their thoughts, and listen for an answer from their hearts. But before you can do that, you have to get off the drugs, you have to get off the alcohol and anything else that is addictive and can change your thinking, can change your waves of your brain, because when you are doing that, you are not really connecting with the Creator. That is allowing the negative side to walk in and take you away from the source of the light.

Sue: With the shroud, the image that it is on there, how did they get that? Something they made up themselves or did it come from an actual body?

Lea: It was a negative alien influence that created it. Its actually a negative image.

Diana: And they created it specifically to deceive people in the future?

Lea: In the future. I mean, they think thousands of years ahead of time.

Jim: Are there are any relics from the life of Christ, like we mentioned, the Holy Grail, Spear of Destiny, things like that? And if they exist, are they even important?

Lea: Well, they exist still, and they are only important to people who believe that they could give them power.

Jim: Where are they?

Lea: I don't think Id better tell you that.

Jim: I had to try..

Sue: Another thing they showed in the movie was the Last Supper, how DaVinci portrayed it. I don't understand how theyre thinking where, you know, they are switching characters around, showing Jesus and Mary Magdalene leaning up against some supposedly. I thought it was supposed to be John that was sitting or standing on the other side.

Lea: To

Sue: If youre looking straight at the picture, to the left.

Lea: To the left?

Sue: Yes.

Lea: That is a very young male, but you have to admit when you look at him it looks a little feminine.

Sue: Mmhmm.

Lea: But they will say anything to get people to believe.

Sue: Thats true.

Lea: And, don't forget, DaVinci did belong to a secret society.

Sue: Mmhmm.. Right. Since he wasn't there to actually see it, he just made up what he wanted to.

Lea: He drew what the secret society told him to.

Diana: To check on the piece of the puzzle.

Lea: Yes, this is a well-written plan of deception., but it did make pretty good reading.

Sandy: If you could keep from throwing the book against the wall.

Sue: Im going to start reading it next week.

Lea: Um, when you read it, read it and try to forget everything that weve talked about. Try to read it with a novice mind.

Sue: Oh, now.

Lea: And you will understand what theyre thinking.

Sue: Okay.

Lea: And they are thinking its true.

Sue: Yes. I know on talking to my daughter after she read it, and I was just like, Shes not getting it. Shes kind of going along with it. Thats what was in my mind-What? It upset me but I could not force anything on her because she has to find out for herself.

Lea: You just have to put little pieces out there and, hopefully, that you can open their open their hearts to the truth.

Jim: Which is what you expect here, also, people should not take everything you say at face value.

Lea: Well, of course not.

Jim: They should go to Christ, or go to God.

Sue: So shes going to be a learning experience for me.

Lea: Aren't we all?

Sue: Yes.

Lea: I would like to say that don't trust anyones words 100%, question, read, research, and come to your own conclusions.

Sue: Right.

Lea: Well, thats the first fact. And keep your mind open but always remember that those little rascals are behind you, chasing you.

Sue: Mmhmm. They wait until youre down a little bit and then just really throw everything at you.

Lea: That is very true.

Jim: I would like to ask a question about your ship. Bonnie spoke of details that you were born on a ship.

Lea: Yes.

Jim: Was your crew also born on ships, on a ship?

Lea: No, no, ah, my parents were on duty on board the ship when I was born on a ship and I, of course, traveled with them in their travels. I would say that only 97% of the crew was actually even born on a ship. Mostly everyone else has volunteered to do this service from planets all over the universe.

Diana: Did you say 9 to 7% or 97%?

Lea: 97%.

Two people: Were born on ships.

Lea: No, no, were born on planets.

Russ: 3% were born on ships?

Lea: Yes.

Russ: On board ships.

Lea: A ship, not necessarily the one they wind up on as a grownup.

Russ: Do they attend a space academy then or do they have training on the ship their parents are serving on?

Lea: You are taught by your parents until you become like a teenager.

Diana: Adolescents?

Lea: Yes, I think thats a better word. And then you go to the academy, and there you receive approximately five years of schooling.

Sue: Where is the academy?

Lea: The academy is on, well, it depends upon which academy youre going to.

Sue: Oh, so theres more than one?

Lea: Yes. There is an academy on Melmac.

All: (laughter - "I love it!")

Lea: Then you go on to officers training, which is on a little planet. Actually, its quite close to Surak and there you go into officers training. Now, Im talking about in the Love and Light system.

