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Lea's Perspective on
Mary Mother of Jesus

Alien Contact
Message from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2006)
Page 183

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"Mary's soul is alive but she is not in the body that she had on Earth. She chose to be here and be the host for the birth of Jesus. She is not an elevated soul and neither Mary the mother of Jesus or any saint has any more power than you do. All you need is the faith that is available to you.

"After all, does your Bible say not to worship anyone but God? Did not Jesus say not to worship Him but only His Father?

"Many people at this time claim to channel Mary or claim to see apparitions of her. Remember, this could be the bad side of the force. Bad, evil, or whatever you want to call them always have a good message at first, but then there is a little twist in their teachings and that could get you into trouble."

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