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Lea's Perspective on
The Ark of the Covenant

Alien Contact
Message from the book
Alien Contact by Bonnie Meyer
(Published in 2006)
Pages 181-182

Wondering who Lea is?
An Introduction To Lea

"The Ark of the Covenant, and one of the original Bibles, is at this time being held by the secret government which will in time be headed by the Antichrist. It is in the hands of those who rule your planet right now, and they don't have the key to interpret it or how to use it.

"The Ark is even more beautiful than it is described in the Bible. It shines with brilliance; even in a dark room it looks as if the sun is always shining brightly on it. The source of its light is God's light and wisdom.

"The dark forces cannot touch the Ark of the Covenant, but they can move it by sheaves, the method that is described in the Bible. There have been accidents and casualties along the way because they did not follow the rules. The Ark has been moved to many different locations on the planet. When it is returned to Isreal and set up in the new Temple, they will try to claim their man as the true Jesus.

"The people are aware of what they are protecting. It is protected twenty-four hours a day by earthlings, but there is a group of aliens who are also keeping an eye on it.

"The force in the Ark was given to the people of Earth so they could have something to look at and feel. It was something to hang onto.

"The Isrealites are pretty sure that the Ark of the Covenant will be home when the temple is built because it was promised to be there by God. He promised that they would have the Ark in their temple, so they believe if it is rebuilt the Ark will come home. But they don't know by whom it will come home. Who knows, maybe the Antichrist will be the one who will bring it home to prove he is the Christ?

"All things are changing very fast and hopefully things will work out the way we hope. If not, we will be coming with Jesus to Earth. We will all be coming in bodily form. You must survive by belief, not by seeing, touching, feeling or having something to hang onto. He who asks for proof and does not believe without it is not a saved soul."

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