Jim: I have to ask you about Melmac. Did the person who wrote that TV series "Alf" know about the planet? (In the TV series "Alf" the main character, an alien, comes from a planet named Melmac. Here I was wondering about this interesting but somewhat humorous correlation in terms. - Jim)

Lea: No, no.

Jim: Thats just a pure coincidence?

Lea: (laughs) A little whisper in his ear in the middle of the night.

All: (laughter) Thats great.

Lea: You know why he did that? Because he felt with the Melmac dishes you could throw them like Frisbees and they didn't break. (laughter)

Jim: Is that your home planet?

Lea: Ah, well, no...

Russ: She doesn't have a home planet.

Lea: I don't have a home planet.

Jim: I mean the home planet of your soul.

Lea: Oh, my original planet of birth? Yes.

Jim: Which is mine, also. So, what is our connection based on that?

Lea: Based on that?

Jim: How long have we known each other?

Lea: Actually, we met in now a total of four lifetimes.

Kathy: Were you around in the Tyro age?

Lea: I don't know.

Jim: You don't know? Can you look it up on your computer?

All: laughter

Lea: I don't think so.

Jim: I am wondering about a couple of people involved in the EARS project now. First of all, Monarca. We seem to know each other already.

Lea: Yes, I can't give you details about other people.

Kathy: Does it look like Christ may need to return before the battle? You know, awhile ago we talked about that.

Lea: He has already visited the planet once since I talked to you last time.

Jim: Can you give us any details on that? Or wouldn't that be safe?

Lea: It was in Pakistan.

Sue: Where they had the earthquake?

Lea: Yes. Very, very bad.

Sandy: Was he here to visit a specific person or..?

Lea: No, he was just here to get a first-hand idea of what was going on.

Sue: Now they are having a lot of earthquakes in Russia, on that one island, on the coastal area, and its been quite devastating for those people that live there.

Lea: It is probably going to get a lot worse.

Sue: Yesterday Monn was telling us about the fissure that has opened up now, its getting bigger, along the coastline of California in the ocean. Did you know about that one?

Lea: Ah, yes, it is recorded here.

Sue: I wonder how many more there are out there.

Lea: You mean all over the whole planet?

Sue: Mmhmm. That are new, that are opening.

Lea: Well, lets see. What do you mean by new?

Sue: Well, we had talked about that last year, about openings in the ocean where the lava was coming up and if there is anything that is new since that time, like the one out in California is fairly new.

Lea: Mm, yes, and there is three in the ring of fire. I know some people don't know that that is, would you explain that later?

Sue: Sure.

Sandy: How does our hurricane season, how is that shaping up? Is it something bad or...?

Lea: Im ______ describing that last night. It looks like there is going to be more hurricanes, but they won't be quite as devastating as the other one unless they get in there and bounce it off a little bit.

Sandy: I had heard rumors that there would be more up the East coast than in Florida?

Lea: Um, there is a good possibility, yes.

Sandy: So the water temperatures are heating up there?

Lea: Ah, not, not too much; but, if they decide to bump these, they might just, and if they raise the water temperatures, um, not by nature but by outside forces, then they could travel up that far.

Diann: Are we having a planetary warming or cooling?

Lea: The inside of the planet is heating up, and if it heats up enough, it will form an ice age, so it will probably warm up and then probably go to an ice age, but I think Jesus will be back along before that.

Diann: Thank you.

Sue: That will be good.

Lea: And he can stop it.

Sue: Do you know Gail?

Lea: From last night, yes.

Sue: Last night, okay.

Lea: I was listening in.

Jim: Anybody else listening in right now? Who else is with you?

Lea: Ah, who else is here? Eric is, Monn is, well,

Sue: Are the six trainees still here? (the previous night the group had talked to Monn and there were some trainees with her as an educational experience)

Lea: No, theyre not here.

Sue: Okay.

Lea: You blew their minds last night.

Diana: We wondered how they were doing.

Lea: Theyre in classroom today trying to learn. (laughs)

Sue: Analyzing everything that they heard and try to figure them out.

Lea: Ah, but Ezekiel's here.

All: Oh, wow.

Sue: And we try to be respectful.

Lea: (laughs) We call him Eeks for short.

Diana: Eeks?

Sandy: Thats funny. I saw that on a license plate, and I thought that was so funny.

Jim: Does he want to say anything about the Book of Ezekiel?

Lea: Pardon me?

Jim: Does he want to say anything about the Book of Ezekiel? That was a spaceship described there, of course...

Lea: Right, let me see...


