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Lea's Perspective on

Alien Contact
Message from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2006)
Page 182

Wondering who Lea is?
An Introduction To Lea

"There will be a battle between good and evil on your planet, and this is called Armageddon. How long God and Jesus will allow this battle to go on is their decision. Where and when it will take place is beyond my knowledge.

"I am afraid that Armageddon is upon the world; the signs are there if you look. The Rapture that many of your religions speak of and Armageddon could take place in three days or they could overlap. As a matter of fact, what the last book of your Bible talks about could all happen at the same time or not in the same sequence that it is written

"Christ will be at the battle of Armageddon, but He will come as a lion, not as a lamb. I think and hope you understand that it is the Antichrist's decision when he is going to step forward. Jesus will be in command of the forces of good, and all those who recognize him shall be saved. He is your salvation, and he will take the planet from Satan.

"We are here to help your planet, we will be there to stand beside the faithful, but will we do your battle for you? NO!"

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