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Lea's Perspective on

Alien Contact
Message from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2006)
Pages 181-182

Wondering who Lea is?
An Introduction To Lea

"The governments have started to admit to each other that something is coming this way. It is very large and very cold and will affect your planet. One of the names that it has been called is Wormwood.

"It is still partially hidden, and if you had equipment bigger than the Hubble Telescope you could see it. It will be coming from the other side of the Sun; it is coming around it. It is starting to have a pull on the planet but is not affecting people yet. You are water-based beings so it will be affecting you slightly in that manner. It should affect the water levels because it will pull the water in different directions. Earthquakes will happen, which may cause volcanoes to erupt more often than they are, but that is not the biggest problem. Lack of spirituality is the biggest problem and with spirituality you could counteract these things that are going to happen."

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