Ezekiel: Okay, you got me.

All: laughter.

Kathy: Go for it.

Ezekiel: Just, just a couple minutes here. Im just passing through.

Jim: Well, its nice to talk to you. So the Book of Ezekiel was a spaceship and there were beings on that spaceship that gave you the message to pass on?

Ezekiel: Yes.

Sue: Did you see the picture Diana drew?

Ezekiel: No, I haven't.

Sue: She is going to bring it some time. She drew something according to what you might have said one time, she just drew it on paper. She was getting help doing it or something, I don't know, she said.

Diana: There were four beings like in space suits, and it looked like one of them was a female that ____.

Ezekiel: They were outside the ship?

Diana: Yeah.

Ezekiel: Yes, they did get out and did touch on the earth.

Diana: Were they in a suit type?

Ezekiel: I guess you could call it a suit.

Jim: Did you know at the time it was a spaceship?

Ezekiel: No.

Sue: You didn't ?

Ezekiel: No, I had no idea because, of course, when I was born here, or I should say on earth, I came with no memory.

Russ: So what did they call them back in your days? A cloud?

Sandy: Chariot?

Ezekiel: Clouds, chariots, anything, birds.

Jim: When did you learn it was a spaceship?

Ezekiel: (laughs) When I got to walk on one, walk on board.

Jim: Which is when you were alive on earth still?

Ezekiel: Yes, I did not die to get there.

Jim: When you went up in the whirlwind, that's when you were? That's when you finally found out that they were spaceships?

Ezekiel: Yes.

Jim: Did you go on, aboard them during our lifetime do you remember?

Ezekiel: Twice.

Jim: Did you tell anyone on earth about it?

Ezekiel: Only those very close to me, because I did not quite know how to explain it.

Jim: Kind of like what we have right now?

Ezekiel: They, those that I explained it to did not believe me. So the planet has not come very far.

Sue: How old were you when you did this?

Ezekiel: I was in my upper years.

Russ: So, did you explain it to Elijah?

Ezekiel: Tried to.

Jim: So you were going on board spaceships, came back, and nobody believed that you were even there. They thought you were just nuts?

Sue: Where did you go?

Ezekiel: Yes.

Sue: Sorry.

Ezekiel: Yes, no one believed me and I did not know how to explain it.

Kathy: Are you coming back this time with Jesus?

Ezekiel: Hopefully.

Jim: Have you been on earth since?

Sue: Now wait, now. (laughter)

Kathy: Why hopefully? What determines that?

Ezekiel: If Im needed in another place.

Kathy: Oh, I see.

Ezekiel: Worse.

Kathy: But youd rather come back with him?

Ezekiel: Oh, yes, yes, I would rather. Because I would like to see the planet come back to what it was meant to be. I think anyone who has spent one lifetime on earth always has a yearning to see as it was originally meant to be.

Russ: Amen. I agree with that.

Sandy: As it goes into the next dimension, will colors change here?

Ezekiel: Ah, they will probably become more vibrant.

Sandy: I remember reading this story of Betty Jane Eadie and when she died and went up and came back, she couldn't get enough color, vibrant colors. I remember reading that she painted her living room fire engine red because she loved the colors there.

Ezekiel: Colors are hard to explain, but they are so much more vibrant just as the souls are more vibrant because youre closer to God.

Jim: When you were writing the Book of Ezekiel, did you intend for people reading it in the future to figure out that those were UFOs you were talking about, or did you not even know that you were talking about UFOs?

Ezekiel: Its the only way that I could write it and survive.

Jim: So you wrote it many years after these experiences?

Ezekiel: No, not really.

Kathy: You mean they would have persecuted you otherwise, is that what you meant, and survive, you said?

Ezekiel: Right.

Sue: And its a way to deal with the situation, too. _________ better.

Kathy: Done in more descriptionthey would persecute you?

Ezekiel: Well, look how much people are persecuted today for just believing in something different.

Kathy: True.

Russ: What would you have liked to have written but you did not, that you could share with us today?

Ezekiel: I wish I could have shared with you what it was like on board this strange ship. I wish I could have described to you the, what it felt like to travel through the stars. I wish I could have told you what it was like to go to Gods palace.

Russ: Could you describe that for us today?

Ezekiel: I still find it very hard to describe in words. It's not what it looks like, it's what it feels like. It feels like a... what the air smells like after a spring shower. It's what it feels like when the sun shines on you. It's like what the birds sound like singing. It's what lifts your heart and makes it sing. It's what makes you walk lighter in step like you are not touching the ground. It's not what it looks like, it's what it feels.

