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Lea's Perspective on
The Bible and Bible Code

Alien Contact
Message from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2006)
Pages 179-180

Wondering who Lea is?
An Introduction To Lea

Lea had this to say about any code in the Bible: "You can find a code in almost any writing, but if you had the original writings from the Bible, the Hebrew Bible and the Koran, then looking for a code might work. So much has been added and subtracted, so I suggest that you be very careful, use your instinct in deciding what to believe or not.

"On my computer I see that two people in the Vatican have read the original Bible and they've been reporting to the Pope what they have found. Years ago three other people, also at the Vatican who read the complete version of the Bible, also reported to the Pope who was in power at the time.

"What they reported would change all of society's thinking on a lot of issues. Most religious leaders don't want to lose power and control, and if everyone had the information, those in power and control of the planet would lose what they have."

We had been discussing the Bible with a group of people and one of them believed that about 98% of the Bible had been tampered with. When Monn started speaking she said jokingly that the percent we had was correct. We knew she was pulling our legs, so we asked what 2% was true. And she could not resist making a joke and went on to say, "There are thirteen books that were not included in the Bible. I would say basically another 6% was eliminated because it talked about reincarnation and UFOs which took power away from the church. There are three original Bibles in existence at this time; one is in Rome, one in the lower part of Egypt and one in the United States."

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