Russ: Thank you.

Sandy: It took great faith to stay in that position and stay firm on your course when everybody around you thinks you've lost your mind.

Ezekiel: As it is today on your planet. So that is why your memories are short so that you can survive easier and live with your families and not make them feel like you are losing your mind completely.

Jim: It's more important to deal with people on earth than to remember being on board ship is what you are saying.

Ezekiel: Oh, yes, very, very important.

Kathy: Have you been back here since that lifetime that you wrote the book? Did you have another time here on earth since then?

Ezekiel: Ah, not a lifetime, no.

Kathy: A visit?

Ezekiel: Oh, yes, Ive visited a couple times.

Jim: Have you visited lately?

Ezekiel: Mmmm, I would have to say lately, no. Spiritually I have visited a lot of people.

Kathy: Do they recognize you?

Ezekiel: A few here and there. But I, ah, would like to bow out now. Goodbye.

All: Goodbye, thank you, thank you for sharing.

Russ: Welcome back.

Lea: Thank you. I can talk for a few more minutes and then Monn would like to come and speak again.

Russ: Is there any one specific thing that we should be including on Bonnies second book that we have not thought of? Jar our memory.

Lea: Um, no, I don't. Maybe you should ask Monn that.

Russ: I asked her last night. Thank you.

Lea: Don't forget, you are earthlings. You speak to earthlings.

Jim: Is there anything we could be doing better?

Sandy: Everything.

Lea: I think you need to plan to get the message out further. I don't know how that can be accomplished. I think you need a little barnstorming there.

Russ: Barnstorming or brainstorming?

Lea: Well, barnstorming in the brain, I don't know. Sorry. (laughter)

Jim: We should be more aggressive to meet more people.

Lea: And not in-their-face type but just... You know, there is a little of people out there searching and they just haven't come across this type of material.

Jim: So why would t\J@X0\J@

Sue: ____ like that.

Diana: Peanut butter in the sandwich of life.

Sue: It holds chocolate together, too, pretty good.

Lea: No, no, no, no.

Sue: No? Okay. (laughter) But chocolate is really good.

Lea: I had it once.

Sandy: And? Did you like it?

Lea: Like I said, I had it once. (laughter)

Sue: I always have my bag with me.

Russ: What were your first impressions of chocolate?

Lea: Well, we have something similar. I would say if it was more of a natural state, it would be better. Too many chemicals added.

Sandy: Im glad to see speakers at conferences like Linda stepping forward and bringing Jesus into the equation.

Lea: Yes.

Sandy: Brave thing for her to do.

Lea: Yes.

Jim: Has Linda ever met you?

Lea: Ah, me? No.

Kathy: Is she part of the cause for the boss?

Lea: (laughs) Were trying to bring her to the side.

Sandy: Is she on the team up there?

Lea: Not on my team.

Russ: Whos all on your team?

Kathy: Now, wait a minute. Which team would she be on then? She is on one of the teams, though, or youre trying to.

Lea: Were trying to persuade her to join for the cause of earth.

Sandy: Its a good ______.

Russ: So who is all on your team? How many people?

Lea: How many people? How many aliens? How many people? How many humans? How many

Russ: People on earth.

Kathy: POE.

Lea: Well, let me see. You know, it changes every minute. Right now there is 1236.

Russ: Okay.

Jim: And I would imagine we are meeting those people in the course of our everyday life, if by coincidence.

Lea: Some, yes, but these are all over the world.

Kathy: Those are Ashtar you are talking about, right? Or Christ Command?

Lea: Christ Command, not the Ashtar command that they talk about.

Kathy: No, not that one. Sorry, I know thats a sore spot.

Lea: Yes, it is.

Sue: Those are just the ones associated with your ship or with all of Christ Command?

Lea: Those are the ones associated with the Christ ship.

Russ: So is your command in charge of the blockade?

Lea: No.

Russ: Thats a different group?

Lea: We oversee it all, but we are not actually commanding the ships that are holding them back, no.

Russ: Those must be some pretty big warships that can hold that many back.

Lea: Well, lets just say that they are very qualified.

Sue: Whos their commander?

Lea: Ah, his name is I can't say it in your language. It is a circle, star, and a triangle.

Sandy: Where did the Star of David originate?

Lea: That originated with our command.

Russ: How long ago?

Lea: Approximately 4,750,000 years ago.

Sue: That was awhile ago.

Russ: That makes it quite ancient.

Lea: Very ancient.

Sandy: A lot of people think they own it today, but they don't .

Lea: No, it has been borrowed by a lot of people in a lot of different places, not just earth.

Sue: Its spread over the galaxy?

Lea: Mmhmm. Wherever we go, we usually leave it behind.

Russ: How is Christ handling all the news of genetic manipulation creating of new life forms that is currently going on that is in the news? Im sure there is other stuff that isn't even reported.

Lea: He is not pleased. Its one of the only times when the reports come in that I have seen tears in his eyes.

Sandy: Well, thats the big no-no when they cross the line into Gods creating.

Lea: Yes.

Sue: Monn told us how many people have been born so far on the earth that have been genetically modified from a human embryo into a living life form, about 72,000 people all over the earth right now.

Lea: That number seems correct.

Russ: How many vibrant lightworkers are necessary to raise the consciousness of this planet?

Lea: I do not know because there are so many lightworkers that are not at full power.

Russ: In the bible it mentions 144,000, yet recently I read something where the person made the analogy of people that effected change, and they came up with a figure of like 8,000. Somebody sent it in an email. I thought thats a pretty low number, but thats why I questioned it.

Lea: That is a very low number, because not only do the lightworkers have to be at full power, they have to generate more power than the negative side, and they are becoming stronger, so the light side has to become stronger and then increase it more.

Jim: Why is 144,000 mentioned in the Biblical book of Revelations? What was he referring to?

Lea: That is the number that will probably leave the planet when things first start going wrong.

Sue: Why would they leave?

Lea: Because they have another mission that has to be done.

Kathy: For another planet or for this planet?

Lea: They will leave this planet to go up and then they will return again. Many people are using this. They number among the 144,000. They will leave the planet before anything gets bad, and they will be saved. I will tell you that those who are here to help the planet will not leave. Those who are here to help the planet will be here to help the people through the crises that they must face and that they must recognize that Jesus is the savior, he is the one that they need to believe in to be saved. A true lightworker will not leave this planet until everything is in its place.

Russ: Everything is in its place? Thank you.

Diana: So the 144,000 will leave the planet and then come back, are they lightworkers?

Lea: They are special forces. They will be among those that come back with Jesus.

Diana: Okay.

Sandy: So, technically they have to leave the planet at that point to let happen what has to happen from there on out, and then they will come back?

Lea: Ah, kind of, yeah.

Kathy: Im thinking that once they have left, then people who do not understand that are maybe going to get troubled that, Oh, my goodness, I got left behind. You know, not realizing that they were meant to stay here yet.

Jim: Are people going to know when these 144,000 leave it is going to be a rapturous situation where they disappear and people see that visibly?

Lea: I don't think that they will see them leave physically, but they will be among the missing. But they will be part of the army coming back.

Jim: And there will also be a fake rapture?

Lea: Oh, yes. Yes, there will.

Kathy: And that will be a mass abduction?

Lea: Yes, it will.

Jim: So it sounds like the dark side will use a lot of

Lea: They have read that Bible backward and forward and are going to use everything in their power to fool people.

Sandy: Oh, thats dirty pool.

Lea: Thats how they work.

Sandy: I know one lady in particular who really, really loves God, I know she does, and Jesus, and she believes faithfully in that rapture, I think out of fear of what could happen if she stayed here, but she is such a good person and she could fall for that. Thats terrible.

Lea: Always keep your eyes and your ears open and you will hear and you will see the truth.

Kathy: Okay, so there will be a false rapture, which would be a mass abduction, and the 144,000 will leave as well.

Lea: Mm., not all at the same time, but very close.

Diana: How many people will be in the mass abduction?

Lea: I have no idea. Its going to change.

Kathy: Whoever allows it.

Lea: And I do not have privy to their plans. We can only assume, we can only, well, we do get to capture them once in awhile and try to get a little information.

Sue: Surround them with love, and they just can't stop talking, huh?

Lea: Yes. We don't do it with fear, we do it with love.

Diana: Have you ever converted anybody that just wanted to stay on board? After all that love?

Lea: (laughs) We have had a few conversions, yes.

All: (laughter) Oh, good. Thats awesome.

Russ: What has the new Pope got planned?

Sandy: He is still quiet.

Lea: Yes, he is very quiet.

Russ: Who does he listen to?

Lea: I really can't answer that because there are so many people around him, and I don't know what he is thinking.

Diana: Is he the last Pope, or is there one more Pope after him?

Lea: Depends on how fast things come down, but, yes, there could be another Pope; there could be two Popes.

Russ: We just want to let everybody know that the meeting today is brought by TheLightside.org, UFO2U.com, and EARS if they want to get more information.

All: (laughter)

Diana: We have to put our own advertisement in because people are listening. This is for anyone who may be ______. _____ sponsors.

Russ: So were trying to get conversions down here, too. (laughter)

Sandy: What, no basketball?

Lea: Mmm. May I say that Christ welcomes all sinners.

All: (laughter)

Russ: Hallelujah.

Lea: All converts welcome.

Sue: If you have a change of heart, knock on the door.

Diana: Anyone listening in?

Russ: All these years the people have been transcribing the tapes and they don't know who are these people. They don't know. We got to put it in the message so they get it.

Lea: Okay. (laughter)

Sue: Weve been talking about this since last night, jumping around.

Kathy: They got them out on the lake again today?

Lea: No, no.

Diana: Oh, its sunny and nice now.

Russ: That was a Coast Guard cutter they were on, wasn't it?

Lea: Um, no, I believe it was a Naval.

Kathy: Naval?

Russ: Navy ship.

Diana: Is there a manned vehicle around or is it like a satellite?

Lea: Satellite today.

Russ: Last night I said I thought it was ONI, Office of Naval Intelligence.

Lea: (laughs) I believe it was a naval.

Russ: Monn wouldn't answer the question about the phone number I got where they said 0OOOOO3466 and I said I believe that would be 0666663466. She wouldnt let me know where that went or what it was from. Could you share some information? Or do we have to go to Eric?

All: (laughter)

Russ: Curious little cuss that I am.

Lea: I have no idea.

All: (laughter)

Kathy: Look at her. She puts her lips together. (Kathy is referring to Bonnie's physical demeanor as she channels Lea. Along with the voice used in this process, Lea also can use facial expressions)

Lea: I know nothing. Well, I know something but Im not telling.

Russ: How are things looking in South America?

Lea: Oh, a little touchy here and there.

Diann: How are they doing on that big ice thing that they want to drill through to get gold or something? Its in Chile, somewhere in South America.

Lea: Mm, I don't know anything about that. Maybe Monn would, I don't know.

Jim: Id like to ask about the war in Iraq. Is that ?

Lea: Ooh, its getting hot. You know, your news is only getting part of the story.

Jim: And it has something to do with being the City of Babylon?

Lea: Ahh, well, yeah, a little bit, but things are probably going to get a lot hotter. Your border is going to cause a lot of problems along Mexico. For some reason or another your president just seems to want to make the rest of the world hate you.

Sue: Is it the president, or is someone pushing him?

Lea: Well, hes a puppet.

Kathy: Taking orders.

Lea: Hes a puppet, but he doesn't know it. They rarely know it until it is too late. So, anyhow, Im going to have to leave you. I hope I answered your questions.

All: Thank you.

Lea: Im getting away with it. Usually, Monn gets a couple extra questions.

All: Before you leave. (laughter)

Lea: Goodbye.

All: Bye, Lea.

Monn: Monn here.

All: Hi, Monn. We remember the ones now we forgot to ask Lea. (laughter)

Monn: Well, thats good, ask me.

Sue: Mary Magdalene; did she ever have children?

Monn: Ah, just a minute, Ill see if I can catch her.

Kathy: Lea, don't leave.

Jim: Shes running.

Sandy: And she thought she could get away.

Monn: I caught her. Yes, Mary Magdalene did go on. She married, and she had children.

Jim: Is she back on earth right now?

Monn: Yes, she is.

Jim: Is she in Wisconsin?

Monn: Right now, yes.

Jim: In Cable, Wisconsin?

Monn: No.

Jim: Okay. The person who is claiming to be Mary Magdalene right now really isn't ?

Monn: No.

Diana: Is it one that claims to have married Jesus and have a daughter?

Jim: But she is in Wisconsin right now?

Monn: Ah, right now, yes, but not for long.

Jim: Have you met her?

Monn: No.

Kathy: She is moving on to elsewhere.

Monn: Laughs.

Sue: Has she been living here or is she just passing through?

Monn: She is just here for a short stay.

Diana: On a mission?

Sue: Does she know who she is or was?

Monn: Um, (laughs) I didn't ask that question. Ask Lea next time. Shes gone now.

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